How to Setup Galaxy Buds with any Device

Have you just got a pair of Galaxy Buds and wondering how to set it up? Well sometimes it is really a mess and sometimes it is very when done in a perfect way. You don’t need to go anywhere else, we will guide to set up Galaxy Buds in a very mannered way. Follow the simple tutorial to setup Galaxy Buds with any device.

As Samsung says, the Galaxy Buds are designed for premium sound. And it is almost true, Galaxy Buds are considered as one of the best truly wireless earphones in the whole market. Samsung Galaxy Buds were introduced to the market on the 8th of March 2019, along with the Samsung Galaxy S10 series. This was basically a take on Apple’s Airpods.

Although it was launched along with Galaxy 10 series, but it is compatible with a maximum of Android and iOS devices.

Set up Galaxy Buds with any device

I am going to divide this tutorial into two different sections. In the first section, I will show you how to choose the right ear tips and wing-tips. And then in the second section, I will show you how to pair it with your smartphone.

Choosing the Right Ear Tips and Wing Tips

From my point of view, eartips and wingtips are the two most important thing which is the first thing to take care of. So have a look at the below points to choose the right eartips and wingtips.

  • Select the eartip from the provided three pairs of eartips that fits your ear.
  • Hook one edge of the eartip around the lip of the Galaxy Bud and gently press the eartip into place.
  • Select the wingtip from the provided three pairs of wingtips that fits your ear.
  • Line up the hole in the wingtip with the hook on the Galaxy Bud and pull the rest of the wingtip into the grooves.

    setup galaxy buds
    img src: Samsung

Pairing and Wearing the Galaxy Buds

In this section, we will show you how to pair the Galaxy Buds with any device and wear it for the first time.

  • Open the charging case. The earbuds will automatically enter Bluetooth pairing mode.
  • On a Samsung Galaxy device, you should see a popup from the SmartThings app asking you to connect the earbuds. Select Connect.
  • Or if you have a non-galaxy device, then download the Galaxy Wearable app to connect.
  • And if you have an iOS device then simply open your Bluetooth settings and connect to Galaxy Buds.
  • Follow the below steps on the Galaxy Wearable app to finish the connection.
  • Tap on the device model, a nearby searching page will appear.
  • Nearby device i.e., Galaxy Buds will be in the nearby page.
  • Tap OK on your smartphone.
  • Allow the two devices to finish pairing.

If you want to connect to another mobile device after the initial connection, turn off the Bluetooth function on the previously connected device. To manually enter Bluetooth pairing mode on the Galaxy Buds, tap, then tap and hold the touchpad on the Galaxy Bud.

setup galaxy buds
img src: Samsung

Do you own a pair of Galaxy Buds, a Samsung Device, or any Android device and need these types of simple tutorials? Then stay tunned to GetDroidTips’ Android Tips & Tricks column.

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