Best Class and Skills for Jade in Fire Emblem Engage

Released on 20th January, Fire Emblem Engage is a tactical RPG exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Players will be able to collect a wide variety of characters and defeat monsters in the game developed by Intelligent Systems. Nintendo publishes the game as an instalment in the Fire Emblem series. This guide will take you through the Best Class and Skills for Jade in Fire Emblem Engage.

Fire Emblem Engage has received mostly positive reviews from critics. Set on the continent of Elyos, players will need to build their characters to become the best versions of themselves. You can select the right class, skills, and Emblem Rings for a character. One of the characters you can get in the game is Jade, so let’s find out the Best Class and Skills for Jade in Fire Emblem Engage.

Best Class and Skills for Jade in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage: Jade Best Class and Skills

Jade is a royal knight from Brodia who serves the Prince Diamant of the Kingdom of Brodia. She’s a fierce warrior from the faction in the northwestern part of Elyos. You will be able to recruit her in Chapter 9: A Clash of Forces. Once you have recruited her, you can add Jade to your party. Her starting class is Axe Armor and her unit type is Armored.

Before picking the best class and skills for Jade, you will need to get her into your team. You can recruit Jade in different ways, which makes her unique from other Brodia characters in Fire Emblem Engage. There is a way through which you can add her before she gets added automatically to your party. If you speak with her during the battle in Chapter 9 using Alear or Diamant, you can get Jade to join your team. Otherwise, you can wait for the cutscene, where she will ask you if she can join and do so automatically.

Now that you have Jade on your team let’s find out what classes and skills would be best for her.

Best Class for Jade

Jade has a high HP of 33 and an STR of 14. Her MAG and SPD are quite low, so you should make her attacks hit as hard as possible. The recommended class for Jade is General. To unlock the General class, you must spend one Second Seal.

As Jade’s starting class is Axe Armor, with B proficiency with Axe, she has high defensive abilities. This is because of the heavy armour that she wears. However, magic is her weakness. It’s a good idea to equip her with a sword with A proficiency. She can use the Swap ability to switch places with allies near her. Enemies will be confused at the change, and Jade can deal heavy damage now.

Best Skills for Jade

Jade has a personal skill of Meditation, where she can gain RES+2 for using the Wait action. As she is low on magic resistance, this is a good skill to have. You can also get the following skills for her to maximize her stats:

  • Resolve+: This skill requires Ike Bond Level 18. It shields Jade when her HP drops to 75% or less. When it moves back up to a high percentage, the shield of DEF or RES is removed. If Jade encounters Magic damage, this is a great skill to have.
  • Axe Power 5: You can get this skill with Ike Bond Level 18. When using an Axe, you will get ATK+10 at the cost of AVO.
  • Hold Out+++: This skill requires Roy Bond Level 18. You will be able to survive any battle with at least 1 HP as long as you had 2 HP or more at the beginning. This will keep Jade safe from critical hits and magic attacks.
  • Vantage++: You will need Leif Bond Level 18 for this skill. It applies only if your HP is less than 75%. When an enemy initiates combat, you can hit them first.

Best Emblem Rings for Jade

With the right Emblem Rings, you can maximize your potential for Jade. Some characters work well with her, so let’s check them out below.

  • Roy: Roy’s Rise Above skill will increase Jade’s level by 5. This gives her a boost of + 5 HP and makes her defenses even stronger. With the Blazing Lion ability, you will be able to attack enemies standing next to Jade. This creates a ring of fire two rows behind her, and the enemies will be trapped. They will also encounter fire damage, which will help you take them down quickly.
  • Ike: This Emblem Ring will help you to keep a more offensive side in battle. With the Laguz Friend ability, Jade will get 50% of her damage reduced at the cost of AVO. With this ability, you will be able to easily manage the front line of your team. Additionally, with Ike’s Great Aether ability, Jade will have increased +5 in Defense and Resistance, and can heal around 30% of the damage she deals in combat. The downside is that she will not be able to counter enemies for a turn.

That’s all we have in our guide on the best class and skills for Jade in Fire Emblem Engage. Using Emblem Rings is an important part of building up your character, as they have many great perks. After you have recruited Jade, make sure to build her to her full potential, so that you will be able to use her in your party to kill enemies effortlessly.

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