How to Perform Corrosive damage in Warframe – The Meltdown Challenge

We will be covering how players can perform Corrosive Damage in Warframe and also how to finish the daily Meltdown Challenge easily with the help of this guide.

Players will need to use Corrosive Damage to complete the Daily Nighwave Challenge successfully. Corrosive Damage is actually one of the six secondary elemental damage methods in Warframe. It can be made by mixing two kinds of primary damage methods like Electricity and Toxin damage.

This can be done using the mods on a weapon and is fairly simple too. Using Corrosive Damage, players can inflict Corrosion damage against enemy opponents. It is a highly useful damaging method against the likes of Grineer Ferrite Armor and Infested creatures.

How to perform Corrosive damage in Warframe - The Meltdown Challenge

What is Corrosive Damage?

When used properly, Corrosive Damage can reduce 20% armor strength. Each time the Corrosive damage effect is stacked up, it will reduce another 6% armor strength of an enemy opponent. In Warframe, Corrosive Damage can be used as proc to stack each attack on top of another. However, there is a limit to this. A maximum of 10 stacks is allowed that is capped at the Damage with 80% armor strength reduction. It is important to know that each stack must be timed, as there is a timer of 8 seconds on each. Using the next stack before the previous one finishes, will not clear the timer.

Players who do use Corrosive Damage will notice that enemy opponents will have a greenish-electricity like substance covering them. Using Corrosive proc attacks will eventually kill enemies by dissolving their bodies. Also, players should know that the corrosive Damage takes place through 2 ways on an enemy opponent. The first way, it neglects a certain amount of the Ferrite Armor on an enemy opponent. And second, it significantly increases the level of Damage. What this means is that the corrosive Damage basically reduces 25% of armor and increased base damage by 75%.

How to Perform Corrosive Damage – The Meltdown Challenge

In order to actually get Corrosive Damage on a weapon, players need to mix two mods on their weapon that is by combining the Electricity mod and Toxin damage mod on their weapon. Once combined properly, players can make use of corrosive Damage.

In Warframe, there are certain weapons that come with corrosive damage abilities.

Check out the weapons list below:

  • Tysis
  • Stug
  • Cautacyst
  • Synapse
  • Scourge

It is always easier to go with the custom mods to complete the Meltdown Challenge. However, knowing which weapons do come with corrosive damage abilities, in-built, is always useful especially, if players want to deliver some extra corrosive damage against enemies.

Now, there is something even for impactful in Warframe. For those of you out there who want to know how to multiple the armor reduction and take things further, can try combining corrosive status with Heat and corrosive projection. To get an idea of what kind of damage effect that will have, check out the formula below:

Armor Reduction = 1 – [ (1-50%) x [1- (20% + 6% x Corrosive Attacks Stacks)] x (1-18% x Corrosive Projections Count)]

If the formula seems too complicated, we can break it down. To put it simply, with a 4 player team with a variation of maximum corrosive projects with active Heat proc and maximum Corrosive proc will deal anywhere between 90% to 98% armor reduction.

This range varies on how many numbers of members have maximum rank for Corrosive projection. As of now, the only other way to completely destroy armor is using a non-ability like Shattering Impact.

Finishing the Meltdown Challenge is fairly simple, as all, it is required to have 150 kill counts using Corrosive Damage only. So, all that players need to do is mix their Electricity and Toxin mods on their weapon and jump into a mission.

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