Auto-Delete Your Google Account; Explained in Detail!

Is there any guarantee in our life that we will exist tomorrow? For example, do you think that I will exist tomorrow; No I don’t believe that I will be existing tomorrow. Think that we suddenly left the world and who will use our social media profiles and the most important Google account. To be honest, I am damn sure that most of us use our Google account signing up on various websites and even in our other social media profiles. Okay let’s come back to our topic; i.e. will our Google account gets disabled if we are not active for some months.

Is there an option for this?

The answer for this is no, by default Google doesn’t deactivate our account if we are not active for some long periods. Google stores our data for life long, it doesn’t remove unless we insist to do. However, we can schedule to deactivate if we are not active for long periods and can give our friends access to our Google account after our death. As I have already stated that Google offers options for changing settings and this tool is named as “Inactive Account Manager”.

This tool allows you guys to change settings of your Google account when for a long period you stop using your Google account. Or for other instances like death, insanity or for other reasons. Anyway by the end of this post you will be able to change this set your own and also teach your beloved ones to do this or if your beloved ones are far from you, share this post with them! Cheers, Let’s start!

How to Auto-Delete Your Inactive Google Account

For this, you need to follow simple steps which we explain below. Obviously, for this, you need to know your Gmail ID and password. If you have your PC or laptop it would be better instead of your smartphone. If you don’t have a PC or Laptop, you can use your smartphone with turning on desktop mode. Now follow these simple steps which we explain in detail.

  • The first and most important step is that, log in to your Google account not in Gmail, but in and now switch to “Data & Personalization” which you can see on the side menu. Further, click on “Make a plan for your account” from “Download, Delete, or make a plan for your data” section. If you guys can’t go there and search for this setting, you can go there by clicking here.

  • Now as expected you can see the Inactive Account Manager page which will appear in your browser for sure. However, you can also find a brief about this feature. If you really want to read, read it or just skip reading and head on to start button for further proceedings.

From this page onwards, you will be available to configure this setting. Now Google will ask you guys to “set the waiting period” for which your account will be considered as inactive after certain months (this can be of your choice). There are various waiting period options available which will be varying from 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, or even 18 months. Setting 12 months or 18 months would be best. As most of us may be inactive if we are doing our entrance courses. And after selecting the required waiting period you can confirm this and for this, you will have to confirm by re-entering your email address and also verifying it with your registered mobile number.

Add your dear ones as trustees!

  • Now you will be redirected to the next step and this option is more important in this. In this step, you can notify certain people when your account is inactive. In this option, you can select up to 10 people for notifying once you go inactive. With this option, you can add your beloved ones to your list. For example:- your parents, wife, son/daughter, best friends, girlfriend and so on. For this, you have to just click on Add Person. And you are required to enter the email address of your trusted or beloved contacts. When you become inactive the trusted contacts will get a time of 3 months to download your data. These data include images on Google Photos which you have done backup for instance.

  • Further, if you are interested, there is also an option for Auto-Reply. This means that you can set up an AutoReply message which will be sent once your account gets inactive for the set limit. For configuring this handy “auto-reply” message feature, smash your mouse on the Set Auto Reply button.

  • Finally to activate this feature, turn on the “Yes, delete my inactive Google Account” button. This will auto-delete your inactive Google account. Once this is turned on your account will get deleted three months after it becomes inactive.

  • And one more final step, just click on the Review Plan button. This will get you an overview of your account deletion preferences; i.e. what you have done now and after reviewing this click on Confirm Plan to save your preferences.

Alas! This is so simple to auto-delete your Google account. Hope you have enjoyed reading the article. For further informative posts go and turn on subscription. So we can bring our latest posts to you guys.


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