Apple Receive criticism from China Consumer Group for Apple ID Thefts

The world renowned iPhone maker Apple Inc is receiving criticism from a China consumer group over reports of a data security break that has affected a big number of Chinese Apple consumers who have had to suffer financial loss due to their Apple Id being hacked.

Apple excepted earlier this month of a security break that affected a “small amount of consumers”. They also confirmed an internal investigation is taking place to know how this phishing scam was not detected in time, at the same time telling the consumers affected were the ones who didn’t have their two-factor authentication enabled.

The U.S company Apple Inc who happens to have a large market in China, also said due to the phishing incident there has been an immense rise in fraudulent refund claims after this incident.

The China Consumer Association has released a statement stating Apple should compensate each consumer for the financial loss they suffered due to this scam.

On Apple saying the consumers had not enabled their two-factor authentication, the Association further added, Apple is changing the topic by saying such and is trying to divert the consumers. Let you know, this case has been trending on the top 10 most read news on Weibo (China’s very own Twitter like social media platform) on Friday.

This issue has increased Apple’s issues as the World’s second largest economy Apple is already facing a highly tough act back at home in the State’s for balancing their position amid the widespread trade war ensuing between the United States and China.


According to Alipay, China’s mobile payment platform reports in said some hackers had withdrawn an unknown amount of cash by stealing the Apple IDs of consumers and even though the issue has been bought up in front of the US firm, the issue is still not resolved. Further, Apple has still not given any further comment after the Friday statement.

Yes, they did apologize to the consumers for the inconvenience caused who were affected due to the phishing scam. They also said an internal investigation is being done to identify the suspicious activity and are also contacting the consumers whose IDs have been stolen. They also requested all consumers to enable their two-factor authentication.


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