How to Fix 0x0000000C MAXIMUM_WAIT_OBJECTS_EXCEEDED Stop error

Using Windows is not an effortless task to do, especially when you are not technically efficient in dealing with its issues. Among the lots of problems that occur in Windows, Blue screens of Death are most prevalent. Under that category, we are going to explain about the ways to tackle the BSOD error code 0x0000000C Maximum_Wait_Objects_Exceeded Stop error.

If you are also finding it hard to get the resolution for Blue Screen of Death error 0x0000000C, then the following guide can surely lend you a hand in handling the problem pretty well. All you need to keep in mind that you follow the steps correctly to avoid any further issues.


Reasons behind 0x0000000C Stop error:

The most common causes behind the 0x0000000C stop error can be the following.

  • The Blue Screen of Death error 0x0000000C appears when there are corrupted files present in your system.
  • Also, when your system contains faulty device drivers, your PC will show 0x0000000C error.
  • Another reason behind 0x0000000C error can be the failing hardware of your system.

How to rectify the 0x0000000C error?

  1. Run a system file scan

Generally, the Blue screen of Death errors occurs due to the presence of corrupted files in the system. But, running a system file scan can solve the problem effortlessly. Scroll down to know the steps that you need to follow.

  1. On the Start button present in Windows 10, you need to the right click on that, and then you can chooseRun.
  2. Then a Run dialogue box will open there and then where you need to type
  3. Tap on Ctrl + Shift + Enter altogether.
  4. Then the command prompt window will open where you need to type “exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth”.
  5. then you can tap on “Enter” in the Keyboard.
  6. With this, you can begin the SFC scan just by typing the command SFC /scannow and then pressing on the Enter
  7. Wait till the SFC scan completes after that you can reboot your computer if the scan repaired files or not.

2. Run a CHKDSK scan

Running Check Disk Scan is another way to get rid of the blue screen of death error with 0x0000000C Maximum_Wait_Objects_Exceeded stop error code. To do so, you need to go by the following steps.

  1. Open the Start menu and press Ctrl+R.
  2. In the run dialogue box, you need to enter the instruction “cmd”.
  3. With this, the command prompt window will open.
  4. Now type the command “chkdsk c: /f” and then tap on “Enter” tab.

This procedure will assist you in running the check disk scan on your computer to get rid of the appearing error.

  1. Update device drivers

Another reason behind the 0x0000000C Maximum_Wait_Objects_Exceeded stop error can be the new installations. So, if your computer has any third-part hardware device drivers that you installed recently, then you need to update those. To do so, you need to get a driver updating software to check for available updates by clicking on the Update Now option available in the software.

  1. Check for Windows 10 updates

When your Windows 10 system gets driver database extension, you need to check for the latest updates of the system as well. With this, both the processes will go in synchronization with each other. To do so, you need to abide by these steps.

  1. Tap on the Windows key + S keys together for the search utility.
  2. Type “Updates” in place of the search keyword.
  3. Press the “Check for updates” option to open the Settings tab shown directly underneath.
  4. Click on the Check for updates button to download the recent updates that are available.
  1. Turn off connections of Remote Desktop

When you turn off remote desktop connections, you can quickly fix 0x0000000C MAXIMUM WAIT OBJECTS EXCEEDED error. Typically, this fix is best for the Windows server 2008 and 2012 platform users.

  1. Access the Run accessory by tapping on the Windows key and R simultaneously.
  2. Enter the command “SystemPropertiesRemote.exe” in the open dialogue box, and tap the OK button. Afterwards, the Remote tab on the System Properties window will appear on the screen.
  3. Choose the interface Don’t allow remote connections to this computer.
  4. Choose the Apply option to authenticate the settings.
  5. Press on OK to exit the System Properties window.

Now check if the error still appears or not. If it again appears, then you must check the following method to get rid of the error.

  1. Remove latest drivers and software with System Restore utility

When you restore Windows to a restore point by uninstalling the latest programs and drivers, then you can get rid of the error too. Typically, the latest modifications sometimes trigger the 0x0000000C error. Abide by the following steps for this procedure.

  1. Access Run option.
  2. Then, type rstrui in the Open dialogue box appearing on the screen.
  3. Then you will see the “System Restore” option here on when you press the option OK.
  4. Make the selection of Choose a different restore point option if it appears on the System Restore window.
  5. Tap on Show more restore points to choose from the drop-down list of restore points.
  6. Choose a restore point from which you will rock back the Windows to that time where there was no 0x0000000C error on your system or laptop.
  7. Press the Next option.
  8. Then tap on the Finish icon.
  1. Clean Install Windows 10

If all of the methods mentioned above fail to resolve your issues, then a clean installation of Windows 10 can be the best fix for you to try. With this, you will lose all the latest data, including the third-party software and the files that you didn’t back up before when you do the re-installation of Windows with clean installing method.

With this, you will also get rid of 0x0000000C appearing on your screen. Typically there is a Refresh Tool in your Windows 10 PC with which you can clean install Windows 10. You can also browse search engines for a clean installation of Windows 10.

When you try all the above methods mentioned above and find no resolution for your 0x0000000C error, then you need to ensure that there are no viruses and malware present in your PC. Next, you can also check your system registries, DLLs, and programs and arrange them properly in the space. With this, the organization of the files will become quite effortless. Then, there are least chances for the 0x0000000C error to appear on your PC.

Also, it would help if you were sure about hardware components whether those are compatible for your PC or not. Above that, you must have a secure network connection so that you can follow all the procedures without any errors. A reliable internet signal strength also ensures resolving of your failure effortlessly by not interrupting the methods. After reading this article if you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment in the below comment box.



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