Vampire Survivors All Secret Characters

Vampire Survivors is a shoot-em-up video game with a roguelike theme which was released in October 2021. Developed and published by Luca Galante, the game was first out on early release for almost a year, before being released on PC, Xbox and mobile platforms. You will be able to fight against many waves of monsters as you try to survive as long as possible. There are plenty of characters, weapons and relics to unlock. In this guide, we will take you through the process of how to unlock all secret characters in Vampire Survivors.

Each roguelike game match lasts for a soft time limit of 15-30 minutes depending on the stage that you choose. If you have cleared all the enemies, the final boss will appear. To get to this point, you will need to choose a strong character to play with and learn all their moves. Defeating monsters and clearing the match will reward you handsomely, including gems, floor chickens and other helpful items. So, let’s find out how you can unlock more characters to choose from.

How to Unlock All Secret Characters in Vampire Survivors

When you start the game, you will be prompted to select a character to play with. All characters have different starting weapons and bonuses, so you will need to choose wisely. There are secret characters which are hidden behind achievements that are not displayed in the game. So, you will need some help if you want to get them all. That’s what this secret character guide is for, so you are in the right place.

While you can unlock most characters simply by playing the game, you can get the secret ones through obscure means. Some of them are easy to get, like a cheat code. Meanwhile, others will require you to put some serious effort into the game. We will take you through the stats and weapons of each secret unit, as well as ways to unlock each character.

Exdash Exiviiq

The Initial Weapon of the Exdash Exiviiq is Ebony Wing. The character has stats that affect the user negatively, such as -23 HP, -10% MoveSpeed, -10% Might, -10% Area, -50% Speed, -10% Duration, and +10% Cooldown. However, it also grants a bonus of +100% Luck. As the user levels up, their Luck will increase by 10% every 10 levels up until level 50, making it a powerful character.

There are two ways to unlock Exdash. The first is more difficult, as you will need to pick up Clovers off the ground as you play. One of them will yield the Exdash unlock, but the odds of this happening successfully are very slim. The probability actually approximately 1/65535 and it is a hell of a grind. However, there is a shortcut, or a cheat code to help you out. When you’re in the main menu, quickly type in the code x-x1viiq. If it’s successful, you’ll hear a sound effect. This code is a great way to help you get the Exdash quickly without having to grind the game for a long time. Furthermore, it is relatively easy to do, so don’t be afraid to try it out.


Peachone is Toastie’s starting weapon. It has -99 HP, +20% increased movement speed, -10% reduced might, -10% reduced area of effect, -50% reduced speed, -10% reduced duration, +10% increased cooldown, and +100% increased luck. As Toastie levels up, Peachone’s luck increases by 20% every 10 levels until level 100, its HP increases by 9998 every 100 levels until level 200, and its armor increases by 65520 at level 200.

Toastie is the second secret character you will unlock in Vampire Survivors. To get this character, you will need to unlock Exdash first. Unlocking Toastie, however, is no simple feat. After unlocking Exdash via cheat code, players must press the down arrow key + Enter when Toastie appears on the bottom of the screen during matches. The character will appear for a brief moment whenever you defeat the Stalker, the Drowner, or the Trickster, hence why it is important to be ready to press the keys at the right time. In order to guarantee success, it is advised to keep pressing the down arrow and the enter key continuously for a few seconds after the enemy has been killed.

Now, the challenging part of this is actually killing a Stalker or a Drowner. Firstly, it is important to note that Stalkers are much harder to defeat than Drowners, due to the fact that they have a higher health pool and higher damage output. However, if you use your best skills and weapons, you should be able to take them down. Make sure that you are aware of your surroundings and that you are always on the lookout for a Stalker or a Drowner, as Toastie will only appear when you take one of them down.


Smith uses the Vandalier as a weapon. You can start the character with 7 HP. It increases your MoveSpeed by 20%, decreases Might, Area, Speed, Duration, and Cooldown by 10%, and increases Luck by 100%. It also increases Recovery, Might, Area, Speed, Duration, and Cooldown by 0.01, 0.7%, 0.7%, 0.7%, 0.7%, and 0.25% respectively, and increases Luck by 1% for each level.

