Fix: TOZO T6 or T10 Not Working or Not Turning On

TOZO is always known for its premium category earbuds. Last time when they launch the T6 gains a lot of love and affection from the users. Also, their new product, T10 earbuds, came into the limelight recently. But, recently, users have been complaining that both the T6 and T10 not working or not turning on even after they charge it for long hours. So, after investigating the issue, our team found a shocking reason behind it. But, you do not need to worry! Yes, you heard it right. We have mentioned all the necessary steps that you need to follow to fix this kind of issue. So, now let’s get started. 

Fix: TOZO T6 or T10 Not Working or Not Turning On

How To Fix TOZO T6 or T10 Not Working or Not Turning On

There are various methods available that you can use to fix this issue. But, the methods we discussed below are the best and have previously been proven to fix this issue. So, here’s what you need to perform: 

  1. Check The Entry Point: The reason behind this problem is that your TOZO T6 or T10 is not charging properly, causing it not to work or turn on properly. So, make sure to clear debris or dirt stuck at the entry point of the charging jack and, after that, try to charge it for some time. Then, check if it works. 
  2. Try Using A Different Charging Cable: If possible, we recommend you charge your TOZO T6 or T10 earbuds with a USB cable other than what you get with it. After that, wait for about an hour and check if it is not turning on or not. 
  3. Temperature: Sometimes, your earbud’s temperature gradually increases due to hours of use. Therefore, in that case, leave it until its temperature cools down and then try to turn it again. 
  4. Hard Reset Your Earbuds: If nothing helps you fix the error. Then, the last method that you have is to reset your earbuds hard. 
  5. Your Battery May Get Dead: If just by hard resetting your earbuds, the error wouldn’t get fixed, and your TOZO T6 or T10 still not turning on. Then, there are possibilities that your battery may get dead. 

So, that’s how you can easily fix if your TOZO T6 or T10 not working or not turning on. We hope this guide has helped you. However, if the issue is still there, then lastly, go to the service center and ask them to fix this issue. 

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