All Warp Trotter Locations in Honkai Star Rail

Warp Trotters, the adorable space pigs in Honkai Star Rail, are hidden throughout the game’s world, waiting to be discovered by diligent players. Defeating these elusive creatures can grant you valuable achievements and rewards, but you need to act fast as they tend to flee upon detection. This comprehensive guide will help you locate all the Warp Trotters in Honkai Star Rail and teach you how to effectively engage and defeat them.

What is Warp Trotters in Honkai Star Rail

Warp Trotters can be found on each map in the game, starting from Jarilo-VI. They may be challenging to spot due to their white upper body blending with snowy environments. To successfully capture a Warp Trotter, you need to defeat it before it enters its Ready-to-Run status and flees through a golden portal. Engaging the Warp Trotter quickly is crucial, as they will run away if you approach slowly.

Complete List of Warp Trotter Locations in Honkai Star Rail

This guide provides the locations of all currently known Warp Trotters in Honkai Star Rail, organized by the area they can be found in.

Herta Space Station

There are three Warp Trotters in the Herta Space Station, located in the following zones:

Base Zone: Found in the left corridor off the main chamber.

Storage Zone: Teleport to the leftmost Space Anchor, head south, and enter the first set of rooms.

Supply Zone: Use the Space Anchor on the left side of the map and head to the rooms where an Unearthly Marvel is located.


Eight Warp Trotters can be found across the various cities and snowscapes of Jarilo-VI:

Outlying Snow Plains: Near the Space Anchor, hidden behind a rock outcrop on the right.

Backwater Pass: In the corrupted area of Balobog, accessed using the Leisure Plaza Space Anchor.

Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone: Near the Energy Construct repaired during the main story.

Great Mine: Near the entrance and on the way out during the main story.

Corridor of Fading Echoes: Southwest from the Space Anchor.

Everwinter Hill: On the way to the Cavern of Corrosion during the main story.

Rivet Town: In the southeastern alleyways, near a Formidable Foe.

Robot Settlement: Near Svarog and Clara in the southeastern area.

Xianzhou Luofu

Four Warp Trotters can be found in Xianzhou Luofu:

  1. Cloudford: Use the Northern Space Anchor and head down the top right corridor.
  2. Divination Commission: Near the Hexanexus puzzle.
  3. Artisanship Commission: In the southeastern portion of the map, accessible after progressing through the main story.
  4. Stargazer Navalia: In a locked room, accessible via the central Space Anchor and heading east.

As more areas become unlocked or added to the game, we’ll update this list to include any additional Warp Trotter locations.

How to Defeat Warp Trotters in Battle

Warp Trotters are often accompanied by other enemies from the Antimatter Legion, which may possess a variety of weaknesses. It’s essential to have a diverse team of characters to quickly defeat the Warp Trotters and their allies. Remember to engage in battle promptly to prevent the Warp Trotter from fleeing.

We hope this guide helps you find and defeat all the Warp Trotters in Honkai Star Rail. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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