To unlock Smith, you need to perform a combination of steps. First, go to the Main Menu and type SPAM on your keyboard. Then, go to the Character Selection and type SPAM again. After that, go to the Stage Selection and type SPAM again. Quickly select a stage and your Arcana and type HUMBUG and hit the Enter key. A Jngle sound should play to indicate success. Finally, leave the run and open the character list to unlock the Vandalier. The riddle for unlocking Smith is “Sometimes you just need to ask for help”.


Random is a unique secret character, with a random weapon and random stats. It appears as a moving question mark and has randomized stats that behave differently as it levels up. Every level, one of its stats increases by a small amount, making it a powerful, versatile survivor whose capabilities are ever-changing.

To unlock Random, the user must head to the Mad Forest and look for a question mark in the upper-right corner of the map. By carefully navigating through the forest and keeping an eye out for the question mark, the user will eventually come across the coffin, which is guarded by the usual enemies. Defeating these enemies will allow the user to open the coffin and retrieve Random. Upon doing so, the user will be met with no spectacular animation as the coffin simply opens and then disappears when picked up.

After unlocking Random, the user can take it for a spin and see it in action. Random is an incredibly powerful and versatile survivor and its randomized stats make it a great asset to any team. With the ever-changing nature of its stats, the user must be aware of when they will increase and how they can be used to the team’s advantage. Unlocking Random is an incredibly rewarding and unique experience, and it is no surprise that it is one of the most sought-after survivors in the game.

Boon Marrabbio


Boon Marrabbio is a secret character in Vampire Survivors patch 0.6.1. Unlocking him is easy; just follow the riddle: “Follow the trail after pillaging Pummarola and Skull O’Maniac from the Mad Forest”. The initial weapon of the character Boon Marrabbio is the Thousand Edge. This character is equipped with some undeniably impressive stats – +20 HP, +30% MoveSpeed, +20% Might, -80% Greed, +10% Curse, and -110% Speed – and is a powerful character to have on your side. Unfortunately, he has no growth potential.

To unlock Boon Marrabbio, you will need to buy for at least 666g after completing certain conditions. These conditions are no simple task and require players to have collected 100 Floor Chickens. Collecting the Yellow Sign is an essential part of unlocking the Holy Forbidden, as without it the sequence is impossible to complete. To start, you must collect 100 Floor Chickens, which can be done over multiple runs of the game. Additionally, you must pick up Skull O’Maniac and Pummarola in the Mad Forest stage, both of which must be at least level 1.

Pummarola is located in the south and Skull O’Maniac is located in the northwest, with Pummarola being picked up first as Boon Marrabbio is closer to Skull O’Maniac. Following the Pies will lead you to the secret boss, who is located somewhere above the Metaglio Left and left from the Hollow Heart pickup spot on the map. You must be prepared for a lengthy battle as the boss has a lot of HP, and it will take around 10 minutes to defeat. Once the shadowy entity is defeated, you can purchase Boon Marrabbio as well as their starter weapon, the Thousand Edge.

Avatar Infernas

Avatar Infernas is one of the most challenging characters to unlock, with its initial weapon being the Flames of Misspell, providing +60 HP, +50% Might, +50% Luck, +100% Magnet, +1 Revival and +10 Reroll. Its growth stats are +0.5% Curse, +0.5% Might and +2% MoveSpeed, with -0.25% Cooldown per level. The riddle for unlocking this character is “It is tangible only in the Inverted Inlaid Library. Good friends might then show the way.”

To unlock the Avatar Infernas, players must first defeat the Director in Eudaimonia Machine, then travel to the Inlaid Library in Inverse Mode using the Gracia Mirror Relic. In the Library, players must find and obtain the Peachone and Ebony Wings weapons, then proceed to the west to find the Trickster enemy sitting in front of a piano that needs to be slain. It is important to hug the upper side of the wall of the Library while near the guardians of the Gold Ring and Metaglio Right to avoid them.

After defeating the Trickster, the player must interact with the piano and press the keys in the order indicated by their flying weapons. This will cause the library to go dark and the player to be attacked by creatures from the darkness. During this assault, the player must explore the map and find nine coffins, after which the library will light up and the Avatar will spawn as the final boss. Once defeated, you will be able to buy the Avatar for at least 666g.

