Download QPP5.190530.014: Android Q Beta 5 for all Pixel phones – New gesture navigation

It is again that time of year when we get to have a vis-a-vis with Google’s latest Android OS for the year 2019. Yes.! putting an end to all speculations, Google has released the all-new Android Q. This is the tenth generation of the Android operating system which succeeds the efficient Android 9.0 Pie. As always, Google’s very own Pixel generation is having the privilege to test the Android Q first developer preview.  However, it has already been confirmed that many other OEMs will also get their fair share of a chance to test out Android Q.

As things go with beta versions of software, same is the case with Android Q first developer preview. It may have some bugs which may lead to strange behavior by your device. So, if you are interested to experience the Android Q, you have to bear with the bugs and report out the same to the developer end. So, in the upcoming beta iterations, the bugs will be squashed. If you are a casual user, then you can definitely await the stable version which will follow in the later of 2019.

Now, you can either register for Android Beta program carried out by Google. This will enable you to receive an over-the-air update which will pack the new Android Q. Otherwise you can manually download Android Q 1st developer preview images for your respective Google devices. Then you have to flash it manually. We have put up the download links and also explained how you can install it on your own. Check it and follow it carefully.

Android Q first developer preview

Update: Android Q Beta 5 for Pixel Devices is now Available

Updated on July 11, 2019: Google finally rolled the Android Q Beta 5 with version QPP5.190530.014. This update brings new gesture navigation and many more improvements.

Updated on July 13, 2019: Google resumed the beta 4 updates with version QPP4.190502.019 which fixes boot loop issue


Updated on July 09, 2019: After many complaints about the boot loop, Google paused the beta 4 version with beta QPP4.190502.018.

Google has released the fourth version of Android Q Beta to the Pixel devices, including Pixel 3a and 3a XL. The new version includes Android Q system images for Pixel and Android Emulator, along with the final Android Q developer APIs (API level 29), the official API 29 SDK, and updated build tools for Android Studio. Together, these give you everything you need to test your apps for compatibility with Android Q and build with Android Q features and APIs.

Update: Android Q Beta 2 for Pixel Devices is now Available

It’s not even one month and Google strikes back again with the 2nd Beta of Android Q with build number QPP2.190228.023. The latest test iteration of Android Q also brings the April 2019 security patch update. Along with that, we get to see a lot of new features. We have put up the factory images and OTA link for various Pixel devices receiving the Android Q 2nd beta. Check it out.

Features of Android Q 1st Beta

This segment is always inevitable and special when we are having a first-ever glance at the new Android 10 Q. So, let’s check out what are the new features Google has innovated for it.

  • Android Q allows users to give apps permission to see their location never, only when the app is in use or all the time
  • Enhanced privacy protection
  • New sharing shortcut
  • Wi-Fi performance mode
  • New Settings UI layout
  • Enhancement for camera
  • Improved peer-to-peer and network connectivity.
  • Dynamic Depth format for Photos
  • Android Q supports AV1 video codec, Opus and HDR10+
  • Native Midi API
  • Implements ANGLE which is for graphics abstraction layer designed for high-performance OpenGL compatibility
  • New Neural Network API 1.2

Features of Android Q 2nd Beta

Now let’s see what are the new features introduced with the Android Q 2 Beta.

  • Floating bubble support
  • Now swiping  the gesture pill left or right on the pill will switch between apps
  • Volume menu can now be expanded
  • Swipe action to dismiss notifications
  • Seekbar in the shortened music player appearing in the notification channel
  • Improved share menu
  • Revamped Settings UI
  • App permission is renamed to Permission manager
  • Wireless charging is no longer showing as rapidly or slowly charging.
  • Change in the battery icon appearance with bolder outlines

If you want more detailed information about the latest Android Q 1st developer preview features, then you can check out the Top 10 Features of Android Q Beta.

Download Android Q First Developer Preview Beta

Here are the download links for the 1st developer preview for various eligible Google Pixel devices.

 List of Pixel Devices     Android Q 1st Developer Preview Download link
 Pixel           Download
Pixel XL           Download
Pixel 2           Download
Pixel 2XL           Download
Pixel 3           Download
Pixel  3XL           Download

Download Android Q 2nd Beta for Pixel Devices

Here are the download links for the 2nd Android Q beta factory image for various eligible Google Pixel devices.

