War thunder Missile Tier List

A vehicular combat game involving tanks and other weapons that you can use, a childhood dream, isn’t it? Well, you can not do this in real life but War Thunder is one of those games that can make your childhood dream a reality. War Thunder is a vehicular combat game that you can play with your friend developed by Gaijin Entertainment.  You can use tanks, ships, or aircraft in the game. However, this article is not about the War Thunder game. If you are looking for which missile is the best one you can use this article as a reference to get an idea of all the missiles tier list in War Thunder game.

Missiles in the War Thunder game lets you hit the target directly without going near them using infrared or the radar system. The War Hammer has here different kinds of missiles, Air-to-Air missiles, air-to-land missiles, and land-to-air missiles. You can use both the missiles including the land or the air to attack your friends while in the game. You can choose any of these missiles based on the range, speed, and explosive area they cover on the attack.

War thunder Missile Tier List

War thunder Missile Tier List

Air-to-air missiles are missiles that can be shot from one aircraft to another aircraft or flying things. These missiles are very good for players who know how to fly and have a good knowledge of the air force. We have six tiers of missiles from the S tier being the best to the E tier being the worst, here is the complete list.

War thunder Missile S Tier

AIM-9L: This is an amazing missile and has all the aspects a navy missile should have, This missile can attack with the 30G force on the target.

R-24R/T: This missile is very good. It has a good range with great flare resistance. This is an S-tier missile.

PL-5B: A very short burn time gives you good range and has 30G shots at the long range. This is a top-tier missile.

Magic 2: A guaranteed kills when you shot this missile at the target.

War thunder Missile A Tier

R-60M: The improvement over the R-60 missiles, it can attain a good flare resistance while in combat in the closed range to give you a better shot.

R27-T: It falls in the A tier, it has problems with the flare resistance but it is a good missile apart from that, It has a very long range.

R-23R/T: This has the attack force of the 20G and can be deadly if you know how to use it well

War thunder Missile B Tier

AIM-9G: This missile is a beast and has a good range and a great for hitting far targets and improved missiles than other missiles in the lower tiers.

AIM-9H: It is just an improved version of the AIM-9G and does almost the same thing as the AIM-9H can.

R-13M: It is like the AIM-9J improvement with a slightly improved range.

R-60M: It is close ranged missile and has no flare resistance, but it can do damage in dog fights.

R–60MK: This missile is the same as the R-60M with a slight improvement.

Magic 1: This has 35G attack force but it struggles with short range and that is why it is the B tier.

Shafrir 2: This missile is like the AIM-9J with less gimble and less range, it is the missile that you will get.

War thunder Missile C Tier

AIM-9J: Same missile as the AIM-9E with an attack force upgrade to the 20G, there is some limitation for this missile and that is why it is in the C tier.

AIM-9P: This is just the expert copy of the AIM-9J

AIM-9D: This is well upgrade over the other two missiles in the game. It has 2G less attack force than the other two missiles.

RB-24B: This is just a copy missile of the AIM-9B

RB-24J: It is just a copy of the AIM-9P

RB-74: It is just a copy of the AIM-9L missile.

War thunder Missile D Tier

AIM 9E: An upgraded version of the AIM-9B developed by the United States and can go faster than its predecessor, it can also attack with the 10G of force.

RED TOP: A missile that is used for bomber hunting. It is very good for attacking lands.

SRAAM: A great missile with a very short range and that is why it is not good for combat.

R5-30E: This is a slow missile, it burns the targets on the attack and is very confusing.

War thunder Missile E Tier

AIM-9B: This is the first missile you will get in the game and has only 10G force on the attack and it is in the E Tier.

AIM-9BFGW2: It is an improved version of the AIM-9B with a good improved range over the other missiles.

R3S: AIM-9B copy of the missiles made by the soviets.

Shafrir: This is an 11G attack missile and is slightly better than AIM-9B


This brings us to the end of this missile tier list for War Thunder, you can use this tier list to get an idea of all the missiles in the game. These missiles are placed on different tiers based on their performances. Go through the tier list and pick your favorite missiles. Do let us know if we have missed any of your favorite missiles.

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