How to Schedule Automatic Shutdown in Windows 10

If you are a Windows user, then there are certain features you are unaware of. Some of these features can be very helpful for some people. One such feature is the Schedule automatic shutdown, which enables you to determine the time beforehand for your device shutdown. It can be very useful if you watch Movies late at night and you want your device to be shut down after a certain period of time. Also, this could be a great print to scare your friends.

To set up an automatic Windows shutdown, there are a total of four easy possible ways. However, these methods will work on all the later versions of Windows. You can set up the time for the auto-shutdown of your device via a small line of code. You can use the command in the Run Dialog box, command prompt, and in PowerShell. Also, you can use the Windows task scheduler to create a basic task that will shutdown your device after the given time. Each of these methods will be explained further below.

How to Schedule Automatic Shutdown in Windows 10

How to Schedule Automatic Shutdown in Windows 10

There are various ways you can set up or schedule the automatic shutdown in Windows 10. Some of them use a simple command, while others come with a GUI interface.

Method 1: Using Run Dialog Box

To set auto shutdown on Windows via the Run Dialog Box, firstly open up the Run Dialog Box by pressing the Windows Key + R and just type the following command mentioned below in the run dialog box and click on the OK button.

shutdown -s -t 60


Method 2: Using Command Prompt

The command shutdown calls the windows shutdown function, – s and -t are two important parameters to define the time. You will have to put your time in seconds. For example, if you want to shut your Windows after 1 minute, then type 60 after the -t parameter.

To set automatic shutdown in Windows using common prompt, you must first open the command prompt, and you can type cmd in the Windows search bar and click open the command prompt, and then you will have to enter the same code with the parameters. You can only specify the time in seconds in the command. Type the shutdown -s -t 60 code and press Enter on your keyboard for the execution of the function.

Method 3: Using Powershell commands

To execute automatic windows shutdown function via Widows Powershell, launch the Windows Powershell first by typing Powershell in the windows search bar. Click open the PowerShell application and type the shutdown -s -t 60 command, define your time in seconds after the -t parameter, and press Enter on your keyboard.

Method 4: Using Windows Task Scheduler to set automatic Shutdown

You can windows Task Scheduler to create a new basic function that will start the shutdown program after a certain time to shutdown your Windows.

Step 1) To open Task scheduler, type Task Scheduler in the Windows search bar, click open the first result you see.

How to Schedule Automatic Shutdown in Windows 10

Step 2) Now, on the Task Scheduler application, click on the option Create Basic Task located at the right of the Window.

Step 3) A prompt will appear, there you can name the task as ShutDown and also if you want you can add a description, then click on the Next button.

How to Schedule Automatic Shutdown in Windows 10


Step 4) Now select the option according to your choice when you would like the test start. For example, if you want to run the program manually and one time, then select the One Time radio button and click on the Next button.

Step 5) Now, on the next Window, you will set the time, therefore manually input the time and click on the Next button. The possibility to set the time is almost infinite. You can even set the time to the next day, next month, on a specific time to shutdown.

Step 6) Select the Start a program radio button option and click on the Next button.

How to Schedule Automatic Shutdown in Windows 10

Step 7) The File explorer will pop up; by default, it will open up the windows directory in the drive. Scroll down and find the Shutdown.exe program, select it, and click on open.

How to Schedule Automatic Shutdown in Windows 10

Step 8) Now that you have selected the path of the program, type -s in the text box beside the Add arguments label and click on the Next button. Task Scheduler will show you the program path, arguments, time ad name, click on the Finish button to start the task.


To schedule an automatic shutdown Windows, you can open up the Run Dialog box and type the shutdown command with -s -t arguments and set the time in seconds and click on the ok button to execute it. The same command can be executed from the command prompt and PowerShell. You can also use Windows Task Scheduler to set up an automatic shutdown function after a certain time.

Create a basic task, name it shutdown, select the time when the program starts. Set up your time for the Windows shutdown then select the start a program option. From the directory, find the shutdown.exe program open it, pass the -s argument, and you are done.

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