Sun Angelus Value in Pet Simulator X

Looking for the Sun Angelus Value in Pet Simulator X? You’re in the right place as we have a guide for you. Pet Simulator X is a Roblox game where you can embark on a thrilling adventure to find some pets. But these aren’t any ordinary pets, as you will find some of the more adorable and unique creatures in this game. And, what’s even better, you can collect them all. The game has regular updates that add more pets from time to time, and this time, we have a brand-new pet. In this guide, we will take you through the Sun Angelus Value in Pet Simulator X.

If you’ve spent countless hours collecting cute pets, you’ll know that the rarer ones are really tough to find. The new Sun Angelus Value in Pet Simulator X is a mythical pet that was just added to the game in the last update. Naturally, players have been beelining for it and want to get their hands on the new pet as soon as possible. As it turns out, you can buy pets in this game too. The more rare a pet is, the more it will sell for. The really expensive pets are the most coveted creatures in the game. Let’s find out the Sun Angelus Value in Pet Simulator X.

What is the Sun Angelus Value in Pet Simulator X?

Sun Angelus Value Pet Simulator X1

Pet Simulator X assigns two major values to pets that determine their worth: Pet Value and Gem Value. If you’re not sure what these are, the former relates to how many diamonds a pet is worth when exchanged with other pets. Meanwhile, Gem Value refers to how many gems it is worth if traded just for those.

In addition to these values, pets come in a variety of rarities, which are Normal (N), Golden (G), Rainbow (R), Dark Matter (DM), and Shiny (S). A “Shiny” can be any variety of a pet that has hatched. These uncommon pets are 2.5 times stronger and have a distinct, gleaming look in the game to show off how rare they are. Also, it’s worth mentioning that pets in Pet Simulator X are graded, with the Shiny rating being the highest.

It’s important to always check the value list so that you know what prices your pets will sell for. This will help you to avoid selling your pets for less than they’re worth. Prices might fluctuate a lot, depending on demand and especially after a new update, but this guide has you covered.

Value of the Sun Angelus Pet in Pet Simulator X

There are a lot of different kinds of Sun Angelus Value in Pet Simulator X, and thus the value changes according to the type it is. There are normal and variant forms, and plenty of others. Check out the prices below, keeping in mind that they might fluctuate as time passes:

  • The Sun Angelus costs 50 million diamonds.
  • The Golden Sun Angelus costs 150 million diamonds.
  • The Rainbow Sun Angelus costs 600 million diamonds.
  • The Dark Matter Sun Angelus costs 2 billion diamonds.
  • The Shiny Sun Angelus costs 200 million diamonds.
  • The Normal Hardcore Sun Angelus costs 1 billion diamonds.
  • The Golden Hardcore Sun Angelus costs 3 billion diamonds.
  • The Rainbow Hardcore Sun Angelus costs 12 billion diamonds.
  • The Dark Matter Hardcore Sun Angelus costs 40 billion diamonds.
  • The Huge Sun Angelus costs 570 billion diamonds.
  • The Golden Huge Sun Angelus costs 1.71 trillion diamonds.
  • The Rainbow Huge Sun Angelus costs 6.84 trillion diamonds.
  • The Dark Matter Huge Sun Angelus price is unknown.

How to get the Pet Sim X Sun Angelus

Now that you know the price of the Sun Angelus in Pet Simulator X, let’s find out how to get it. As it turns out, there are two ways to get the mythical pet Sun Angelus in Pet Simulator X. You can either hatch it from a Palm Tree Egg or Sunny Egg, which is the more common way, albeit rare as a hatch. With a little luck on your side, you can turn the tides your way. Additionally, you can use some boosts to get the Sun Angelus in Pet Simulator X.

You can also trade the pet with a player who has it, if you can afford the cost. It is quite a costly pet, as we have seen in the list of the Sun Angelus Value in Pet Simulator X. If you have enough money to afford the pet, go ahead and buy it.

Now that you know the Sun Angelus Value in Pet Simulator X, you can trade the pet without incurring a loss. It’s good to stay updated on the latest prices of rare pets in the game, so make sure you check out our other guides.

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