A 2023 Beginner’s Guide to Elsword

Elsword is one of the oldest and most popular free-to-play MMORPGs that are still on the market.

The side-scrolling action MMO by KOG Studios first came out in 2007 and has since grown to have over 14 million registered players all over the world as of 2021. It’s unclear how much the player base of Elsword has grown since but given the constant updates for the game, it’s safe to say that people are still loving Elsword to this day. 

If you’re looking forward to jumping into Elsword in 2023, we’ll give you some tips to help make the transition easier for you. 

What characters are available to play in Elsword?

KOG Studios has released 10 characters in Elsword, the latest being the dual character, Lu/Ciel, that can switch between two distinctly different fighting styles on the fly. 

The ten characters in Elsword are as follows:

  1. Elsword
  2. Aisha
  3. Rena
  4. Raven
  5. Eve
  6. Chung
  7. Ara
  8. Elesis
  9. Add
  10. Lu/Ciel
  11. Rose
  12. Ain
  13. Laby
  14. Noah

Which Elsword characters are the best for beginners?

Elsword isn’t the most complicated game on the market but it is deep enough to cater to a variety of playstyles. This means that beginners can choose whichever and still end up enjoying it. But, some characters in Elsword are more straightforward and easier to play. 

Case in point, the titular character and the oldest character in the game, Elsword, is specifically designed to be straightforward. With basic attacks that are easy to use and intuitive combos that even newbies can execute with ease, you can’t go wrong with Elsword. Of course, not everyone wants to get up close and personal, which is where Rena comes in. This ranged character uses arrows and magic spells as well as traps for crowd control and to keep enemies at bay.

If you prefer a heavy hitter, Raven fits into the tank stereotype as his heavy armor makes him a glutton for punishment.

For beginners who’d like to have the best of both worlds, Eve is as close as that can get in Elseword. She can be played up close as a melee fighter and from afar as a ranged attacker. Eve also has access to robot summons that can help her out in tight situations. 

Which characters in Elsword are difficult to play for beginners?

Generally speaking, most Elsword characters are playable for beginners. Unfortunately, some are more complicated than others. Coincidentally, the more complex Elseword characters are also considered the most powerful. 

Ain and Add come to mind as the best examples of such characters in Elsword. The former is a mage with access to the “Divine Stigma” system that lets him switch between two different forms and skills as well as playstyles. This is challenging to learn let alone master as this forces players to think quickly on the fly and choose the best form for a specific situation. 

On the other hand, Add is a mechanic with devastating long-range attacks that depend on positioning and timing for maximum effect. Add also has multiple forms with unique abilities, so the ability to make decisions fast is a must. 

Finally, Lu/Ciel, are notorious for their difficulty because they’re two characters that players have to control together. To make matters worse, you’ll need to switch between Lu and Ciel in combat if you want to make the most of their abilities. The good news is that, in the right hands, they do feel like playing as if have two characters. But, again, you’re just one player, and if you’re a beginner, two characters simultaneously is too much for you to handle. 

6 Expert Tips for Elsword Beginners

We won’t go too much into the basics of Elsword as well as other stuff like which jobs are the best for which character, and more. As we’ve already mentioned, the game isn’t that complicated. If you’ve played MMOs before, you’ll get the gist almost immediately. Instead, we’ll focus our attention on tips straight from those who’ve been playing Elseword for years. 


Here are 6 tips for playing Elsword and getting the most out of it:

  • The Combo System is your best friend. The more you are familiar with the Combo System, the higher the amount of damage you can deal to enemies. The best Elseword players know the combo system like the back of their hands.
  • Practice makes perfect. Speaking of combos, don’t be afraid to spend some time practising them in the aptly titled “Practice Mode”. This way, you’re better equipped to handle the tougher opponents in Elsword, especially if you play on joining PvP battles. 
  • No man is an island. Guilds make Elsword more fun to play. An active and friendly guild community can make the difference between toiling around and finding things out for yourself and getting help. But, of course, the main point is companionship. You’re playing an MMO, after all.
  • Upgrade your gear. This is pretty self-explanatory but you can’t believe how many people forget to upgrade their gear. Even those who’ve mastered the Combo System have a tendency to rely exclusively on their skills to get away with literal in-game murder. The only problem is that talent and hard work can only take you so far. Having better gear against a similarly-skilled opponent will give you an edge.
  • Join events. Elsword frequently hosts promotions and special events that offer special prizes for those who participate. Be sure to keep a close eye on the official website to keep yourself updated about the latest in Elseworld.
  • Stay out of the end game. And, by this, we mean, don’t try to get trapped into the rabbit hole that is spending too much time and money grinding. The reality is, the end-game part of Elsworld is fluff. Most of the enjoyment comes from joining events and genuinely enjoying the game by treating it as a fun activity.


The fact that Elsworld is still popular well over a decade after it first came out proves that one of the best in the industry. 

With its dedicated player base and constant support from the developers, Elsworld remains just as nice of a time sink today as it was years ago.

Check out Elsworld today and remember our tips so that you can get the most out of it out of the gates. Plus, you can also grab a Nexon Game Card previously known as Karma Koin from OffGamers here to load up for your game!

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