 List of Pixel Devices     Android Q 2nd Beta Factory Image Download link
 Pixel           Download
Pixel XL           Download
Pixel 2           Download
Pixel 2XL           Download
Pixel 3           Download
Pixel  3XL           Download

Android Q 2nd Beta OTA

Here are also the download link for the OTA of Android Q beta 2 for various Pixel devices.

 List of Pixel Devices     Android Q 2nd Beta OTA Download link
 Pixel           Download
Pixel XL           Download
Pixel 2           Download
Pixel 2XL           Download
Pixel 3           Download
Pixel  3XL           Download

Android Q Beta 4 OTA

 List of Pixel Devices     Android Q 2nd Beta OTA Download link
Pixel           Download
Pixel XL           Download
Pixel 2           Download
Pixel 2XL           Download
Pixel 3           Download
Pixel  3XL           Download
Pixel 3a           Download
Pixel 3a XL

Android Q Beta 5 OTA

 List of Pixel Devices     Android Q 5 Beta Image    Android Q 5 Beta OTA
Pixel           Download Download
Pixel XL           Download Download
Pixel 2           Download Download
Pixel 2XL           Download Download
Pixel 3           Download Download
Pixel  3XL           Download Download
Pixel 3a           Download Download
Pixel 3a XL
          Download Download

How to Install Android Q 1st Developer Preview

First, let’s look at the easier way to get Android Q. It’s the automatic server-initiated OTA update. For receiving that, you have to enroll for Google’s Android Beta Program. Once you do it, you will start receiving over-the-air Android Q update which you can install easily.


Now before jumping into other methods of Android Q installation, you will require some resources and fulfill some criteria. We have mentioned it below.


  • Completely charge the battery of your device
  • Enable USB Debugging and unlock OEM on your phone.
  • A PC/Laptop
  • USB cable
  • Download ADB Fastboot and extract it on your PC.
  • Download and install the latest Android USB Drivers.
The developer preview update for Android Q may be buggy. So, install it at your own discretion. GetDroidTips will not be responsible for any incidental bricking of devices.

Now there is another way that you can follow. All you have to do is execute the .bat extension file which will automatically, perform the flashing on your Pixel device. Let us explain that for you.

Flashing the Factory Images

Step-1 Download the respective Android Q first Developer Preview Beta for your Pixel device.

Step-2 Then move the developer preview zip file to the folder/directory where you have installed the ADB fastboot.

Step-3 Now if you extract the developer preview zip, you will see a file called flash.bat.

Step-4 Now connect your device to the computer.

Step-5 In the ADB folder,  do Right Click + Shift > click Open PowerShell Window here.

Step-6 Now switch off your device. To enter fastboot mode, Press Vol Down + Power button for few seconds till your device vibrates.

Step-7 on the command prompt, type the following command to check proper connectivity of your phone with PC. It will return a serial number which indicates a successful connection.

adb devices

Step-8 Now again in the command prompt, give this command to enter bootloader mode.

adb reboot bootloader

Step-9 Now run the following command to initiate the installation process.

flash-all.bat (for windows based system)
./ (for unix/MAC OS)

So, that’s it. It will take a few moments to flash and upgrade your device to Android Q. Also, your phone will reboot on its own with the new Android 10 Q.

ADB Sideloading the OTA

There is another way out to install the new Android Q first developer preview. However, this one for the OTA files. Basically, we will be sideloading the OTA.

Step-1 Begin by downloading the OTA image for your device.

Step-2 Now move the downloaded OTA file to device/internal storage.

Step-3 Open the command prompt window in the ADB Folder Android Q first developer preview

Step-4 You have to reboot your phone to recovery by entering the command given below

adb reboot recovery

Step-5 In your recovery, Select the option “Apply update from ADB”

Step-6 Enter the command below to sideload the OTA file

adb sideload <>

Step-7 That’s it! Now the OTA file will begin updating your device.

Step-8 Reboot your device, once the ADB sideloading of OTA is done.

So, that was all about the Android Q first developer preview beta. These were the various methods by which you can avail the new Android OS on your Pixel devices. Install and enjoy the amazing features it brings.


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