All Types of Display Problem on iPhone SE

Apple iPhone displays are one of the controversial items for years due to its pretty basic or standard quality screen resolution and size at a flagship price tag. The iPhone SE isn’t an exception here and comes with a smaller IPS LCD display that has a 16:9 aspect ratio with 326ppi density. However, iPhone displays are sharp, vivid, true to colors, with better brightness level, nice viewing angles, and more. But some times, either externally or internally, the iPhone display can have some issues. Here we’ve shared all types of display problems on iPhone SE and the steps to fix them.

Due to some unexpected reason, if in case your iPhone SE device is getting some display-related issues, then we’re here to guide you all the possible steps that you should follow one by one. Make sure that there can be some other reasons available on your phone that can cause display-related issues like a software bug, pending software update or app update, malware/adware, etc.

All Types of Display Problem on iPhone SE

Troubleshoot – All Types of Display Problem on iPhone SE

Even if you’ve recently upgraded your iPhone SE handset to the latest iOS version, then you should review it as the buggy or unstable software update can also cause display-related issues like black screen, screen flickering, and more. So, we will recommend you to check for all the installed third-party apps, any damage on the display physically, pending software update, and more.

Some times, users drop their smartphones or any liquid goes into the device. In all of these scenarios, you will require a troubleshooting guide to fix your handset by yourself. If nothing works properly, it’s highly recommended to go to the Apple service center.

1. iPhone SE Blank Screen Issue

If in case, your iPhone SE stuck on blank or black/blue screen, make sure to check the battery draining, brightness level, any pending software update or app update, etc. As these are the most common and necessary things to check up at first before going to any conclusion.

So, you can reboot your handset at first. Then try to increase the brightness level and set Auto-Brightness turned on for your ease. Next, head over to the App Store and check for any updates that are pending for any apps or not. Finally, check for the iOS version update on your iPhone, if available, just download and install it.

2. iPhone SE Stuck on Apple Logo (During Boot)

Unfortunately, if your iPhone SE stuck on the Apple (white) logo during boot. You need to reboot your device into the DFU Mode via iTunes on your PC and try to re-install the iOS version manually. You can check out the guide below.

Guide to Enter and Exit DFU Mode on iPhone SE

Make sure to check by removing the SIM card from your device as well.

3. iPhone SE Stuck on Connect to iTunes or Recovery Mode

If your iPhone stuck on Connect to iTunes or Recovery Mode, then you should fix this issue as early as possible. Most of the users fix their iPhone issues with the iTunes Recovery mode if nothing works by doing some of the possible solutions. Therefore you will need to follow the DFU Mode only to fix this issue.

If you don’t know, DFU is known for Device Firmware Update which can restore the iOS on your device. In order to use DFU mode, follow the above link under stuck on the Apple logo guide.

4. iPhone SE Display Stuck on Portrait or Landscape Mode

If in case, your iPhone stuck on portrait or landscape mode display and you’re not able to turn it normal again, make sure to force reboot your handset at first. Then you can erase the device data and settings as well to clear the cache or any temporary junk file.

Some times, the system bug or any glitch or any third-party app can cause these types of issues on your iPhone. So, make sure to reboot your device and then perform a factory reset. We can expect that this method will fix that issue completely.

5. iPhone SE Ghost Touch Issue

One of the major issues of ghost touch is a cheap quality screen protector or glass protector for your handset. Pull off the protector at first, clean the screen with a cloth, and then use your device.

Meanwhile, the iOS bug or stability issues can also be one of the reasons for this issue. It’s worth mentioning that performing a factory reset will fix most of the software-related issues on your iPhone.

6. iPhone SE Display Freezes Randomly

Are you facing random screen freezing or lag or stuttering issue on your iPhone SE, then either it can be a software bug or the device internal memory is getting low. Due to the buggy software update or low storage space, your iPhone may not work properly and the display gets frozen quite often. Therefore, it’s recommended to check and manage the device storage at first by deleting some of the older or unused files or apps.

Additionally, you need to update all the pending apps on your handset via the App Store and try to check for the latest iOS update as well. If available, just download and install it to refresh the device system and apps completely.

Make sure to clear the background running apps as well. Because some times the third-party rogue apps can also occur these kinds of lags or issues. If not done yet, try to do a factory reset on your handset to clear the system cache or any bad file or app or malware.

7. iPhone SE Touchscreen Not Responding

If your iPhone SE touchscreen is not responding, then try to force reboot your device at first. As most of the time, the system glitch can also cause this issue. Make sure to check system crashes, bad third-party apps, malicious software, or any malware file as well.

Keep in mind that your device battery is charged more than 50% and there isn’t any physical screen damage.

8. iPhone SE Delayed Touchscreen Response

Are you getting a delayed touch response on your iPhone SE? Make sure to update all the pending apps on your device at first. Then check for the latest software updates (iOS) on your handset. Next, force restarts your handset to fix the issue completely.

Mostly, it’s considered to be a system glitch or any app is running in the background quite aggressively. So, make sure to check that as well.

9. iPhone SE Screen Flickering Issue

The screen flickering issue is considered to be one of the system bugs or the physical display issue. Don’t use any local cheap charger to charge your iPhone as this can also cause a touch problem and screen flickering issue. Meanwhile, check the device display properly whether it’s damaged internally or not.

Try to check for software updates (iOS) on your iPhone as well. Meanwhile, you can uninstall any third-party unused apps from your device to check whether the issues have been solved or not.

10. iPhone SE Screen Color Distortion

If your iPhone SE display has some color distortion or the color messed up the issue then you can either check for the display contrast and brightness level or check whether the display is partially damaged or not. Make sure to reboot your device as well to fix that issue.

You can also try to upgrade your iOS version to the latest one, if available. Similarly, you can also upgrade all the pending apps on your device as well. Additionally, you can perform a factory reset on your iPhone SE to fix the color messed up issue. If nothing happens after trying some steps, it’s highly recommended to go to the Apple-authorised service center for further help.

That’s it, guys. We hope you’ve found this guide helpful. For any queries, let us know in the comments below.

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