Fix: Sony pulse 3D not working on Ps4, PS5 and PC.

If you are looking for a 3D Audio Gaming headset, Sony’s pulse 3d could be a better choice. Because this wireless headset is specially designed to get a seamless audio experience while gaming on PlayStation. The unique feature of Sony pulse 3d is that it has a dual noise cancellation feature. Since its launch, Sony pulse 3d working properly.

But, numerous Sony pulse 3d users are complaining few malfunctions on it. Certainly, the Sony pulse 3d cannot connect with the respective device. However, there could be many reasons Sony pulse 3d does not work. Luckily, we are on the same research and found some working fix. So, Today we will share some fixes for Sony pulse 3d not working.

Fix: Sony pulse 3D not working on Ps4, PS5 and PC.

Why is my Sony Pulse 3D not working on PlayStation and Pc?

Sony pulse 3d is a new mechanism-oriented wireless headset designed with unique abilities. Meanwhile, it is a new product, so it is hard to find the specific cause behind the issue. But, it is a wireless gaming headset aimed to develop for PlayStation and PC. Then it might be possible that Your Wifi router is interfering with the signal from your headset. Also, there is could be some more reasons like your Sony pulse 3d is incompatible with PlayStation or PC.

How Can I fix Sony pulse 3d not working on PS4, PS5, and PC?

In the above, we have explained to you the reason behind the Sony pulse 3d issue. Alongside, the manufacturers are also busy finding the best fix. But, the issue is sensitive for those who do live streaming daily. We have tried and evaluated some fixes that might resolve the issue for that purpose. Although it doesn’t guarantee fixing the issue, we can try for a while. So, let’s look at the below-stated fix we will try here.

  • Reset Your Sony pulse 3d
  • Re-Install Faulty drivers on your Pc
  • Try to Turn off 3D Audio Settings
  • Configure Headset with your PlayStation
  • Check USB port Using For Headset

Nevertheless, These are only the name of the fixes that we will try to solve the Sony pulse 3d not working issue. Because several beginners are not able to apply these fixes. So, To ease them below we will explain to you each of the fixes in complete detail.

Reset Your Sony pulse 3d

Sony pulse 3d is a wireless headset that works on various device pairing or other connection types. But, sometimes, the pairing list of Sony pulse 3d goes full and results in not connecting or working issues with any other device. Likewise, the same problem is that Sony pulse 3d is not connecting with PlayStation PC. In such a case, there is a foremost fix to reset your Sony pulse 3d and erase all the annoying data acting as a hurdle between the headset and another connecting device. So, To reset your Sony pulse 3d, take a look at the below instructions and proceed with them.

  • Begin with Switch off the headset.
  • Then, connect the wireless adapter to a powered USB Type-A port on your PS5.
  • Now, Push a tiny pin into the hole around the wireless adaptor’s reset button for a second.
  • Next, Hold the chat and volume up buttons simultaneously
  • While holding the chat and volume up button, Turn on Headset Switch.
  • That’s it; Your Sony pulse 3d will reset in a moment.

Re-Install Faulty drivers on your Pc

There are many Sony pulse 3d users facing issues with PC also. However, Pc has a straight forward to connect the headset. But, it can be possible that some deviations affect the Sony pulse 3d. In which the main cause was unveiled as faulty drivers. Because Your Pc might have some faulty drivers who act as a hurdle between Sony pulse 3d. In such a case, we recommend you to re-install the drivers associated with your headset.

Try to Turn off 3DAudio Settings

The newly designed PlayStations have a specific component tempest engine. It works only to process 3D Audio. But, there are much older PlayStation who doesn’t have this engine. As a result, they are experiencing Sony pulse 3d not working on their PlayStation. In such a case, the User can try to turn off 3D Audio Settings. As a result, Your Sony pulse 3d will start working on your PlayStation. To turn off 3D Audio Settings, follow the below instructions.

  • First, Switch on your PlayStation.
  • Then, Go to the main menu.
  • Now, Select Settings from the main menu.
  • Under Settings, Choose the Sound option.
  • Next, Select Audio Output Tab.
  • Then, Scroll down to enable the 3D audio option.
  • Unmark the Enable 3D Audio option and save the settings.
  • That’s it; 3D Audio Settings will now disabled.


Configure Headset with your PlayStation

There could be a reason if your PlayStation is not properly configured with Sony pulse 3d. Then, it could be a misconception between both of them. Following this, Your Sony pulse would not work properly. And the same thing is occurring here. In such a case, we recommend you configure the headset with your PlayStation. If you don’t know how to configure it. Then, check out the below-mentioned steps for it.

  • Simply, Head to settings on your PlayStation.
  • Under Setting, Go to the Sound tab.
  • Choose the Microphone input device to your headset and adjust the Microphone level if required.
  • Then, Go to Audio Output.
  • Choose your headset as the output device.
  • Now, Enable the switch output device as automatically and save the changes.
  • That’s it; Your Sony pulse 3d has now been configured.

Check USB port Using For Headset

With Pc like devices, USB ports are the only means to connect Sony pulse 3d. As some users are encountering issues with the headset. Then, it could be possible that you have chosen the wrong USB port for Sony pulse 3d. Although, there is a very less chance of this cause. But ensuring it could be better for proper connectivity. So, For PC issues with Sony pulse 3d, we recommend checking which port you are using for the headset.

Wrapping Up

With the above fixes, you may not face the Sony pulse 3d not working issue again. As we have explained, each fixes with the appropriate steps. Even after getting so, if any user doubts the given steps, then asks your query in the below-mentioned comment box.

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