20 Minutes Till Dawn Best Build 2024

20 Minutes Till Dawn is a shooting video game developed and published by Flanne. After almost a year of its early access in 2022, the game is finally here to thrill its users.  The gameplay allows you to control a character who fights against the monsters that attack you too frequently. And during each attack cycle, you will earn gems that can be used to unlock new characters. Multiple builds are available in the game, and one who is new to the game does not know about any of these builds.

In this article, we will talk about the best builds available in 20 Minutes Till Dawn. Before moving ahead in the article, one should know that the Elemental damage is still the best source of damage and could benefit all the characters. Let’s move into 20 Minutes Till Dawn Best Build for 2024.

20 Minutes Till Dawn Best Build 2023

20 Minutes Till Dawn Best Build 2024

The quest for the ultimate build in 20 Minutes Till Dawn has become paramount for players seeking victory against multiple odds. As 2024 unfolds, seasoned gamers and newcomers alike are eagerly searching for the best build that will offer them an edge in this immersive virtual experience. A well-crafted build is the foundation for success, combining the perfect blend of skills, equipment, and strategies that can turn the tide of any encounter.

20 Minutes Till Dawn Best Diamond Build

Diamond build can be unlocked at the 7 HP. This is the only build that can use half the hp when taking the damage effects. Diamond build revolves around health regenration and the max HP increases to make it useful with most of its abilities. You have to keep your HP at half all the time by controlling the Health through taking the damage intentionally. Here are all the best upgrades that you can have with this build.

Berserks – Berserk increases the reload rate by more than 10% and also increases the fire rate. The Berserk is one of the best upgrade for the Diamond Builds as this additionally triggers off the damage that you can control and it doesn’t make you look Bulky.

Bulk Up – This upgrade increases the bullet size by Up to 15% permanently every time you heal. However, it does look handy but it is not as good as the Berserk as it is only effective with bullet damage builds.

20 Minutes Till Dawn Best Shana Build

Shana can reroll upgrades once per level making it an excellent choice for you. It is versatile and prevents you from being stuck in picking up bad upgrades. Shana is extremely versatile that allows you to gain more XPs and she can build up anything with reroll upgrades. Here are the best upgrades for the Shana builds.

Quick Learner – This upgrade increase the experience gain by more than 40%. This upgrade is what you want after every cycle.

Specialize – This will increase the effect of the next upgrade you take. This is useful if you have the an upgrade already and you want to move on to the next.

20 Minutes Till Dawn Best Scarlett Build

The Specialty of the Scarlett Build is the 3 shot throw a wave of fire that burns and it is useless unless you know how to use it. This is one of the build  that ranks so low in this list because of  the Pyro tree. Even her upgrades are not the best. You should use a large clip gun to make the use of Pyromaniac upgrades. Here are the updates you should choose when you have the Scarlett.

Pyromaniac – Scarlett gain 10% fire rate when she strikes a burn. This is her best upgrades and still does not look enough. This upgrades includes the direct buffing burn. This uses the larger clip gun.

Pyro Affinity – This will increase the bullet damage to 25 % and the burn damage to 67% of the Scarlett. This is not what you should be proud of but an increase of 67% is what nobody can ignore.

20 Minutes Till Dawn Best Hina Build

A right-click summons static clone that deals the bullet damage in that area. This allows you to skip the haste upgrade. This build is similar to Shana but the upgrades of the Hina is mostly based on a survivability basis so any build would work on her. Here are the upgrades that you can do with the Hina build.

Hidden Blade – From the name, you can guess this upgrade is insanely strong. This Hina Das deals damage equal to the 3X into her bullet damage. This added damage is what can make you feel invincible for a moment.

Enhanced Shadow – This gives you a summon damage up to 25%, and the Shadow clone attack is 3 times faster. This is a bonus upgrade and you will want to play with the daggers at the very least with the Hina upgrade.

20 Minutes Till Dawn Honorably Mentions

Apart from these builds, there are other builds that could not make it to the best builds, but they are equally good.

Spark Build – One of the Strongest in the game. This can make you win with any build that it offers. However, this can be played only in an optimal way.

Lilith Build – Lilith Build are not the best, but they are good with their builds, too. However, the summons damage of the Lilith build is exceptional.


This brings us to the end of this 20 Minutes Till Dawn Best Build 2024 guide. As the game’s popularity surges, players worldwide eagerly await the unveiling of the best build for 2024, hoping to unlock the secrets for their victory.

You can use all these builds at your convenience in the game. The Honorably Build mentions are among the strongest and can be used whenever needed. You were hoping that this guide was helpful and provided enough information about the different games in the builds.

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