Best Class and Skills for Citrinne in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage is a turn-based tactical JRPG in the Fire Emblem series released recently. Developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, the game has a variety of characters to use. Players will be able to collect these characters to defeat monsters in the game. We will guide you through the Best Class and Skills for Citrinne in Fire Emblem Engage.

Set on the continent of Elyos, Fire Emblem Engage boasts a large entourage of characters. They come with a base class that players can change to suit their needs. This will also enable the characters to become more powerful versions of themselves. This is possible by selecting the right class, skills, and Emblem Rings for a character. One of the characters you can get in the game is Citrinne, so, let’s find out the Best Class and Skills for Citrinne in Fire Emblem Engage.

Best Class and Skills for Citrinne in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage: Citrinne Best Class and Skills

Citrinne is a royal knight from Brodia as well as one of the best Mages that you can recruit in Fire Emblem Engage. She is a protector sworn to her cousin Alcryst, who is the second prince of Brodia and the younger brother of Diamant. She is also the daughter of the Grand Duke and might appear haughty at first, but she is kindhearted and loyal.

Before you can pick the best class and skills for Citrinne, you will need to get her into your team. The process is quite simple as it will be automatic. You will be able to recruit Citrinne into your party in Chapter 7: Dark Emblem together with Alcryst and Lapis. The chapter takes place in Brodia where all three characters are located. At the beginning of the battle with Hortensia, Citrinne will automatically join you to support your party.

Now that you have Citrinne on your team, let’s find out what classes and skills would be best for her.

Best Class for Citrinne

The Base Class of Citrinne is Mage her Unit Type is Mystical. This means that she has a Mystical battle style, and can be a great support character. As one of the two characters in the game with this starting class, it is a good base to begin with. Citrinne uses Fire as her main element, and has a default class progression for Sage.

As she has low stats in STR and DEF and is proficient with MAG and LCK, it is recommended that Citrinne continues with the Sage class. This is the best option for her as has an S proficiency in the class and she can be used in a versatile manner.

To progress Citrinne into the Sage Class, you will need to use a Master Seal. Along with the class, she will unlock the Spell Harmony ability which maximizes the use of Tomes in combat.

Best Skills for Citrinne

Citrinne’s personal skill is Generosity, which allows her close allies to gain HP when she uses a healing item. The amount of HP that they can heal is equal to what Citrinne heals. Thus, adjacent characters can benefit from Citrinne using a healing item. Apart from this, Citrinne will be able to benefit greatly from the following skills:

  • Magic +5: This will allow Citrinne to become even more proficient in Magic and help her Sage class. You can get this skill through Emblem Ring Celica, Level 19.
  • Staff Mastery 5: This skill requires Emblem Ring Micaiah, Level 17. Citrinne will get a bonus of Hit+30 when using a staff. Additionally, she will be able to heal for 15 HP.
  • Vantage++: You can get this skill through Emblem Ring Leif, Level 18. With the Vantage++ skill, you can attack before the enemy if Citrinne’s HP is 75% or less, in the case of the enemy initiating combat. With high damage, this means that sometimes Citrinne will be able to defeat an enemy even before they can land a hit on her.
  • Canter+: This skill allows Citrinne to move 3 spaces after making her move. You can obtain this skill through Emblem Ring Sigurd, Level 13.

Best Emblem Rings for Citrinne

Emblem Rings are essential if you want to make the most of your characters. As Citrinne is a heavy-damage dealer, you can pair her with someone who boosts this damage or one who keeps her alive. Let’s check out the best Emblem Rings you can get for her:

  • Celica: She will boost Citrinne’s offensive capabilities with the Echo Engage Skill. This allows her to increase the damage caused by Magic attacks. So, Citrinne’s Sage class will work great with Celica. Additionally, with Celica’s Strength+1 Synchro Skill, Citrine will be able to make up for her low STR.
  • Micaiah: This build is used for players who have trouble keeping Citrinne alive during battles. As you need Citrinne to play a damage-dealing role, you will need to ensure that she doesn’t die on you. You can increase your chances by constantly healing her, which is possible through Micaiah. With this Emblem pairing, you will be able to use Micaiah’s healing abilities Great Sacrifice or the Healing Light to boost Citrinne’s DEF. Additionally, Micaiah’s Augment Engage Skill works well with Citrinne’s fire attacks as it creates a large AoE.

With that, we conclude our guide to the best class and skills for Citrinne in Fire Emblem Engage. She’s on the right track as a Magic user, and you will be able to expand it further using the right skills and Emblem Rings. When you maximize her potential, Citrinne is a massive damage dealer and a force to be reckoned with in battle.

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