How to activate and use Gesture Navigation on Android Pie

Here we will guide on how to turn on the Gesture Navigation on Android Pie. Follow this guide and activate Gesture navigation on device running Android 9.0 Pie.

One of the main features that come in the new version of the operating system of Google for mobile devices, called Android Pie, is the navigation by gestures. We indicate how to activate it incompatible devices and, also, the use options it offers.

This functionality is not activated by default when proceeding to update Android Pie, so you have to enhance a manual process to take advantage of it-it seems that in the Google Pixel 3 this functionality will completely replace the on-screen buttons that have existed till the date-. The steps are really simple and, the truth is that when using gesture navigation one realizes that it is all quite intuitive, but that a period of learning is necessary (which is not very long, that is true).

Activate gesture navigation on Android Pie

These are the steps to make so that the buttons that, to date, have been common in the operating system of Google disappear and that, instead, there is a small pill that is the one that has to be moved by means of specific gestures to navigate by Android Pie:

  • Access the device Settings
  • Now look for the section System and, in the new screen that appears select Gestures
  • You must use the option Slide your finger up on the start button at this time. You will access a new screen in which you will have to activate the existing slider (there is an explanatory text that is worth reading)

How to activate and use Gesture Navigation on Android Pie

  • You will have finished and if you check the bottom of the panel you will see that the Android Pie navigation buttons have disappeared

How to use the navigation gestures in Android Pie

There are things that have not changed since clicking the new pill that appears on the screen directly goes to the home or main desktop. In addition, if this element is used continuously without letting go, the Google Assistant opens. That is, everything similar to what was done to the button with the form of a previous point.


Going backward is very simple because when this is possible a small arrow appears next to the new start button that allows this action (it is automatically hidden if there is no option to use it).

It is important to know how you can see the list of applications installed. This is set by pressing and dragging upwards without releasing the new button at the bottom of the screen. If this gesture is done quickly and is released, what will be seen are the developments that are open to being manipulated in a normal way (also, in the lower part, the icons of the most used applications appear).

Other options to know with the gestures of Android Pie

The ones that must be clear. The first is that to take advantage of the Multi-Window functionality what you have to do is click on the list of open developments in the icon with a gear that is on top of each of them and, when using it, choose the option Split screen (available only on compatible tasks). Finally, to go to the previous application, you simply have to drag the start button to the right and you will access it automatically (if you repeat the gesture, you will jump to the second to last one you have used).


  1. I installed lineage 16( pie) on my Galaxy S5 and there is no option for swipe up on the home button in gestures. The S5 have physical navigation keys but I want the gestures. Any idea how to edit the build prop for this?

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