Fix Windows 10 code Error 0xC0070652 when Uninstalling Applications

Windows 10 has extensive users worldwide. This OS is the best in the category Operating system, but it may also face some errors and problems. The most common mistake Windows 10 shows when a user attempts to uninstall any conventional program is error code 0xC0070652. This error code popup on the screen with the message ‘another installation is already in progress.’

This error seems to be a standard error that can get the removal by a simple restart of your computer. It may disappear when you restart your PC, but it may be a temporary solution for the error code 0xC0070652. If you want involvement in the permanent solution, then you might check one of the below-mentioned methods.

Fix Windows 10 code Error 0xC0070652 when Uninstalling Applications

Causes of getting the Error Code 0xC0070652:

If you are one of the users who are getting Error Code 0xC0070652 while uninstalling any program in Windows 10, then you might be having the problem with Windows installer service. If this is the cause that involves the issue, then a restart will work for you, and you will be able to resolve the Error Code 0xC0070652 problem.

The other cause for getting this Error Code 0xC0070652 has a third party divergence. This divergence happens between MS integrated server and the third party service. You can shut off ‘MSISERVER’ from the task manager if you are having trouble with Error Code 0xC0070652 in Windows 10. You need to perform a clean boot before going into the recognition of the cause.

Fix Windows 10 code Error 0xC0070652 when Uninstalling Applications:

There are several efficient and useful techniques you can implement for resolving the error code 0xC0070652. Some of the methods mentioned below. You need to go through each step very carefully before going into the solution. Follow the described procedures:

Windows Installer service restart:

If the issue is not resolving even after a reboot of your PC, then you might head to restarting your Windows Installer services. The main reason for getting the problem with Windows Installer service is that this service trapped in a midpoint state and will remain unable to get a call from the OS sub-domain, which needs this service. You can swiftly go through the force restart of Windows Installer service by following these steps:

  • Press ‘Windows key + R’ which will open the ‘Run’ dialogue box
  • Type ‘service.msc’ in the text box available and then hit ‘Enter.’
  • On the service screen, move down to the right-hand panel and find the list of active services named ‘Windows Installer Service.’
  • Right-click ‘Windows Installer Service’ and click ‘Restart’ in the context menu
  • Now perform the uninstallation of the program, and if the same error appears again, then head to the next procedure, which leads to solving the issue on advance level.

‘MSISERVER’ service:

If the error code 0xC0070652 appears on the screen, then the most common cause will get the solution after the Windows Installer service troubleshooting. But if in some cases, the error still does not disappear, then you might be able to resolve the error by going through the process of stopping the ‘MSISERVER’ service. Here is how you can stop this service:

  • Open the task manager with the short key ‘Ctrl + Shift + Esc.’
  • Click on the ‘Services’ tab in the detailed section of task manager
  • Scroll down to the list of services and find the ‘MSISERVER.’
  • Right-click this service and click ‘stop’ in the context menu
  • In case you are having ‘Google Backup / Sync’ installed in your system, then you will need to disable the ‘msiexec.exe’ before approaching to the final solution.
  • You can now check for the error. If the error code 0xC0070652 persists, then you may proceed to the next method mentioned below.

AVG Remover Tool:

If the error code 0xC0070652 has not disappeared from the screen and the popup also showing that another program installation is already in progress, then you will be facing the issue due to the use of AVG Antivirus program. You may be using the antivirus program, or you might get this program uninstalled, but it left the system files behind even after the un-installation process.

You may require the AVG Remover tool to clear the system files generated through AVG. You can use Reimage Plus for removing the corrupt and unnecessary files from your system. Follow these steps to clean your PC:

  • Right-click on ‘This PC’ and click on ‘Properties.’
  • Head to the ‘system screen.’
  • Go to ‘system-type.’
  • Find your current OS architecture.
  • Check system type and download Reimage Plus version according to the type
  • Double click the installer extension file and press ‘Yes’ to allow access controls
  • Press ‘Yes’ when asked for rebooting
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to remove the residue files of AVG
  • Proceed to another restart and check the issue after the restart. If in case, the problem is still there in your system, you can check the next method for the solution.

Perform Clean Boot:

If a 3rd party conflict causes the issue, then you should be able to get rid of the error code 0xC0070652 by a clean boot of your system files. You may follow these steps:

  • Press ‘Windows Key + R’ which will open ‘run’ dialogue box
  • Put ‘MSConfig’ in the box and press ‘Enter.’
  • This sequence will open the System Configuration window
  • Allow all access control by hitting ‘Yes.’
  • Click on the ‘Services’ tab
  • Check the box associated with ‘Hide all MS services’
  • Now, click on the ‘Disable all’ button
  • Press the ‘Start-up’ tab, and open the ‘Task Manager’ from the context
  • Click the ‘Disable’ button
  • Stop all the services active on your system and get ready to perform the final boot
  • Now attempt the boot once you get all the services disabled from your system.
  • Check for the error, which will disappear from your system.

Getting the error code 0xC0070652 is the most common error the users are facing nowadays. If you are heading to get a reliable solution, then you might check one of the above mentioned. All the procedures mentioned above are very safe and tested also.  You need to have a backup of your files, as in some cases, you may lose some of your system data.

Windows 10 is an elegant operating system, but it also faces multiple error codes from time to time. But every problem has a solution as they appear in any context. The error code 0xC0070652 does not harm your system files but might be irritating when you try to install or uninstall any program on your PC. The solutions, as mentioned above, will fix the Windows 10 code error 0xC0070652 when uninstalling applications. If you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment in the below comment box.

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