How to add your Apple Card to Safari AutoFill on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Today it’s the age credit cards. Even Apple has its very own Apple Card which is based on Apple Pay. Based on the secure and privacy-oriented mechanism of apple, it provides flexible options for transactions to the user. The Apple Card has greater usability. We can compare it to the likes of MasterCard. This itself ensures a global acceptance by a plethora of merchants.

The Apple card is popular for its lower interest rates. More interestingly, it is known for not levying any kind of annual, over-the-limit, late fees. So, naturally, people would prefer it to use more often. To make things easier users can add their Apple Card to the autofill feature of the Safari browser.  So, while making the transaction the user doesn’t have to fill the details every now and then. That’s where autofill comes into the play.

In this guide, we will tell you how to add your Apple Card to Safari Autofill on various Apple devices you use. This includes the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, etc.

How to add your Apple Card to Safari AutoFill

How to add your Apple Card to Safari AutoFill on iPhone/iPad/Mac

Before doing anything, you should know your Apple Card Account Number. If you don’t know it, then follow the steps below to know.

  • Open the Wallet App on your iPhone
  • Tap on Apple Card
  • Tap on the three-dot button on the top right corner
  • Now tap on Card Information.

Note down the account number and the expiry date and other info of your Apple card. Keep in mind that you have to use the Card number for your purchases and all the transactions. This is basically the credit card number.


Now that you have found the card number, let’s add the card to the safari autofill.

How to Add Apple Card Details

There are basically two steps. We will copy the details and paste it.

  • Long press on the Card Number section. You should see an option for Copy. Tap it
  • Close the Wallet
  • Next, go to the Settings of your iPhone > Safari
  • Now tap on Autofill

Next for pasting the card number

  • Tap on Saved Credit Cards
  • Next tap on Add Credit Card > enter your name
  • Press and hold in the space > you should see a Paste option > tap on it
  • After that enter the date of expiry
  • To finish up tap on Done.

So, that’s it. How simple was that.? Now that you know the trick go add your Apple Card to Safari AutoFill on your Apple devices.

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