Fix: Windows 11 Keeps Asking to Setup a Windows Hello Pin

Most of us are already using Windows 11 for a while, but with all of its great features, many users are still facing different types of bugs and issues. For example, the Windows community faces an annoying problem where they are getting notifications to setup hello pin. This is a very troublesome error as Windows 11 keeps asking you to setup a Windows hello pin when it is not required. The reason behind it is to set up the Pin, but a frequent notification usually breaks the concentration while working, streaming movies, or playing games on your system. But in case you don’t want to see these notifications, you can turn them off. 

Security is one of the most important concerns of many users as well as laptop manufacturers. That’s the reason why Windows 11 comes with an updated version of Hello Pin, which allows users to keep their data safe from unauthorized usage. However, most of us had already set up the Hello Pin while we set up Windows 11 after installing, but the issue occurs suddenly that irritated every user. So here we have a couple of solutions to fix Windows 11 keeps asking to set up a Window Hello Pin issue.

Fix Windows 11 Keeps Asking to Setup a Windows Hello Pin

Fix: Windows 11 Keeps Asking to Setup a Windows Hello Pin

We usually set up pins for every device for security purposes, such as computers, Laptops, SmartPhones etc. The Pin is required to authenticate the user and get it safe from illegal uses. In this generation, everything like documents, saved passwords, Images, videos, etc., is connected with the internet’s help. Hence, it’s our responsibility to keep our system safe from others. So without further ado, let’s get to fix to resolve the issue.

Login With Local Account

According to professionals, the issue occurs for the user logging in with their Microsoft account, not with their local account. You can follow the below step to create the local account in your system.

  • Open the Settings app from the Start menu and go to the Account section from the left panel.
  • Now click on Your info and select the Sign in with a local account instead.
  • Then enter the Pin for confirmation and type the details to create the local account.
    Fix: Windows 11 Keeps Asking to Setup a Windows Hello Pin
  • After that, click on Sign out and finish to complete the set-up.
  • Now restart the system, log in with your local account, and check whether it asks for the Pin again through the pop-up message.

Remove Ngc Folder

There are many ways to unlock the system, such as Fingerprint, Face ID, Password and Pin. All the security data contained in the Ngc folder in Windows by removing the content from the Ngc folder in the system. After deleting the content, windows cannot recognize any pin or password and ask to set up Pin again.

  • Open the file explorer from the start menu, type the below command in the address bar, and press Enter.

  • Now right click on the open folder and select Properties from the menu.
  • Then go to the security tab and click on advance from the bottom of the window.
  • Next, from the top left side, click on the Change from the Owner section.
  • After that, enter the username of your account in the “Enter the object name to select enter”, and after inserting the username, click on search, the system automatically finds the user account associated with the username.
    Fix: Windows 11 Keeps Asking to Setup a Windows Hello Pin
  • Now click on the checkbox of Replace owner on sub containers and objects.
  • The process will allow you to access the Ngc folder and, after that, delete all the files under the Ngc folder.
  • After that, it may ask you to set the Pin and done. Now it will never ask to set up any pin for your Windows account.

Reset System’s Settings

If the issue persists, then the problem may be due to corrupt files in the settings app. Resetting the settings app is a fix to the problem.

  • Open Windows Powershell from the start menu and right-click, and select Run as Administrator.
  • Now type the below command in the Windows Powershell to reset the settings of your system.
Get-AppxPackage windows.immersivecontrolpanel | Reset-AppxPackage

Fix: Windows 11 Keeps Asking to Setup a Windows Hello Pin

  • Wait till the process is complete, and then close the PowerShell and restart the system to apply changes.

Reset System’s Settings via App Settings

  • Search the Settings from the Start menu and right-click on it, and then select App settings.

  • Now navigate and click to the Reset option and select again Reset on the confirmation tab.

  • Restart the system and check the window is still asking to set the Pin or not.

Perform Repair Windows Tool

The last method to fix the issue is resetting the window, and it is the easiest way to fix many bugs.

  • Open settings from the start menu and navigate to the system.
  • Then click on the recovery option and then select the Reset PC.

  • After that, a new window will ask you for options Keep your files or remove everything.

  • Then choose Local reinstall to proceed.
  • The window will ask for some additional settings. Click on change settings.

  • Now click on Reset and wait till to process is complete. It may take some time.


Setting up any kind of lock screen measure to protect your laptop data is important. However, getting bombarded by notifications where Windows 11 keeps asking to setup a Windows Hello Pin is not an ideal situation. Although by following the above methods, I’m sure you can fi this on your end. If you have any alternate way to resolve the issue, let us know in the comment section and for more tech fixes, visit our homepage.

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