What’s Coming to Disney+ in July 2023

In this article, you will get to know what’s coming to Disney+ in July 2023. In this month, there will be multiple shows that will be added to the site. Multiple new features will be added to Disney+, we will be talking all about them in detail in this article. The biggest highlight of this article is the Marvel much awaited Secret Invasion & Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire, which will be added in July on the Disney+ platform.

As the July 2023 month is starting and Disney+ is planning to launch new shows and episodes that you can expect in the coming months. The service of the May & June month was not for the addition of the new shows but it was the month of removal of the shows. Disney has removed multiple shows from the site as they were not getting the expected watch time, so if you are not able to find some particular shows, maybe they are no longer part of the show.

What’s Coming to Disney+ in July 2023

What’s Coming to Disney+ in July 2023

The biggest news of July month is the addition of new episodes for much awaited Marvels series – Secret Invasion and a new animated short from Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire. Both of these much anticipated shows will air on Disney+ on July 5th itself. It will be interesting to see how many times this will be streamed on Disney+. Following is the date-wise list of the shows that will be added in July month in Disney+.

July 1, Saturday

Tengoku-Daimakyo: Season 1 Finale


July 2, Sunday

Sharks Vs. Dolphins: Bahamas Battleground

Shark Eat Shark

Return Of The White Shark

Shark Below Zero

Sharks Vs. Dolphins: Bahamas Battleground

This week will embark the spark on Sharkfest as seen on multiple streaming platforms. This will air multiple shows and movies based on Sharks to increase awareness of these magnificent species.

July 5, Wednesday

Secret Invasion – Episode 3

Kiya & the Kimoja Heroes

True Lies – New Episode

The Clearing – Episode 8 – Finale

The Watchful Eye

Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire

Dr. Romantic Season 3

Shadow Detective Season 2

The Zone: Survival Mission Season 2

Multiple new shows have been added. There are new seasons for a few shows have also been added. The biggest of them is the Dr. Romantic Season 3 where Kim Sabu works with passionate medical staff in a small hospital in the countryside. And Shadow Detective Season 2, where Taekrok gets a threatening call and is falsely charged with murder. Watch his action on how he intends to solve this case.

July 6, Thursday

The Kardashians – Season 3

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July 7, Friday

Aquamania (1961)

Bath Day (1961)

Building a building (1933)

Goofy Gymnastics (1949)

Figaro and Frankie (1947)

The Skeleton Dance (1929)

This month Disney is going to re-release some of its best retro shows, including Goofy Gymnastics, where Goofy enlists the aid of an instructional record and gymnastics equipment in an effort to become fit, with the help of some barbells, chin-up bars and cable expanders. And the famous skeleton dance, where A lively quartet of graveyard skeletons come out to play and dance the night away in this spooky Silly Symphony, set to the macabre music, which has been all-time classic favourites.

July 8, Saturday

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War

July 12, Wednesday

Bluey – 10 New Episodes

UFOs: Investigating the Unknown

Never Say Never

The Secrets of Hillsong

Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir – 5 seasons

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger – 2 Seasons

Secret Invasion – Episode 4

On Wednesday, a couple of new shows are going to release on Disney+, including Bluey, where Bluey is an inexhaustible six-year-old Blue Heeler dog who loves to play and turns everyday family life into extraordinary adventures. And a new mystery thriller show named – UFOs: Investigating the Unknown where the truth behind the U.S. government’s secret Pentagon program on UAPs, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, otherwise known as UFOs, is exposed.

July 14, Friday


Yuzuru Hanyu Ice Story 2023

July 19, Wednesday

The Bear – Season 2

Secret Invasion – Episode 5

Grown-Ish – Season 5

Hailey’s on It! – Season 1

SuperKitties – Season 1

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July 26, Wednesday

Life Below Zero: Port Protection Alaska – Season 6

Secret Invasion – Episode 6 – Finale

Me & Mickey Shorts – Season 2

Pretty Freekin Scary – Season 1

Drag Me To Dinner

How I Met Your Father – Season 2

In the last week of July, we will see some new shows airing, such as Pretty Freekin Scary, along with the continuation of previous seasons for shows named How I Met Your Father & Me & Mickey Shorts with season 2.

July 28, Friday

Tomorrow X Together: Our Lost Summer

The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse: Steamboat Silly

The Slumber Party

July 31, Monday

Futurama – New Episode

So, this was all for July month. Multiple new shows have been added. There are new seasons for a few shows have also been added.

All these shows are already announced and will be released on the given date. Apart from all these shows, Disney Plus sometimes releases shows on their site without announcing at the beginning of the month, like Indiana Jones movies. So you can expect some surprises from Disney+ in the mid-month as well.

New Features in the Disney+

There is a new feature that has been added to Disney+ is the sharing capabilities. Now users can share Disney+ content on mobile devices through any messenger application like WhatsApp, Instagram or any other social platforms. To share your favorite Disney Content, subscribers can tap on the new “share” option.


This brings us to the end of this guide for What’s Coming to Disney+ in July 2023. A couple of new shows & episodes are the main highlights that will be released in July. Various other shows are coming with a new season to the platform. You can expect your July month to be quite busy as exciting new shows are also added to the streaming service. Hoping that this article was helpful.

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