5 Methods To Improve Your Account Password Security

Now, in today’s tech world, everything is connected via the Internet. You cannot seem to ditch away without the need of internet and carry on with your work. Moreover, our smartphone is also becoming dependent on the internet as most of the applications or games require internet access in order to run. In this era of Google’s, Facebook’s, Social media’s, we need to maintain a huge list of account passwords in order to access our accounts on different platforms. We need to have a Gmail account (because without it our Android smartphones will virtually not work), then we need different passwords for our social media profiles like the Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

Then, we need some customary accounts on different important websites and tools that we use either on our smartphones or our PC/laptops. then comes the office email ID and passwords, then the passwords and usernames for the tools that we use for work, and the list goes on and on. Besides, having an account here and there, you also need to remember them in order to access those particular websites or else, you locked out of your profile and you need to create another one. Ours is such a digital age that now, door locks or even suitcase locks are coming with password protection or fingerprint protection.

However, remembering all of them can be almost impossible for us, unlike those who maintain a diary of their passwords, which is neither a good practice or advised by us. Yes, there are tools available on the internet that say that can save all your passwords and login info secure but, there is always a pinch of doubt in our minds (whether you agree or not), do they do exactly what they say they do? Now, if company’s like Google and Facebook can manipulate and share our data around with anybody and don’t have an answer to the question put up to them during interrogation, then probably you might have understood what point I am trying to make in here.

But, in this post, I bring to you 5 ways or methods to improve your account password security. I know you might have already gone through this kind of post many times but, it is always good to read again, about things that actually matter to you. So, without any further ado, let us get straight into the article itself;

5 Methods To Improve Your Account Password Security

Here are the 5 ways to improve your account password security;


1. Set a High-Intensity Password

Now, reading a word high-intensity might have raised questions in your mind like, what do I mean by that? Let me make you understand in simple words. The most trusted and safe place on the internet where your data is almost the most secure is Banking online accounts. These are highly important accounts on the internet and banks take special measures to protect your online transactions and other data.

So, you might have noticed that these bank online accounts always ask you to mix things up while setting up your passwords. Now, by mix things up, I mean that you need to have an uppercase, lowercase, a number, a special character, do not use consecutive letters, etc warnings. Trust me, this is the best combination that you can use to have a strong password, not only for your online bank accounts but for all the other accounts where you have a presence in.

I would also recommend you to select your favorite ancient poems, song names, lyrics, and even the first letter combination of a sentence that you might always remember as the password, followed by a few digital symbols. This is pretty easy to remember as well as secure.

2. Two-Step Verification Method

The two-step verification method is the new digital age secure lock on your accounts, which is being implemented by almost all the major websites to protect the user’s data and information. This requires a correct, activated mobile phone number that you use. Once you enter your mobile phone number, a verification code will be sent to your number and you will be given a high-security mobile verification code. You will be required to enter this verification code every time you want to access your account along with the Username and Password.

3. Use a Password Management Software

There is a solution for everything in today’s world. Now, for passwords, there are different tools and software that give you the ease of creating as well ass storing your passwords securely for different accounts. Moreover, you should not use the passwords that the websites offer you randomly as they can be easily cracked as they are based on some code and algorithms. Whereas, the passwords generated by the password manager applications, create and remember the user’s password and prompt the user for the security of each password after it is created, even when the password is compromised and breached.

4. Change Your Passwords Periodically

Now, this is the advice that you might have heard or gotten from almost everybody to change your passwords periodically. To be fair, changing passwords have never been in our to-do list for the day or even for the whole month. We don’t really pay attention to changing the password because it is virtually impossible to go and change the password for every website that we have an account at. But, that being said, you can always go and one by one change the passwords of the accounts that matter to you the most.

5. Always Upgrade Your Browser

Nowadays, every browser offers you the “Auto Fill” feature that allows you to automatically fill the password and other login details just with a click. However, the passwords and other details saved by these auto-fill feature provided by your browser are saved in the form of plain text, which is nowhere safe. Anyone can access your password just by gaining access to your laptop or smartphone let alone the need for hacking your device. So, it is advised that you should minimize the use of the auto-fill feature offered by your browser in case of password and login details and even if you use it, always stay updated. Always updating your browser will prevent any vulnerabilities and can prevent illegal hacking attacks.



So, there you have it from my side in this post. Hope you guys liked the guide on 5 methods to improve your account password security. I have tried to list down the most important methods and ways that can help you protect your data and information in the online presence, safe. Please let us know in the comments below if the above guide helped you in any way. Until the next post…Cheers!

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