YouTube Vanced Down: Videos Not Loading and Server Issues Explained

YouTube Vanced is an alternative service offering many of the platform’s premium features for free, making it an attractive option for those who cannot afford YouTube Premium. Apps such as ReVanced have also emerged from YouTube Vanced, further expanding the options for users seeking additional features.

YouTube Vanced not working or loading videos

YouTube Vanced, the popular alternative service offering numerous premium features for free, has recently been plagued by issues that prevent it from working correctly or loading videos for many users. These users have encountered an error message stating, “The following content is not available on this app,” causing considerable frustration among the affected community.

While many users are experiencing these issues, others can still watch videos without problems. This discrepancy suggests that the problem may be specific to certain accounts or regions rather than a universal issue affecting all users. The situation began for some users with a noticeable decrease in video loading speeds before escalating to videos not loading.

As YouTube Vanced continues to grow in popularity, the team behind the service needs to address these server issues promptly. While the precise cause of the problem remains uncertain, it is believed to be related to microG, a tool used for logging into the YouTube Vanced app. The YouTube Vanced team is undoubtedly aware of these issues and is likely working to resolve them as quickly as possible.

The issue started with slow video loading speeds

As more users began to report problems with YouTube Vanced, it became clear that the initial symptoms of the issue were not uniform across the board. For some, it started as a gradual reduction in video loading speeds, leading to an increasingly frustrating experience. Users noticed that buffering times were increasing and videos were taking longer to load, disrupting their ability to enjoy content seamlessly.

Over time, the situation escalated for these users as the slow loading speeds evolved into videos failing to load altogether. It is speculated that these issues could be the result of server overload or an underlying problem with the app’s infrastructure. The variation in user experiences suggests that the root cause of the issue may be multifaceted and not limited to a single source.

The YouTube Vanced team is undoubtedly working diligently to identify and address these issues. By understanding the progression of the problem from slow loading speeds to complete video unavailability, they can better target their efforts to restore the service to its optimal performance for all users.

YouTube Vanced Daily Update: Server Down and Possible Causes

The YouTube Vanced team is undoubtedly aware of the server issues and is working to resolve them. Although the exact cause of the problem is yet to be confirmed, some sources have suggested that it is related to microG, a tool used to log into YouTube Vanced.

What is the Current Status of YouTube Vanced?

Updated on August 23, 2023 Thanks to WSA, you can now use ReVanced on a PC. Learn more about WSA and its setup [here]
Updated on June 07, 2023
The ReVanced official website is finally live and ready for users to explore
Updated on May 18, 2023
A user suggests ‘YouTLite’ as an alternative to YouTube Vanced
Updated on May 15, 2023 YouTube fights rivals, but restrictions may drive users to seek alternatives.
Updated on April 28, 2023
To eliminate most problems, download and install the Youtube Vanced Black v8apk
Updated on April 22, 2023
YouTube Shorts are working without any issues
Updated on April 18, 2023
The Vanced team suggested the new update. So try installing it.
Updated on April 15, 2023
Download the Latest version to Fix the current ongoing issue
Updated on April 14, 2023 MicroG development team member has confirmed that Google appears to be flagging third-party YouTube apps where users have logged in through the tool
Updated on April 12, 2023
enable VP9 or activate the Protobuf spoofing to resolve
Updated on April 10, 2023 A user recently reported that they were experiencing issues with YouTube Vanced, where their videos would stop playing after just a minute.

Updated on August 23, 2023: With the introduction of WSA, users can now enjoy ReVanced on their PCs, especially if they’re interested in gaming. For a deeper dive into WSA and its setup, feel free to explore [here].

Updated on June 07, 2023: The ReVanced official website is finally live and ready for users to explore.

Updated on May 18, 2023: An app called ‘YouTLite’ was suggested by a user as a potential contender to YouTube Vanced, offering a fresh take on the video streaming experience

Updated on May 15, 2023: YouTube is currently engaged in activities aimed at combating rival services or applications that threaten its ad monetization capabilities. However, it is important to consider that implementing such restrictions could potentially backfire, as it may drive more users to seek alternative methods to bypass them.

