Download Install AAO484 September Security Patch for BlackBerry Priv

Today Blackberry started sending the AAO484 September Security Patch Update on Blackberry Priv. The September Security Patch adds some additional features to the overall security of the device.

The update is still based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. When every OEM is updating to Android Nougat. Blackberry is still baking new Security update for Blackberry Priv. Along with September Security Patch, update also bring the regular bug fixes and improvements in stability and performance.

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Download Install AAO484 September Security Patch for BlackBerry Priv
Install AAO484 September Security Patch Update on Blackberry Priv

There are so many security culpabilities which September security patch will take care of and the best thing is that it also fixes a lot of minor bugs. After the update, you can assure improved performance as well as the functionality of the phone. The September security patch is also capable of eliminating all the bugs that cut down the device’s speed.

The update is around 130 MB in size and is distributed by OTA method. So if you are a Blackberry Priv user, possibly you will get a notification very shortly. In case you didn’t get the same, there is one reason for same and i.e. update is available only to those devices which were purchased from the Shop Blackberry. As of now, you are not eligible for the update in case you purchased your phone from third party vendors or from carriers.

It is suggested to you to download the update from a Wi-Fi connection for smooth operation. Also, make sure to get the back up of your phone before you proceed with same. The device may take 10 to 15 minutes to complete the installation process. You can check for the update by going into Settings » About phone and hit the update button to see if you have the OTA Update.

Hope you enjoy the update!

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