Guide to Unbrick Oppo Realme 1 [Supported Model: CPH1859/1861/1706]

Usually, we see that a major chunk of smartphone enthusiasts wants to customize their devices. Obviously, there is a lot of modification available thanks to the unofficial talented developers working hard. However, sometimes in haste, these enthusiasts miss out on the intricacies of performing customizations. This results in faulty modification and eventually, the device ends up bricking. However, now the important question is how do we unbrick the device..? So, that’s what we are going to cover in this guide. Following post brings you the guide to Unbrick Oppo RealMe 1.

Unbrick Oppo Realme 1

Basically, while unbricking we have to flash the stock ROM on the device. We will also make the use of Miracle Box tool to unbrick the device and flash the firmware on the phone. We have put up the download link for the firmware and the flash tool. Grab them from the download section and also we have put up the unbricking guide. Follow it carefully. You must keep in mind that this guide to unbrick Oppo RealMe 1 is supported by the model CPH1859/1861/1706. Any other model won’t support the tool or firmware and cause issues.

What is Bricking and Why it Happens..?

Those who are new into the tech world, they may not be aware of bricking. It means the phone goes into a state where you cannot switch it on or rather its rendered usable. So, it becomes as good as a brick. This usually happens due to faulty installation by users. This may also happen if the firmware or the tools used in the process are corrupt. Otherwise, if the users use an unintended firmware version which meant for some other device. So, this is why bricking may happen.

How to Unbrick Oppo Realme 1..?

Before getting ahead with the unbricking process you must follow some important guidelines which we have mentioned in the subsequent section.


  • This guide and the corresponding tools, firmware are exclusively for Oppo RealMe 1. Don’t use it on other devices.
  • The firmware supports the Realme 1 model CPH1859/1861/1706. So, check with the model number before you proceed.
  • Charge your device completely before doing the unbricking.
GetDroidTips will not be responsible for any hardware or software related issues which may happen after installing this ROM or using the third party tools. Proceed with the guide at your own risk.


Here are the download link for the important tools and the stock firmware which will be required to unbrick Oppo RealMe 1.

Stock Firmware | Download

Miracle Box Tool | Download

Oppo RealMe 1 USB Drivers | Download

Unbricking Guide

Now let’s take a look at the steps on how to unbrick.

Step-1 First download the stock firmware and the other tools

Step-2 Install the Miracle Box Tool on your PC.

Step-3 Open Miracle Box Tool > Go to MTK Tab

Step-4 In there click on Services 

Step-5 Select Write from the Available Options

Step-6 In the Boot Options, select 8th Boot

Step-7 In the next option select device as Oppo RealMe 1.

Step-8 Tick the checkbox which says Skip preloader File.

Step-9 Now click on Start to begin the process.

Step-10 Now connect your phone to the PC using cable.

Step-11 Now Press Volume + Power button… Now the flashing process will begin.

Step-12 Remove the cable and Press Volume Up + Power button

So, that’s it, guys. Now you have successfully unbricked Oppo RealMe 1. We hope that this guide was useful to you.



  1. bro when I rooted my device and reboot it it shows its internal storage is damaged . pls help me . is it bricked ?

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