Does Apex Legends need a Nintendo Online Account

After two years of the game’s initial release on other platforms, the Apex Legends Switch version has finally arrived. On those platforms, Apex Legends is the same free-to-play shooter, but some are asking if it requires Nintendo Online, the premium subscription required to play online multiplayer on the Switch. Here we will find out if Apex Legends requires a Nintendo Switch Online account to play online multiplayer.

This fast-paced battle royale is the most approachable of the bigger BR games, making it an excellent place to start. But there are a few things you must know before downloading it, such as the game’s size, whether you can play crossplay with friends, and more. Simply continue reading below to learn everything you need to know about Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch.

Does Apex Legends need a Nintendo Online account

Does Apex Legends need a Nintendo Online Account?

No! You don’t need a Nintendo Switch Online account in order to play Apex Legends on the Switch. Anyone can download and play the game on the Nintendo Switch without having to pay for an Online Switch subscription. Also, you can see this on the game’s eShop page, where the online section simply says “Save Data Cloud.” If a subscription is required, games that need an NSO account will also say “Online Play” there. Apex Legends only supports cloud saves.

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To play online games on the Nintendo Switch, you currently need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, except for games like Fortnite. Apex Legends is compatible with Nintendo Switch Online Save Data Cloud feature, which, as the name implies, stores your saved data online.

Apex Legends’ product page states that “Applicable platform account and platform subscription (sold separately) may be needed,” but since Fortnite can be played on the Nintendo Switch without a subscription, we are assuming that Apex Legends will not. At least, until we can test it for ourselves, that’s our guess.

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Additional Info

Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions are not required for free-to-play games. The same can be said for Fortnite. However, it’s a good question to ask because the rules for free-to-play games differ from platform to platform. PlayStation Plus isn’t required for free-to-play games, and PC players don’t have to pay for online multiplayer.

Nonetheless, Xbox users used to pay for Xbox Live Gold in order to play free-to-play games. But Microsoft recently lifted that restriction in January 2021 after users spanked the price hike (which Microsoft also anticipated).

Despite the fact that Apex Legends is a free-to-play game for everyone on the Switch, it does require a large download. Further, it is listed on the eShop as a 25 GB title. However, that will undoubtedly increase as the game progresses through its seasons and receives more updates. Make sure to get a large SD card so you can store more than just Apex Legends.

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