How to Add Headers and Footers in PowerPoint

If you are using Microsoft PowerPoint for your presentation, then it is important to add headers and footers to that. I will explain to you in this guide how to add headers and footers in Microsoft PowerPoint. In the slides, you can use headers and footers to add simple details regarding your project. Normally, in the footer, you can add slide numbers. Also, you can put the credit of images used in the footer or webpage references for the content in that slide.

The header usually contains the heading of the slide content. Including headers and footers brings visual clarity to your presentation. The viewers get an idea of what is being presented to them. Also, your project on PowerPoint looks more professional. You can even add the date and time and have it update automatically if the presentation is frequently being updated.

Add Headers and Footers in PowerPoint

Here are the simple steps you need to know include headers and footers in your PowerPoint presentation.

  • Open PowerPoint
  • Either click on a blank presentation or open an existing presentation
  • In the menu bar click on Insert
    add headers and footers in PowerPoint presentation
  • Navigate to right and you will see the option Header & Footer. Click on it
  • Under include on Slide, you can click on the checkbox Date and Time
  • You can choose the date and time to update themselves automatically or not depending on the presentation’s requirement
    specify the elements in headers and footers in PowerPoint
  • To include slider number, click the checkbox Slide number
  • Similarly, to add a footer in your PowerPoint slide, click the checkbox Footer
  • Now you have to add some text that will display in the footer section
  • If you select Apply to All, the same information regarding Date/time, slide number and footer data will appear on all the slides in the PowerPoint presentation.
  • Otherwise, clicking on Apply will make the header and footer info appear on that current slide
  • Usually, people put different data on the footer section for different slides of a PowerPoint presentation. This is totally up to your discretion as to how you wish to set it up for your PowerPoint project.

headers and footers in Microsoft PowerPoint

You can check out the screenshot above. The details of the slide number, date, and footer note is appearing in the footer section. All these elements can be customized as per your requirement.

How to Edit or Customize Header/Footer Elements

Headers and Footers are always customizable. Let’s take the example of the above screenshot that I have shared. You can see all the elements are in the footer.

Now, I want to keep the date in the header or above the title of the slide.

  • So, I simply click on the date in the footer.
  • An outline box will show up around the date
  • As per my requirement, I clicked and held the mouse pointer over the outline and dragged the date to the top left corner in the header
    edit or customize headers and footers in PowerPoint
  • You can similarly click to select the date. Then perform various customizations to it. This includes changing the size of the text, changing the font or color of the text.
  • In the screenshot above I have changed the location of the date from footer to header
  • Also, I am trying to resize the text of the footer note in the PowerPoint slide

So, that’s all about how to insert headers and footers in any PowerPoint presentation. Also, you have full scope to customize the header and footer elements as per your choice. I hope this guide will help you out in designing better PowerPoint presentations.

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