Apple Watch Green Tint Issue After Update, Is There A Fix?

After updating watchOS 9.5, some Apple Watch owners have seen a green tint in the display. The Series 8 and Ultra units are especially vulnerable, while several earlier models have reported the same issue with worse tint.

The passcode input screen, the notifications shade, and Control Center are the three places where users have reported seeing the green tint. Users have brought the issue to the attention of several internet communities in hopes of finding a resolution

There has been a lot of talk about the green tint in popular communities like Reddit and the other platfroms. Users have vented their grievances and discussed their solutions in an effort to resolve their issues. Community help is great and all, but in the end, you need to rely on Apple’s official updates and remedies.

Watch owners in need of a solution should stay tuned to Apple’s official announcements, software updates, and support channels. When there is a problem with the software, Apple usually works quickly to fix it.

Also, this isn’t the first time Apple customers have complained about a green tint after installing a new update. In 2020, after installing iOS 13.5.2, iPhone 11 users ran into the same problem. Apple had recognized the issue and had fixed the issue with a software update.

Apple Watch Green Tint Issue After Update, Is There A Fix?

Fixing the Green Tint Issue

Unfortunately, Apple has yet to provide an official remark on the situation, leaving consumers wondering if the corporation is aware of the issue and what steps it plans to take to fix it. However, previous incidents suggest that Apple should already be working on a solution.

It’s important to remember that watchOS 9.6 is still in the works and will hopefully fix a number of bugs and performance issues. There’s hope that the future update will fix the green tint issue. Before releasing watchOS 9.6, Apple may also release a smaller update, watchOS 9.5.1, whose sole purpose could be to fix the green tint issue.

Nonetheless, if you don’t have the green tint issue on your Apple Watch, make sure not to install any software updates until Apple acknowledges and fixes the issue. If you have the issue in your Apple Watch, there isn’t much that can be done. However, you can try the following general solutions to see if that helps.

Fix 1: Restart your Apple Watch

Restarting the device usually fixes some software issues. Hold the side button until the slider to turn off power appears to restart your Apple Watch. To power down your iPhone, slide the power switch to the off position and then press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

Fix 2: Turn Off Dark Mode (For the Time-Being)

In Dark Mode, the background is dark, which makes the green tint stand out more. Swiping up from the watch face will bring up the Control Center, where you can turn off Dark Mode by tapping the brightness symbol.

You can use light mode until Apple fixes the issue via a software update. However, do note that using light mode will affect the battery life of your Apple Watch.

Fix 3: Increase the Screen Brightness

Thirdly, try increasing the screen’s brightness if you don’t want to disable Dark Mode. If you’d still like to use Dark Mode despite the green tint, increasing the screen’s brightness could help.

To adjust the brightness, swipe up from the bottom of your watch face to access the Control Center. Then use the slider to increase the brightness of the screen. However, as you might also know, increasing the brightness will affect the battery life of your Apple Watch.

Fix 4: Update your Apple Watch

Lastly, that thing which we are all waiting for: Apple to release a software update and fix the issue permanently. When the software update is released, either watchOS 9.5.1 or watchOS 9.6, you can update your Apple Watch and the green tint should hopefully disappear.


The green tint issue on Apple Watches is a pain for all the users, especially those with older models. Although Apple has not issued a statement regarding the matter, a solution is likely in the works given the company’s track record. WatchOS 9.6 may include a fix for the green tint, or Apple may release a separate, smaller version, watchOS 9.5.1, to fix the issue. If you are facing the issue on your device, you can try the recommended solutions or wait for the official software update to fix the issue.

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