Will Huawei Honor 8X survive under water? – Waterproof and Dust proof test

Huawei is back with its Honor series and launched this new device this September 2018. The new Honor 8X smartphone is the latest device by the company which comes with exceptional build quality and a budget price tag. Since this device is supposed to be budget oriented, many customers want to know whether the device can survive underwater or not. According to official sources, the device is not IP68 waterproof certified. However, we will still test it and will confirm whether Huawei Honor 8X is a waterproof device or not. So without wasting any further time, let’s start the Huawei Honor 8X waterproof test.

Will Huawei Honor 8X survive under water? - Waterproof and Dust proof test

Since Huawei Honor 8X starts at a price range of 16,999 INR which is still high for a lot of customers. So customers don’t want to take any risk with this purchase. So to confirm wether Huawei Honor 8X is waterproof or not, let’s start the test.

Will Huawei Honor 8X survive under water? – Waterproof and Dust proof test

Before we start with our  Huawei Honor 8X waterproof test, let’s get to know some of the latest highlights and features of this device.

  • Massive 6.50-inch touchscreen
  • Powered by 2.2GHz octa-core processor
  • 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage
  • 20-megapixel (f/1.8) primary camera and a 2-megapixel secondary camera
  • 16-megapixel front shooter for selfies.
  • Battery capacity of 3750 mAh
  • Super slim form factor

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There are a couple of tests we can perform to find whether Huawei Honor 8X is waterproof or not. Today, we are going to perform Huawei Honor 8X waterproof test. So stay tuned for the results.

Huawei Honor 8X Splash Proof Test

When Huawei Honor 8X is subjected to water droplets, it resists them due to its oleophobic coating over its body. This gives a little bit of protection from water and also helps to stay non-slippery at the same time. The screen does not flicker while in water,

Touchscreen Works perfectly
Camera No fog in the camera lens, camera works perfectly
I/O ports No water damage found
Speaker Little distortion which turns normal after 10-20 minutes (Normal)

Huawei Honor 8X Rainwater test

In this test, we are going to suspend the device in artificial rain environment. Later one we will see if the device is ideal to use in rainy conditions or showering conditions.

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After testing Huawei Honor 8X in artificial rain condition, it is found that no severe damage is there in the device. The device works perfectly under rainy or showering conditions. However, the speaker volume goes down. However, the user can make or receive calls in such a situation.

Able to use in Rainy conditions Yes, but for a limited time (Speaker damage is expected)
Abel to use in Showering conditions Yes, but not recommended (Speaker damage is expected)
Possible damage due to rainy conditions Speaker malfunction, Fog in the camera lens

Huawei Honor 8X Washing Test

In this test, we are going to wash the device with running tap water for 1 minute and check whether it survives.

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When Huawei Honor 8X is subjected to running tap water, the screen fluctuates, and no touch inputs are registered. This triggers ghost inputs. However, no severe damage is observed with the device.

Touchscreen Control Doesn’t respond to touch inputs
Water damage with hardware Not found
Speaker Non-functional (expected)
Camera No fog lens

I/O Ports Water Test

In this test, we try to check whether the water will go inside the device or not. Most smartphones come with a waterproof coating over their I/O ports. After I/O ports water test, it appears that Huawei Honor 8X is doing good as well.

Earpiece & Mic Working
Speaker Little bit distortion in sound
Touchscreen Works
Charging Point Works
Power & volume rocker buttons Works
Any other I/O port damage None

Huawei Honor 8X DustProof Test

In this test, we will keep the device in a sandy environment with lots of grain and sand particles with a running fan around it. This situation mimics dust storms and will check how the device holds in such conditions.

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After the dustproof test, no dust was found in the internal parts fo the device. This shows that indeed Huawei Honor 8X is dustproof.

Huawei Honor 8X WaterProof test final outcome

Official IP ratings (waterproof ratings) None found
Rainwater test Passed (minor speaker damage observed)
Water immersion test Passed (minor speaker damage observed)
I/O ports damage Speaker
Dustproof test Passed

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