Minnah Mannarah

Minnah Mannarah has the initial weapon of the Bloody Tear. You will be able to unlock this character by completing a few key steps. Initially, the character has impressive stats of +50 HP, +0.5 Recovery, and -70% Might, though these stats will constantly change in a cyclical pattern. Might, Projectile Speed, Duration, Area, and Cooldown will alternate with Duration, Area, and Cooldown being multiplied by two, and Might and Projectile Speed being divided by two and vice versa. As the user levels up, the Might increases by 10% every three levels, reaching a peak of +21 at level 21.

To unlock Minnah Mannarah, the player must solve the riddle: “Deal with the consequence of stealing cheese from the Dairy Plant”. After obtaining the Yellow Sign and readying Arcana VIII – Mad Groove, the player must make their way to the Dairy Plant, where the Cursed Cheese will be drawn to them. This will trigger the appearance of werewolf bosses that must be defeated in order to unlock Minnah. After this is done, the player can leave the run, and Minnah will be selectable. For the weapon to be permanently acquired, the player must purchase it for at least 666g.


Unlocking the character of Leda will get you the initial weapon of the Holy Wand. This character offers +5 Armor, -20% MoveSpeed, +100% Might, +10% Area, -10% Cooldown, and -80% Greed in terms of stats. There are no growth stats associated with it. With the increased armor, you can take on a few more hits and have more wiggle room in your battles. The -20% MoveSpeed may make it harder to dodge attacks, but the increased Might, Area, and Cooldown may make up for it. The -80% Greed may be a bit of a disadvantage, but it depends on your playstyle. All in all, the Holy Wand is a great choice for those looking to pick Leda as their character.

Leda is an unlockable character in the Gallo Tower stage, but the boss is not visible on the map. To find him, you must solve the riddle: “Investigate the bottom of Gallo Tower”. To reach his location, you must move down 32-40 tiles from the start of the level, and as you get closer, the darkness will increase and ominous music will start playing. When your visibility is hindered, you should slow down, because Leda is a slow character and may not be able to catch up to you.

It is also important to be careful not to let Leda get too close, as he packs a punch and has nearly 70,000 HP. Once you have defeated the boss, Leda is available for purchase for at least 666g, but you may have to search for him in other places, depending on the situation. Leda is a powerful character and his strength can be quite helpful in difficult battles, so it is worth it to take the time to find him.

Cosmo Pavone

Cosmo Pavone does not have any starting weapons, but they have two special weapons that fly around them called Peachone and Ebony Wings. These weapons do not take up any weapon slots, but they provide extra firepower. Cosmo Pavone starts with 20 HP, +1 Recovery, +20% Luck, +30% MoveSpeed, and +1 Revival. As they level up, they gain +1 Recovery and Luck each level, and +1 Revival every 100 levels.

To unlock the character Cosmo, a quest of great complexity and courage must be undertaken by the player. First, the Scrolls of Morbane must be obtained, which will provide the player with a hint: “With a pure heart and two good friends, visit the fiery balcony in Cappella Magna.” Before attempting to unlock this character, it is essential that the Yellow Sign has been found and the forbidden door of Zi’Assunta Belpaese has been unlocked. Then, the player must enter the grand city of Cappella Magna, ensuring that no eggs are carried.

Once in the city, the player must collect Peachone and Ebony Wings before continuing their journey north beyond the Crown and Tiragisú. There, the player must pick up the Nduja Fritta Tanto by the balcony. If all of these conditions have been met, Cosmo will spawn on the balcony, allowing the player to collect him. Once unlocked, the character can be purchased for at least 666g, providing a well-earned reward for a quest worthy of the bravest adventurer.


Peppino is a character that has been available since Patch 0.7.3. They come equipped with the Soul Eater weapon, and their base stats are 20 HP, +2 Armor, -60% Area, +100% Magnet, and -100% Move Speed. As they level up, their Area increases by 10% every two levels, up to level 21.

