Apex Legends Mobile Rhapsody Guide: Rhapsody Abilities, Perks and Tips

Apex Legends Mobile have a new legend in the game, the Rhapsody. She comes with lots of unique sets of abilities and perks that can turn any game in your favor. You can unlock this character, but before you do it, you should know a few things about the Rhapsody.

The Rhapsody is only available for the Apex Legends Mobile. If you are new, you may have a problem playing with her, but an experienced player can handle her easily. Rhapsody has very effective abilities in the team format of the game.

So, this article will tell you all about the perks and abilities of the Rhapsody and also how you can unlock her in the game. And we are also going to talk about some tips while you are using her in the game.

Apex Legends Mobile Rhapsody Guide Rhapsody Abilities, Perks and Tips

Apex Legends Mobile Rhapsody Guide

You can unlock the Rhapsody by exchanging the 10 fragments for the character. For that, you need to collect these fragments in the game. When you reach levels 1,9,13,17 and 25, you will be rewarded with 2 fragments on each level.

On level 25 you will be the Rhapsody. While you can also purchase the character Rhapsody if you don’t want it early. You can purchase the Rhapsody by using the Apex Coins or Gold for 750 syndicate gold.


Perks of the Rhapsody

Perks are nothing but some additional traits of the character. Here are the perks of the Rhapsody.


  • Volume control: Teammates affected by the Rhapsody get a temporary gifted ear.
  • Tuned in: Running continuously increases the range of gifted ears.
  • Sound Bleed: Can hear sound through walls as if it is bleeding from the wall.


  • Battle Adaptation: Add 100 points to the Evo shield by using a finisher
  • Tactical Advantage: Increase the tactic ability by using a Finisher
  • Interrogator: Reveals the enemy team’s location on the map by using a finisher


  • Rowdy Rhythm: while using this exclusive perk you will gain a lot of speed
  • Harmony: using this exclusive perk will increase the healing speed. Revive speed is also accelerated.
  • Reverb: Higher the player gets affected by the tactical ability, the longer the ability lasts.

Rhapsody’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Rhapsody is more of a brain instead of the muscle’s power. She can be your go-to character if you are the one who loves playing with the brain. Here are the strengths and weaknesses of Rhapsody.


  • Rhapsody can hear footsteps from very far away which gives you that extra time for preparing when the enemy is around.
  • She can help you speed up your teammates in the middle of the fight and can also heal your teammates quickly with her acting ability.
  • When you are a Rhapsody you should not fear close-ranged battles. As she is very strong in close-ranged battles. You can fight around the building without any worry when you play Rhapsody.


  • Rhapsody is not for the people who want a 1 vs 1 fight. As she is made for the team fights
  • She is a supporting character which means you can not attack by yourself, you need to stay behind your teammates when you are playing the Rhapsody.

Tips and Tricks of the Rhapsody

Here are the tips and tricks you can use while playing the Rhapsody character. You can use these tips effectively.

  • When using the Rhapsody Rowdy, one should know that the loud noise created by the walls can be heard up to 80 meters. Means the player should be ready for more enemies.
  • The hype anthem can provide an increase of 5% in speed. In the age of octane, he can get a 35% boost while using his tactical ability.
  • If the Rhapsody is shot by an enemy, the boost given to everyone in the team by her stops immediately. But if a teammate tells the damage then only he will lose that boost.


There is no doubt that the Rhapsody is one of the finest characters of the Apex Legends Mobile. The perks and the abilities she offers to the teams eventually gives you lots of advantage. So if you are planning to buy or unlock the Rhapsody legend you can go to these advantages, disadvantages, and perks before unlocking her or spending your syndicate gold.

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