Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Tulin Disappeared During Wind Temple Fix

In the enchanting world of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you often find yourself on an exciting journey with Tulin, a character from Rito Village. But, sometimes, players face a problem – Tulin mysteriously disappears on the way to the Wind Temple. This guide will help you find the missing Tulin and continue your adventure smoothly.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Tulin Disappeared During Wind Temple Fix

Understanding Tulin’s Disappearance

When you enter Rito Village, you see something unusual – a dangerous snowstorm and a huge, scary grey cloud covering the village. You and Tulin are asked to figure out what’s happening. Could this be connected to Princess Zelda’s missing? Tulin thinks it might be.

Your journey will take you to the Rising Island Chain, a place filled with puzzles. Ideally, you’re supposed to meet Tulin again at the Wind Temple. But because of the game’s open-world nature and the player’s freedom, this might not always happen. You could leave the questline and when you return, Tulin might be gone!

Where to Find Tulin: A Simple Solution

Don’t worry; your game is not stuck. If Tulin disappears during the quest, there’s an easy fix. You can find Tulin near the Mayaumekis Shrine in the sky region of the Hebra Mountains in the Rising Island Chain. So, if Tulin is missing, this is where you should look.

But finding Tulin has a twist. When you check the map, you see a yellow dot showing Tulin’s location near Hebra Peak. But here’s the catch – he’s not on the ground or right at the shrine. A big cloud is hiding the platform he’s on. To find him, you need to go back to the floating platforms near the start of the climb to the Wind Temple.

For those who want exact directions, Tulin is at -2813, 2984, 0861. Look for a floating boat; Tulin is nearby on one of the sky platforms. After finding Tulin, it’s best to go straight to the Wind Temple with him without any distractions or teleporting.

In the fascinating world of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Tulin’s disappearance is a mystery that you can solve with a little bit of attention and direction sense. Use this guide to find your Rito friend and continue your amazing journey through the beautiful world of Hyrule.

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