Fix: Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Not Turning On

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 is known for its performance and long-lasting battery laptop from Samsung. It has a slim and sleek design, and the laptop’s thickness is fantastic. These Galaxy Book 2 laptops provide plenty of productivity and boost speed to enjoy streaming services and games. Overall, the Galaxy Book 2 is a versatile and portable laptop which combines the portability of a tablet with the functionality of the Galaxy laptop, making it ideal for multiple tasking and entertainment purposes.

The Samsung Galaxy Book 2 is a great choice for users with several hosted features, but sometimes it’s stuck in some issues. Unfortunately, most users experience the Galaxy Book 2 not turning on, which is frustrating and annoying. If you have a Galaxy Book 3 that won’t be turned on anymore, you don’t need to worry. This guide will provide some possible methods which you can take to solve your laptop not turning on issues quickly. 

Samsung Galaxy Book 2

What Reasons Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Not Powering On?

There are several reasons why your Samsung Galaxy Book 2 laptop is not powering on; some possible causes include the following:

Dead Battery: The dead and faulty battery is the main reason for not turning on Galaxy Book 2 laptop. If your laptop does not have enough charge or the battery is faulty, it may not turn on anymore. 

Faulty Power Adapter & Cable: The faulty and defective charging cable is another main reason for not turning on. If the power adapter and cable are not working properly, the Galaxy Book 2 laptop won’t be turned on.

Defective Power Button: it’s also possible that the Galaxy Book 2 is not turning on due to defective power buttons. The power button is the main source for turning the on and off the laptop. 

Software Issues & Glitches: Software issues are the main reason for not turning on the laptop. The laptop won’t be turned on if your device is stuck or frozen in a boot loop. Sometimes, the laptop does not turn on due to glitches, and you have to perform a soft reset to solve the issue.

Hardware Issue: The laptop is malfunctioning due to a hardware issue. Hardware issues such as a faulty battery or motherboard are the main cause for not turning on. In such cases, you should contact Samsung support for further assistance. 

If your Galaxy Book 2 laptop is still under warranty, you may be eligible for a free repair or replacement from the Samsung service center. 

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Not Turning On, How to Fix?

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 not turning on the issue is the major cause of users’ frustration. Galaxy laptop not turning on creates a huge problem for the user where the laptop is needed for multiple tasking and activities. However, if you’re facing an issue with the Galaxy Book 2, which cannot turn on, you can easily solve the problem by following some methods mentioned below. Ensure to follow the methods accurately by the end of this guide. So, without any further ado, let’s move on.

Fix 1: Charge Your Galaxy Book 2 Laptop

If you’re addressing the not turning on issue on Samsung Galaxy Book 2 laptop, you can fix the issue by simply charging the laptop until it’s completely charged fully. Sometimes, the device won’t be turned on due to low battery levels, which causes it not to turn on. Ensure to plug the cables are properly into the laptop, which is compatible with the device. Leave the laptop in charge for about 8-10 hours, and then try to power it on your laptop. If the issue persists, try to power cycle your Galaxy Book 2 laptop by following the second method.

Fix 2: Power Cycle Your Device

A power cycle is a force start method which is considered if there is no working power or display issue with the laptop. If you’re having an issue with the laptop, you can easily solve it by performing a power cycle on your laptop. Here’s how you can power cycle your Galaxy Book 2 laptop:

  1. Firstly, disconnect the power adapter from the laptop.
  2. Now wait for a few seconds and re-plug the power adapter into the laptop.
  3. Press and hold the power button for a few seconds to turn on your laptop and check if the issue is resolved. 

Fix 3: Diagnose Screen Issue

If your Galaxy laptop is displaying dimmed pictures, that can be the problem with the screen inverter. You have to turn on your laptop in the darkroom to see if the display is dimmed or not. Ensure to check your laptop for any cracks or screen damage issues. If nothing seems like that and you are still having issues with the laptop, try other troubleshooting methods.

Fix 4: Check the Power Button for Any Damage

You have to check the power button on your laptop for any damage. Sometimes, the laptop won’t be turned on due to faulty or defective power buttons. Ensure to check the power button is working in good condition and that there is no sign of defective buttons, and try to turn on your laptop.

Fix 5: Check the Charging Cable and Port

You have to check the charging cable and port on your Galaxy Book 2 laptop for any signs or defective parts. Make sure the charging cable is properly connected to your laptop, and there are no faulty cables with the power connection. Also, clean your laptop USB ports using the clothes or toothbrush properly. Sometimes, the ports fill with debris or dust, which causes them not to charge properly on the laptop and due to this problem, users aren’t able to turn on the laptop.

Fix 6: Charge Using a Different Power Outlet

You can also try to charge your Galaxy Book 2 laptop using a different power outlet or wall socket. In addition, most power outlets don’t provide enough power to the device, which is not able to charge properly. Ensure to connect your laptop to the different power outlets and check if the issue persists. 

Fix 7: Remove the Battery if Possible

If you have tried the above methods and still have an issue with the laptop not turning on, try replacing the battery. It’s possible that the laptop battery is damaged or defective, which causes it not to turn on. You can fix the problem by replacing the battery with a new battery which is compatible with the laptop. You can visit Samsung customer support or a nearby service center to replace the battery correctly.

If any hardware issues appear, then you should contact the Samsung customer support team. They will provide some possible methods which can easily solve your laptop issue. To connect with Samsung customer support, you can visit the official website on your phone and find the contact option on the website. From there, you can easily communicate with them regarding the laptop issue. 

Final Words

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 laptop not turning on is caused by various purposes and can easily be fixed by some possible methods. Hopefully, the above methods will help you to identify and resolve the not-powering issue on the Galaxy Book 2 laptop. If the above solutions don’t help solve the issue, you should contact the Samsung support team for further assistance.


  1. My laptop when charger connected and press the power button say its 96% charged. However, only shows the battery screen and doesn’t actually turn the laptop on. Please help

    1. If you have tried our mentioned solutions and still you’re facing an issue, make sure to contact Samsung support or visit nearby service center. It’s may be possible that there’s an issue with the software or hardware. Thank you!

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