How To Add Photos In Notion

Notion as a set of blocks has more than enough to offer you. Create whatever you want or, however, you want it. The best part about Notion that makes it different from other similar software is it lets you create anything, and the interface itself provides all the assistance you need to build them. However, the first important thing is to learn is the basics to use any software. And that’s where most users get stuck as they try to play with various elements without knowing the proper way to use them. Here is a complete guide to adding photos in Notion.

In the case of Notion, most users find problems with adding or creating the elements. But once you start learning the modules one by one, things generally keep coming on track. Hence, today we will start with a simple trick to add more fun to your journey with Notion. In this article, we will see how to add images to your Notion page to make it look more informative and interesting.

How To Add Photos In Notion

How To Add Photos in Notion?

Working with Notion is much simpler than it seems. Once you are aware of how to use the platform and a few shortcut tricks, it’s just a matter of time you will fully develop an idea about playing with the various elements in the software. Similarly, adding photos in Notion is also very simple if you follow the steps below:

  • Start by launching the Notion application on your computer. If you don’t have the downloaded version, simply log into your Notion account on a browser.
  • Now, simply type the forward-slash “/” in the commands section. Typing the forward-slash will display all the commands available to insert various elements in Notion. Then select the “/image” command or type the same in the command field.
  • Alternatively, there’s a long method as well. Click on the “+” icon under the ‘Other Documents’ section. Now, search for the image command from the list manually.
  • Select the image you want to insert into your Notion document/ page. Make sure you have it downloaded on your computer.
  • Next, choose the method through which you want to insert the image in your project. Notion provides you with two ways to do so. You can either select the image directly from your computer or type the URL of the image.
    How To Add Photos In Notion
  • Check if the image has been added, the quality is not compromised, and you are all done.


Adding an image in Notion is as simple as that. All you need is the knowledge of using the commands in the software and a few other tricks to get your work done. Besides, there are a lot of elements you can add and create in the software. The Notion also provides a guide on how to use their software and get familiar with the basics of the application. Hence, if you are a beginner, you can also refer to the source and if you find any further difficulty, feel free to comment on your problem below.

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