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Top 5 gaming motherboard under Rs 20000

Since past few years, the craze of gaming is blooming all over the world at a very fast speed. You might have no idea but a very large number of people are die-hard fans of games in the present time and they often look here and there to find the best available components for building a gaming PC. The fact is building a gaming PC needs careful examination and selection of components. After all, it’s all about performance and probably you don’t want to compromise with same. Gone are those days when there was a strict upper limit on the overall number of options available on components. These days you can find any component with features you couldn’t even imagine. When it comes to selecting a motherboard for your gaming computer, obviously there are a few things you need to keep in your mind. The very first thing is the budget. We have prepared a list of top 5 gaming motherboard under Rs 20000. Check it out below.

Top 5 gaming motherboard under Rs 20000

List of Top 5 gaming motherboard under Rs 20000

In this, you will find all the top 5 gaming motherboard under Rs 20000. Find the best competible for your PC.

  • Asus Z97 Pro Gamer

Asus Z97 Pro Gamer

It is one of the finest options available for those who love gaming. The fact is it has specially designed keeping in view all the needs and expectations of a gamer. You are looking for a motherboard that can stand alone against all its competitors and the once what doesn’t degrade its performance irrespective of the game you play, Asus Z97 Pro Gamer is an ideal option to consider. There are certain tricks for overclocking and it is equipped with 3.1 USB. The 10Gbs M.2 socket is another vote to its features. The current market price of this motherboard is around 14,000. Thus you can buy it without worrying about anything.

  • MSI H170 Gaming M3

MSI H170 Gaming M3

The best thing about this motherboard is nothing but its performance. You can always make sure of same even if you are planning some of the very heavy games. Available at a price of around 16,000 Rs in the market, the MSI H170 gaming M3 is something that can simply add a lot to your overall gaming experience. As compared to other motherboards in its class, its BIOS is much better. Also, installation of this product is not at all a big deal. It contains a 32-bit 4-lane M.2 connector that makes it one of the best gaming motherboards available in the present scenario. There are total seven PCI slots. Therefore it’s an excellent option available in case you are buying a new PC for gaming or upgrading the existing. In a nutshell, you cannot find similar features with similar price in any other motherboard available for gamers.

  • Intel’s Socket LGA 1151

Intel’s Socket LGA 1151

Intel has also played a lot of attention of designing gaming motherboards. This is one of the best examples of their innovative technology. This gaming motherboard is widely regarded as best. Although it’s new to the market, a lot of gamers have already posted highly satisfied reviews with this product. Something that makes this motherboard one of the best choices for gamers is the availability of six chipsets. Also, there are add on PCI and Dim slots to enable you to add an extra graphic card in case you are not satisfied with the current. Next big thing you can assure is its compatibility with all classes of other devices. It really doesn’t matter what components you target to buy for your gaming PC, with Intel Socket LGA 1151, there is no need to worry about compatibility. In addition to this, it has been designed with a unique cooling technology. The cooling is not an issue even if you play games for long hours. Also, the three way CrossfireX support makes it simply the best motherboard. You can own it by paying Rs 17000 approximately.

  • Gigabyte Aorus GA Z270X gaming 5

Gigabyte Aorus GA Z270X gaming 5

Well, if you are looking for a gaming motherboard that can simply transform your entire gaming experience to a novel level, this is the option to consider. It is equipped with latest the technology and can simply house up to 4000 MHz XMP DDR4 memory. M.2 storage unit support is another best thing about this motherboard. Many gamers call it the 21st-century gaming motherboard which is simply the best in every aspect. When it comes to performance, it has no comparison with other products available in its class. Manufacturers have given a ton of emphases on its power efficiency. There are total 6 temperature sensors. Therefore it doesn’t consume a lot of power which simply means you can run it for long hours without facing any issue like overheating. The next big thing about this motherboard is its compatibility with all the generation 6th, as well as 7th processors. The market price of this motherboard is close to Rs 20000.

  • Asus AMD Crosshair V Formula-Z motherboard

Asus AMD Crosshair V Formula-Z motherboard

One of the best gaming motherboard and the number first preference of a very large number of gamers is Asus AMD Crosshair V Formula-Z motherboard. There are certain things that make it simply the best product available for those who love playing games. The three-way cross fire option simply enables you to run 3 GPU simultaneously. The 4X DIMM slots make it capable to accommodate up to 32 GB of RAM without facing any issue which assures there is no need for you to worry about the performance. A total of 6 USB 3.0 ports and 8 SATA ports, as well as UEFI BIOS are other noticeable features of this motherboard. Playing games on a PC having this motherboard installed in it enables you to get the best experience that you ever had while playing games. Presently, it costs you are Rs 20000. However, you need not worry about anything after buying this motherboard.

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All above motherboards are best in every aspect and bring a unique experience of playing games. There is already a huge community of gamers who are already using them and is highly satisfied with the performance. You can simply keep up the pace without facing any issue related to gaming with these motherboards. Hope you found your motherboard from this list of Top 5 gaming motherboard under Rs 20000.

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