In order to unlock Peppino, players must use Celestial Dusting to attack the plants in Il Molise, which will instead heal them. Players must accrue a total of 100,000 HP in healing before Peppino will be unlocked for purchase for a minimum of 666g. The riddle to unlock them is “Be a Good Boy in Il Molise”, which can be solved by visiting the NPC in the area and talking to them. Peppino’s unique abilities and stats make them a powerful ally in the game and are well worth the cost of unlocking them.

Big Trouser

Big Trouser has the initial weapon of Candybox, but you need to buy it separately. You have the freedom to choose any weapon you want. The character has no stat information. As the player progresses, their Greed increases by 1% with each level they complete. To unlock this character, the player must solve the Riddle “Run away from Moongolow with all 16 accessories Mastered”. The task is not an easy one, as you need to collect 16 items. The rewards for this challenge, however, are well worth the effort, as the player gains access to a powerful weapon that will allow them to become even more proficient in battle.

To unlock the character, you must solve the Riddle above. This can be accomplished by picking a main character with character customization unlocked, customizing your Arcana XX – Silent Old Sanctuary, and avoiding weapons from getting in your way. Collect all 16 stage items in Moongolow and raise them all to the max level. To make sure you obtain the character, you must quit the game manually. If you exit via death, your Tiragisú will be destroyed, voiding your progression and preventing you from unlocking the character.

After leaving the stage manually, Big Trouser will become available for purchase for at least 5,000g. If you are successful in completing the Riddle, Queen Sigma can buy Candybox from the Merchant at the start. This Candybox will become a playable weapon, as you will get it instead of one of the gold bags from a chest that has five rewards. Make sure to remember to quit the game manually, as exiting via death will result in a failed attempt and you will be forced to start all over again.


This character begins their journey with an Axe and a Death Spiral for their starting weapons, both of which possess random stats and growth potential. This can be a daunting situation for many, as the unpredictability of their strength and power can make it difficult to know what to expect. However, this provides an exciting challenge for those who are ready to take risks and push their limits.

Uncovering the character in Vampire Survivors is now much simpler than it used to be. Previously, you had to modify some game files which was a complicated process. Now, it’s quite fun to unlock missingN▯. To do so, the first step is to acquire the Yellow Sign, which can be done by successfully completing the quest How to Unlock the Yellow Sign in The Holy Forbidden. After that, the player must unlock the Green Acres Challenge Stage. This can either be done by unlocking Hyper Mode for two stages, or by entering the code “dotgogreenacres” in the Cheat/Secret menu after unlocking the Scroll of Morbane.

When the Green Acres stage is unlocked, the player must then activate both Hyper Mode and Hurry Mode before entering the stage and running diagonally down-left. After passing the clipping point, the player must continue south 18 tilesets and west 18 tilesets until the environment around them begins to flicker and change. There will be some weird glitches, and enemies will begin to spawn at this point. You will need to kill 128 of the giant winged eyes in order to return to the normal world and unlock the character. Once you have done so, missingN▯ will be available for purchase. It is also important to note that missingN▯ now has three distinct skins, which you can view after completing the Mindbender quest.

Gains Boros

The Heaven Sword is Gains Boros’s initial weapon. The character has growth that increases in power by 2% for every level-up you achieve. To unlock this character, you will need to solve a mysterious riddle “Find the only one place where flowers bloom in the Bone Zone”. Legend has it that this spot is the key to unlocking the character, and the only one who can unlock it is the one who can successfully solve the riddle. If you are brave enough to venture into the Bone Zone and find the spot, you may be rewarded with the power of the Heaven Sword and Gains Boros.

Entering the Bone Zone can be a daunting task, as it is notoriously difficult due to its lack of healing items and the increasing strength of the enemies that you will face. However, it is well worth the effort if you are brave enough to venture through it, as you will be rewarded with a secret character. To find the only place in the Bone Zone where flowers bloom, you have two options: build up power or head straight to your goal.

Making your way north, towards the Silver Ring, can be a treacherous journey, no matter which path you take. When you reach the Silver Ring, you must look closely, just beyond it, for a small green circle on the ground. Within this circle is a ring of flowers, and if you remain within the circle for at least 10 seconds, you will hear a jingle, indicating that Gains Boros is now available for purchase for 666g. You can get a playable Dragon Shrimp character, Gains Boros, with a growth boost that will surely come in handy in your adventures.


