Does Xiaomi Allow Bootloader Unlock With HyperOS Update?

Xiaomi has just launched the HyperOS skin for Android devices and this is a great move while moving ahead as the OS is loaded with loads of features. However, before you get too excited the the company has disabled the option to unlock the bootloader and you will not get any system updates if you unlock the Bootloader in the Hyper OS. In this article, we will see if Xiaomi Allow Bootloader Unlock With HyperOS Update and if there are any ways by which you can unlock the bootloader with the HyperOS installed on your device.

First, lets talk about HyperOS and how it is different from the existing MIUI that has been the frontrunner skin for Xiaomi devices for years. HyperOS was built by Xiaomi with the combination of Linux and Xiaomi Vela which is the Xiaomi IOT platform. The HyperOS is said to be the smallest firmware-sized OS in history standing at 8.75 GB, for the looks and feel this OS is similar to the HyperOS.

Does Xiaomi Allow Bootloader Unlock With HyperOS Update

Does Xiaomi Allow Bootloader Unlock With HyperOS Update?

HyperOS looks and feels just like Xiaomi’s previous MIUI on the surface, but the confirmation from Xiaomi has arrived and the policy update will make the change. With the HyperOS Xiaomi user will be able to unlock the bootloader with this HyperOS skin. But this is not the first time, Xiaomi has offered its user to unlock the bootloader. If you go back in time to 2016, Xiaomi users had to wait for approval from their Xiaomi account and tools to unlock their bootloader.

Back in the day, Xiaomi explained this as the bootloaders are locked for the user’s safety, and unlocking them will put all of their devices at risk. People residing in China could apply for the bootloader unlock if they have a Chinese Xiaomi account. People outside China will have to wait for it.

Now, in the HyperOS, you won’t be receiving any updates once the bootloader is unlocked. However, a locked device will get regular updates from the company. This applies to smartphones outside China too.

Can you Unlock the Bootloader with HyoerOS?

The Xiaomi 14 series is launched with the HyperOS and this new skin from Xiaomi will allow its users to unlock the Bootloader of your device by only disabling your future updates to the device. The Xiaomi 13 and 13 T series, 12T, and Xiaomi 11T are the other eligible devices that will feature the new HyperOS.

Why is Xiaomi against the unlocking of the Bootloader?

If you have a Xiaomi phone, you must have faced an issue while unlocking the bootloader and there is a good reason behind this. According to Xiaomi’s recent statement, they are against the unlocking of the Bootloader because of the security of the device and to avoid any data leakage. It also gives a stable user experience. But things are going to change with the new HyperOS, as with the HyperOS Xiaomi has allowed its user to unlock the bootloader of their devices with the risk of no further updates.


This brings us to the end of this guide for Does Xiaomi Allow Bootloader Unlock With HyperOS Update? It is good to know that Xiaomi HyperOS allows its users to unlock the bootloader of their devices with a risk of getting their future updates disabled which does reduces the security of their devices.

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