Updated on April 28, 2023: A valuable alternative solution has been brought to our attention that eliminates the need for MicroG. Simply download and install the Youtube Vanced Black v8apk, and you’ll be good to go. Once installed, launch the app and enjoy your enhanced YouTube experience.

Special thanks to Christian Mongalo for sharing this insightful tip

Updated on April 22, 2023: Some Twitter users claim that the Youtube Shorts are working on YouTube Vanced without any issues.

Help pls “[question]”
byu/This_Craft1867 inVanced

[question] Shorts are still working, can anyone confirm?
byu/TheMagicGlue inVanced

THE END IS THERE but shorts still work lol [release]
byu/HerrVoragend inVanced

Updated on April 18, 2023: The Vanced team reports that recent backend changes by YouTube have adversely affected Vanced. Following these updates, numerous users have experienced issues. To resolve these problems, installing the latest v18.02.33 Vanced update is recommended.

Updated on April 15, 2023: An updated fix for Vanced is readily available. Just download and install the latest v18.02.33 Vanced release from the official repository for a seamless experience. After installing the latest Vanced version, it should function smoothly. To minimize potential problems, navigate to ‘Vanced Settings’ > ‘Video’, and enable both the ‘Protobuf Spoof’ and ‘VP9 Codec’ options as a precautionary measure

Updated on April 14, 2023:A MicroG development team member has confirmed that Google appears to be flagging third-party YouTube apps where users have logged in through the tool.

To circumvent this, you can either uninstall the MicroG app from your device or enable Vanced’s ‘Incognito Mode’. This will allow you to play videos, but you won’t have access to your playlists, history, and other personalized features.

If you reinstall MicroG and log back in after using Vanced, videos will play but with a limited buffer of only 1:20 minutes. The developer plans to contact the MicroG team over the weekend to seek a solution. We hope for a positive outcome.

Please note that this Vanced version may not be flawless. Some users have reported persistent buffering issues every 30-40 seconds. Nevertheless, these problems were resolved (1,2) by enabling ‘Spoof signature verification’ in the settings

Updated on April 12, 2023: One of our readers has verified that the issue in question is unrelated to microG. To resolve it, users simply need to enable VP9 or activate the Protobuf spoofing feature.

Updated on April 10, 2023: A Reddit user recently reported that they were experiencing issues with YouTube Vanced, where their videos would stop playing after just a minute. According to the user, everything was functioning smoothly just a few hours prior to encountering this problem. The sudden change in performance led to videos buffering and restarting frequently, causing significant disruption in their viewing experience.

Videos stop playing after a minute
byu/ThisNotMainAccount inrevancedapp

Another user chimed in, stating that they had encountered the same issue. They managed to find a workaround by creating a new Google account, which seemed to resolve the problem for the time being. However, the user expressed their hope that this would only be a temporary fix, as they would prefer to continue using their primary account for YouTube Vanced.

byu/negaaninja from discussion

When will YouTube Vanced be back up and running?

There is no official statement from YouTube Vanced regarding a specific timeline for resolving the issue. However, users can expect the problem to be fixed soon as the team works tirelessly to address the server issues and restore the service to its normal functioning.

Is Youtube Down? How to Find?

  1. Try accessing YouTube from a different device or browser to see if the problem is device-specific.
  2. Check your internet connection to make sure you’re connected to the internet.
  3. Visit a website like DownDetector or IsItDownRightNow to see if other users are experiencing issues with YouTube. These websites track the status of various online services and provide updates on outages.
  4. Check YouTube’s official social media accounts, such as their Twitter (@YouTube) or Facebook page, for any announcements about outages or technical issues.
  5. If you suspect the issue might be regional, ask friends or colleagues in different locations if they can access YouTube.


YouTube Vanced’s current server issues have left many users unable to enjoy their favorite videos. While the exact cause of the problem remains unclear, the YouTube Vanced team is likely working diligently to resolve the issue and restore the service. Until then, users are advised to remain patient and keep an eye out for official updates and news about the situation.


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