Fix Windows 10 Deleted Files Not Showing Up in Recycle Bin

If the deleted files aren’t showing up in the Recycle Bin on your Windows 10 PC, then this guide is here to help you out. when you delete any file or a combination of files, they go to the $Recycle.bin system folder. This is a hidden folder and present in C drive. To view its content, you might have to enable the View hidden folder option from the File Explorer. Or there’s a much easier way for the same.

You could access these deleted files right from that folder’s shortcut present on your desktop. Named as Recycle Bin, this option doesn’t need any further introduction of sorts. However, some users have reported facing the issue that their deleted files aren’t showing up inside the Recycle Bin. Even across the Microsoft Forum, we are seeing concerned users bringing up this issue. In this regard, the tips mentioned in this tutorial will come in handy.

Fix Windows 10 Deleted Files Not Showing Up in Recycle Bin

There could be quite a few reasons for this issue. And each of them comes with its own set of instructions to fix it. So it is advised that you try out all the below-mentioned tips until the issue gets rectified. On that note, let’s get on with the instructions.

Fix 1: Don’t Use Shift Key while Deleting Files

If you delete any file via the Del key, then it goes straight to the Recycle bin. However, when you opt for the Shift+Del shortcut keys, then the file is permanently deleted. In other words, it bypasses the bin and is gone for good. This is one of the most common reasons for the deleted files not showing up issues in the Recycle Bin.

permanent delete

The fix for this is pretty simple: while deleting any file, don’t use the Shift key alongside Del. Make it a habit of only using the Del key and your issue stands fixed. However, if you haven’t used the Shift key but still facing this issue, then here are some other tips to try out.

Fix 2: Deleting Files from USB Drive

So by now, you are aware that hitting the Del key sends the file to the bin whereas using the Shift key along with it permanently deletes the files. But, with USB drivers things stand a little different. Even if you simply use the Del key to remove files, it would be permanently deleted.

The files aren’t sent to the bin in these cases. So always double-check before deleting any files from your USB drive. Along the same lines, a backup of important files might also help you to fix the issue of deleted files not showing up in the Recycle Bin.

Fix 3: Tweak Recycle Bin Settings

The Recycle Bin on your Windows PC comes with a feature named ‘Don’t move files to the Recycle Bin’. When enabled, all the files you remove by using the Del key wouldn’t go to the bin. Rather they would be permanently deleted. Hence it is recommended that you keep this feature disabled.

dont move to bin

To do so, right-click on the Recycle Bin icon present on your desktop and select Properties from the menu. Then make sure that Don’t move files to the Recycle Bin option is unchecked. See if this fixes the deleted files not showing up in the Recycle Bin issue.

Fix 4: Don’t Delete Files via CMD

Some tech enthusiasts go for a slight technical route while deleting files. They prefer to execute a few commands inside the Command Prompt for the deletion purpose. While this method does its job pretty well, however, the files get permanently deleted.

Deleting any file via the CMD window doesn’t send it to the bin. So to avoid this permanent deletion, it is advised that you don’t take the Command approach. Keep this in mind and the issues related to deleted files not showing up in Recycle Bin should be fixed.

Fix 5: Increase Data Size of Recycle Bin

In some cases, the file you end up deleting might be too large for the bin to hold onto. Hence these files wouldn’t go to the bin but rather would be deleted for good from your PC. One fix for this is to increase the data size and allocate more space to the bin.

recycle bin space

So right-click on Recycle Bin and select Properties. Then under the Custom Size section, increase the preset value (in MB) and click Apply > OK. This should help you to rectify the issue of deleted files not showing up in the Recycle Bin.

Fix 6: Reset Recycle Bin

If none of the above methods managed to give out favorable results, then you could reset the Recycle Bin. Here is how it could be done:

reset recycle bin

  1. Launch Command Prompt as an administrator from the Start menu.
  2. Now type in the below command and hit Enter:
    rd /s /q C:$Recycle.bin
  3. Once that is done, restart your PC, this should fix your issue.

With this, we conclude the guide on how to fix deleted files not showing up in the Recycle Bin. We have shared six different methods for the same. Do let us know which one managed to work out in your case. On the other hand, if you are looking for ways to recover these deleted files, then you could take the help of some third-party apps. Concluding this guide, here are some iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Trick that you should check out as well.

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