How To Add Music to Tinder Profile Without Spotify Account

Well, your music taste says a lot about your personality, and that is something which Tinder is trying to use with its Spotify feature. I know that people have a fair share of criticism towards Tinder and the way it operates, but still, it is one of the few dating apps with profile personalization. It helps in showing people a detailed version of yourself. The possibility of integrating the Spotify account to Tinder is one such prospect that people loved. However, one thing that bugged many users out is what to do if they don’t have a Spotify account. This is something that left me scratching my head as well.

While reading about adding music to the Tinder profile without the Spotify account, I came across a solution devised by the company itself. Yes, according to Tinder, it is not necessary to have a Spotify account to showcase music on your profile. Sounds exciting, right? Keep reading to know more.

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Adding Music to Tinder Without Spotify Account

Step 1: Open the Tinder app on your device (Android or iOS).

Adding Music To Tinder Profile

Step 2: Now, go to your profile and tap on the Edit profile icon.

Adding Music To Tinder Profile


Step 3: Scroll down and look for My Anthem option. There you will find several songs from Spotify which you can select. You can also use the search bar to look for a Spotify anthem.

Adding Music To Tinder Profile

That’s it, guys! It is the easiest way to add music to your Tinder account so that it can use to get you more matches. I hope you find the person you are looking for with your music taste. Till then, keep swiping.

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