Slot Boss – Why Mobile Gaming Is Better Than Console Gaming

In recent years gaming has become more popular than ever and now that about 90 per cent of adults own a smartphone and use them daily, the rise of mobile gaming was inevitable. But what can mobile gaming do over consoles? Well, this list below explains the most important advantages.

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Gaming on the go

The first and most obvious benefit mobile gaming brings over consoles is that the games can be played wherever you are. Whether that is during your lunch hour during the week, on your commute, or while laying in bed. But, as so many of us have switched to working and studying from home in recent times, let’s delve into a few more of the advantages of mobile gaming aside from their great accessibility.

Powerful mobile phones

Future of Mobile Gaming
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Today, smartphones have faster processing power and better graphics than ever before. This means that even games that were traditionally only available on consoles or gaming computers, like Call of Duty, for example, now have playable versions on smartphones. As mobile technology continues to progress, these games are only going to narrow the gap between mobile and smartphone gaming even more.

Touch screen gaming

Thanks to the era of touchscreen smartphones it has never been easier and more user-friendly to get to grips with mobile games. There are numerous examples of games like Candy Crush, Angry Birds and even table games like poker and blackjack on, which can be played on a mobile app from the Apple App Store and Google Play. The intuitive controls of touchscreen devices are far easier for novice players to get to grips with than the button and joystick-based games that are so prevalent on consoles and much simpler to play than movement-based consoles used in new Nintendo consoles and virtual reality gaming.

Huge game variation

Unlike consoles, where a few major game development businesses rule the roost. Mobile gaming has a far wider range of indie and AAA games all competing in the same space to make the most engaging games possible. This means new games are constantly launched and bring more creativity to keep players engaged. To the delight of their consumers, these games are updated on an ongoing basis and new versions or the next instalment in the game series are bought out all the time.

Low cost

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We have already mentioned that pretty much everyone has a smartphone these days. This means that mobile games require barely any money to start playing. There are thousands of free-to-download mobile games and many more that only make money through optional in-game purchases. In comparison, a console like the latest Xbox or PlayStation will set you back hundreds of pounds and on top of that considerable amount, you may also need to buy an extra controller and the games themselves which can certainly boost the costs of gaming.

The future of mobile gaming 

By the end of 2022, it is expected that mobile games will equate to over 50% of the global games market. As smartphones get better and better, so do mobile games. In 2021, the most impressive mobile games were widely considered to be: PUBG Mobile, Genshin Impact, Pokémon GO, Candy Crush Saga and more. The three most profitable games on that list offer high-powered 3D graphics and a gaming experience that can be likened to the most expensive console games. So we can expect this trend to continue in the future. Pokémon GO is a particularly interesting game as it works through augmented reality, with users using their phones to explore the real world and see Pokémon appear on their screen.

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