Download Latest Toshiba USB Drivers And Installation Guide

Toshiba is a leading multinational company with business in various fields. Their laptops and storage solutions are considered to be one of the best globally. Toshiba also produces a lot of other electronic devices including smartphones. Toshiba is entirely different from a typical smartphone manufacturing company and produces both smartphones and tablets on various platforms. More than smartphones they have more tablets being sold on the market. There is only a handful of smartphone and tablets from Toshiba today, but a good trusted user group owns these. In this article, the latest Toshiba USB drivers required for these devices are provided with a complete installation guide.

In daily usage as a user, you might come up with various situations where you need to connect your Toshiba tablet or smartphone to PC. The latest compatible Toshiba USB drivers should be installed on your PC to make sure a proper connection is established between the device and PC. Without this, you might encounter continuous connection failure between the device and PC. This can create undesired effects on the device and the data you try to share between the devices. At times this can even end up bricking your device. Read through to find out various Toshiba USB drivers and the steps to install them on PC.

Download latest Toshiba USB drivers and installation guide

List of Toshiba USB Drivers Supported Devices

Model Name USB Drivers
Toshiba Excite Go Download
Toshiba Excite 7c AT7-B8 Download
Toshiba Excite Pro Download
Toshiba Excite Write Download
Toshiba Excite Pure Download
Toshiba Excite 10 SE Download
Toshiba Excite 13 AT335 Download
Toshiba Excite 10 AT305 Download
Toshiba Excite 7.7 AT275 Download
Toshiba Excite AT200 Download
Toshiba Thrive 7 Download
Toshiba Thrive Download

Steps to Install Toshiba USB drivers on PC

There are two possible methods to install Toshiba USB drivers on your PC. Both the methods are listed below.

Method 1:

  1. Download the Toshiba USB driver Zip file compatible with your device
  2. Unzip the file to a location on your PC
  3. Find the driver file with ‘.exe’ extension and double tap to run on it
  4. Follow the instruction in the installation wizard
  5. Click on finish button when done

Method 2:

  1. Download the Toshiba USB driver Zip file compatible with your device
  2. Unzip the file to a location on your PC
  3. Right click on My computer
  4. Click on Manage
  5. From the Manage window, click on devices
  6. Click on portable devices
  7. Find your Toshiba device icon and right click on it
  8. Click on update device drivers
  9. Select the Toshiba USB driver file
  10. Follow the instruction in the installation wizard
  11. Click on finish button when done

I hope this post useful to install the latest Toshiba USB drivers. If you didn’t find your device, please feel free to contact us via comment.

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