How to Adjust the Bass on Windows 10

In this tutorial, we will be giving out the instructions to adjust the bass on Windows 10. If you feel that the sound coming from your speakers, or any of the connected headphones/earphones is not as expected, there are quite a few things that you could do. Heading over to Sound settings from the Control Panel or using the Troubleshoot options are just some of these tips.

Apart from that, there are other settings baked into your PC that helps in managing various sound aspects. However, even after tweaking all the necessary settings, you feel the bass level is not what you expect it to, then there are few things to try out. And in this guide, we will be mentioning just that. Henceforth, using the given instructions you could easily control or adjust the bass on Windows 10. Follow along. On that note, also check out our guide to fix the no sound issue after Win­dows 10 Update 2019 (1903).

bass windows 10

How to Adjust the Bass on Windows 10

To take action regarding adjusting the bass there are some handy softwares that you could try out. We will be using the APO Equalizer software to effectively manage the bass on your Windows 10 PC and laptop. So without further ado, let us check out how to set up the app and make full use of the same.

Installing the APO Equalizer app

  1. First of all, head over to the APO Equalizer site and download the software.
  2. Once the executable file has been downloaded, open it and select the preferred installation directory.
  3. Now follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  4. Once the software has been downloaded, go to the location where you have downloaded the file.
  5. Now open the app and click on Yes > Next > I Agree > Next > Install.
  6. Next up, right-click on the executable (.exe file) and select Run as Administrator. You could also head over to Properties > Compatibility and select “Run this program as an administrator“. Hit Apply followed by OK.
  7. Head over to the Confirmation section and tick mark the checkbox next to the Speaker option.
  8. Next, click on Yes, if it asks to open an earlier window anytime.

    apo equaliser
    APO Equaliser App
  9. Now navigate to the last tab of the dialog box and select the Reboot Now option. After that, click on the Finish button.
  10. Now your PC will reboot. Make sure to save your pending work before proceeding ahead.
  11. Next up, you will have to search for the Configuration option. This could be done by heading to the Start menu and typing the same.
  12. Select the Configuration Editor option from the results that appear.
  13. Next, in the window that appears, manage the bass as per your liking. You may adjust the given sliders to any value, ranging from 25 to 160.
  14. There are also some additional settings available in the app. Head over to their respective sections and manage the different sound aspects.
  15. Once you have made the desire changes, its time to save it for future use. The same could be done by heading over to the File section and then clicking on the Save button.
  16. Select the preferred location where you wish to save your sound files and hit OK.
  17. Finally, click on Save to make sure that all the modifications have been saved.


So with that, we conclude the guide on how to adjust the bass on Windows 10. Do let us know your experiences on using this app, in the comments section below. On that note, here are some iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Tricks that you should check out as well.

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