How to Fix AIB Internet Banking Not Working?

Ever tried to access your AIB account online only to be met with a frustrating error message? You’re not alone. Allied Irish Banks (AIB), like many other financial institutions, provides Internet banking services to its customers, allowing them to manage their accounts, transfer funds, and perform various transactions from the comfort of their homes or on the go. AIB Internet Banking, while convenient, can sometimes encounter glitches, leaving you feeling helpless. Today in this guide, we will help you troubleshoot the Internet Banking Not Working issue.

Internet banking is now an essential part of managing finances in today’s world, providing convenience and efficiency to users across the globe. However, occasional technical glitches or issues may arise, disrupting the seamless experience that customers expect with AIB Internet Banking. You are not alone if you face occasional issues with AIB internet banking services. Stick together, as we’ll cover everything from basic browser checks to app troubleshooting, ensuring you have a comprehensive arsenal for conquering these digital roadblocks.

How to Fix AIB Internet Banking Not Working

How to Fix AIB Internet Banking Not Working?

Whether you’re facing login hurdles, unexpected error messages, or sluggish performance, we’ll help you troubleshoot the issue and get back to your Internet banking experience. Oftentimes, security concerns, system maintenance, or server errors on the bank’s end could also result in temporary downtime of Internet banking.

Check Login Credentials

The first step in troubleshooting any login issue is to ensure that you’re entering the correct login credentials. Double-check your username and password for typos or any errors. It’s also possible that your account may have been temporarily locked due to multiple failed login attempts. If so, wait for some time before attempting to log in again.

Check Banking Server Status

Sometimes, the problem may not lie with your credentials but with AIB’s servers. Visit AIB’s official website or check their social media channels for any announcements regarding server maintenance or downtime. If there’s an ongoing issue with the banking servers, you may need to wait until the problem is resolved on their end.

Configure Internet Connection

A stable internet connection is essential for accessing online banking services. Ensure that you’re connected to a reliable network, preferably a secure Wi-Fi connection or a stable mobile data network. If you’re using a public Wi-Fi network, try switching to a different network or using a virtual private network (VPN) for added security.

Use Supported Browser

AIB (Allied Irish Bank) recommends using browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. If you are a different browser, it’s time to go to the recommended browser so that you can use the AIB internet banking services.

Enable Browser JavaScript

Most modern online banking platforms, including AIB Internet Banking, require JavaScript to be enabled in your web browser. JavaScript is a programming language that enables interactive web features, such as login forms and account management tools. Make sure that JavaScript is enabled in your browser settings to ensure smooth functionality of the AIB website.

Update Browser

Outdated web browsers can sometimes cause compatibility issues with online banking websites. Ensure that you’re using the latest version of your preferred web browser, whether it’s Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari. Check for any available updates and install them to ensure optimal performance.

Disable Browser Extension

Browser extensions are way helpful but sometimes they create problems by interfering with the website. If you have recently installed a browser extension and after that, you started facing internet banking problems in AIB. Then you must disable that extension and also for the safe side, it is advised to disable all the extensions on your browser.

Whitelist Internet Firewall

Firewalls, both on your device and network, can sometimes block access to certain websites, including online banking portals. Check your device’s firewall settings and ensure that the AIB website is whitelisted or added to the list of trusted sites. If you’re using a network firewall, such as a router-based firewall, consult your network administrator or ISP for assistance.

Update AIB App

If you are using the AIB app make sure you are on the latest version of AIB. Sometimes, an older version often creates problems which can cause issues while making transactions via Internet banking. The older apps are also vulnerable to security threats. After updating the AIB app see if you are able to make internet banking transactions or not.

Configure DNS

DNS (Domain Name System) settings translate domain names into IP addresses, allowing your device to connect to websites. Sometimes, changing your DNS server can resolve connectivity issues. Consider switching to a public DNS service like Google DNS ( and or Cloudflare DNS ( and

Clear Browser Cache

Cached data and temporary files stored in your web browser can sometimes interfere with the functionality of online banking websites. Clear your browser’s cache, cookies, and browsing history to remove any outdated or corrupted data. Instructions for clearing the cache vary depending on the browser you’re using, so refer to your browser’s settings menu for guidance.

AIB Customer Support

If you’ve tried all the above steps and still can’t access AIB Internet Banking, it’s time to reach out to AIB’s customer support team for assistance. They can provide personalized support and troubleshoot the issue further. Contact options may include phone support, email support, or live chat on their website. Be prepared to provide details about the issue you’re experiencing, including any error messages you’ve encountered.


This brings us to the end of this guide for fixing AIB Internet Banking Not Working issue. Frequently, security issues, system maintenance, or server errors from the bank’s side can lead to temporary disruptions in Internet banking services. I hope the above guide will help you fix the issue you are facing, and in case you face any challenges following the above steps, do feel free to comment down below.

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