Gyorunton, introduced in the v0.9.0 update, is a powerful warrior that can be used in battles. His starting weapon is the Bracelet, which shoots three projectiles at random enemies. Gyorunton has 300 HP, plus an additional 30% Might, 2 Revivals, and 1% Curse for every level he gains. Not only does this give him an edge in battle, but it also allows him to level up quickly and become a formidable opponent.

To unlock him, the riddle is “Survive the Boss Rash with just one weapon”. Completing the Boss Rash Challenge Stage is the first step to unlocking the character and accessing the Mindbender through character customization. To do so, you should either limit yourself to one weapon or restrict your max weapons from the menu. Be aware that this may be a difficult task but if you have a character with a lot of Golden Eggs, it should be manageable. You can use Arcana XX – Silent Old Sanctuary to boost your only weapon. Also, you can pick a character that has a high number of Golden Eggs.

Additionally, you can get Tiragisu and Arcana VIII – Mad Groove at 5:00. Once you make it to 15:00, you must go into the START menu after finishing your run and purchase Gyorunton. It is important to note that the challenge must be completed before you can purchase Gyorunton and access the Mindbender. Therefore, it is important to take all the necessary steps to ensure that you can survive and make it to the 15:00 mark. The price for Gyorunton scales is based on the already purchased characters, starting from 5,000 gold. If you have all the other characters, it will cost 20,000 gold.

Mask of the Red Death

The Initial Weapon of the Mask of the Red Death is the Death Spiral. His stats are +100% MoveSpeed, 255 Max HP, +20% Might. There is no growth for this character. To defeat the Red Death, you have two options: you can go the traditional route, and attempt to slay the beast, or you could take the unconventional approach and use the missingN▯cheat.

To unlock Mask of the Red Death, locate the Start menu and select MissingNo. Once you have done so, check his Max Health stat line to see if the value is negative. If it is, then you can move forward and progress with the game. However, if it is positive, you must enter the game, exit to the main menu, and click Start again. This will ensure that MissingNo has been automatically selected since you just interacted with him. Check his Max Health stat line once more. If it is still positive, press the Escape key on your keyboard, and click Start again. This process must be repeated until you get a negative value on his Max Health stat line.

Once you’re in, don’t move the character when you start the game. This is because Red Death’s HP increases significantly with each level (65535 per level). So, wait and stay at level 1 if possible. When Red Death appears at the 30-minute mark, collect all the XP and level up your weapons. The second and third Deaths will get stuck on the leftmost bookshelf, thanks to the Clock Lancet. You chose the weapons you did because of their range and knockback stack, which draws them to the player every hit.
However, they’re still likely to come over. You need to do enough damage to the initial Death to send them away before Number Two seals the deal.


Scorej-Oni has a maximum of 108 health points, and moves at a slow 20% of the speed of the normal character. He also has an attack area that is 20% larger than usual. He does not have a starter weapon, but can use Lightning Rings. Every 8 levels, Scorej-Oni is granted a bonus weapon in the form of the hidden Lightning Ring, which does not take any slots in the weapon inventory. This weapon will gradually improve and level up every 12 levels, up until the character reaches level 84. With each new level gained, this mysterious Lightning Ring will become even more powerful.

To unlock Scorej-Oni in the newly introduced “Tiny Bridge” stage, you will need to take a trek eastward for around 20 tilesets. Scorej-Oni is a mini-boss enemy that won’t be too difficult to take down. He is not the fastest of opponents, meaning you will have ample time to back away if he gets too close and tries to attack you. It is critical to have a well-thought-out strategy before engaging with the mini-boss as this will give you the best chance of defeating him. With a little bit of forethought and preparation, you should have no issue taking down Scorej-Oni.

To guarantee your victory, you should plan out your moves and make sure you are fully prepared before confronting the boss. Once you have successfully defeated him, you will be able to purchase him in the Play Menu for a price of 5,000g.


Now you know where to find all the secret Vampire Survivors characters, so go out there and get them all. Unlocking these characters will help you enjoy a more varied gameplay experience of the shoot-em-up roguelike.

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