Best Free and Paid Manga Reading App for Android

Are you looking for the best manga readers app for your Android device, worry not. Finding the best manga readers application is pretty simple, but it’s hard to find free manga applications on the internet. Nowadays, manga started disappearing from the bookstores, as the days passed. Most of the readers left reading manga books on a regular basis but still we are all connected to the phrase of life where we used to read the manga. Therefore, these manga are still extremely used and have wonderful stories with great characters and are more enjoyable.

Most manga readers still are looking for the Best and most popular manga apps to read, especially the best ones, for free without purchasing the premium subscription. So, if you’re looking for the best and most popular manga readers app, then worry not. This guide will provide comprehensive information on all the best and most popular manga apps, including free and paid subscriptions. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Best Manga Reading App for Android (Free & Paid)

There are several manga readers applications available on the internet while some are free and paid available on the Google Play Store like action, love, drama, comedy, horror, etc. Well, we have listed the best manga applications which are available on the Google Play Store, and you can easily download it on your device if it’s available in your country. By considering all the possibilities, we have picked the 20 best mangas apps for you, including free and paid. So, let’s have a look into it.

1. VIZ Manga (Paid)

To Manga readers, VIZ Manga is the popular and well-known application for reading manga stories. This allows the readers to select the genres they want. The VIZ Manga is available to download for free from the Google Play Store on Android devices. With its clean user interface, you may be able to experience a smoothness which provides direct access to free manga chapters and a massive manga library.

With VIZ Manga, you are able to find unique and rare mangas which you may easily access. But unfortunately, VIZ Manga isn’t a free application to access its various chapters. You need to subscribe to VIZ Manga to access their additional features and chapters. Alternatively, the app offers to either read the comics online or download them to read while you’re offline.

2. Crunchyroll Manga (Paid)

Crunchyroll Manga is another and an official manga application that provides their readers to access the latest and unique manga comics without hassle. It’s a free to download application from the Google Play Store on Android devices. But, there are in-app purchases to access its additional comics to read. With Crunchyroll Manga, you may also access the manga when they’re rolled out in Japan for public readers and that would be a great feature.

Crunchyroll Manga keeps you updated with the latest titles like Space Brothers, Attack of the Titans and many more. This may allow you to access its massive library and various genres if you are a real fan of manga readers and comics. However, the app also offers an aesthetic user interface with multiple customization and features. With these customization tools, you may always find your manga comics at the right time.

3. Comics & Manga By Comixology (Paid)

Comixology is the other most popular app for readers who are looking for a love manga and comic books. This app is one of the most popular and well-known mangas on the Google Play Store that allows the readers to access with a huge library of over 100,000 mangas. Readers are easily able to find their genre they want whether it’s horror, action, comedy, love, etc.

Mostly you may find all the comics you are looking for that are available on the internet. Just like other manga applications, there are some of the popular and well known titles like Dragon Ball, Fairy Tale, etc. Plus, it allows the readers to read the comics they are interested via online connection or download them to access them later for free.

Moreover, Comixology is free to download on Android devices but you must pay for the individual issues or the per month subscription plan to access various genres and comics. With its premium subscription, you may easily be able to access the various genres and comics and you can either download or access them via online.

4. MangaMe (Paid)

MangaMe is the other best comics application that is available on Google Play Store. This application allows the users to access an infinite library of comics from multiple genres. But according to various reports, MangaMe contains over 30,000 mangas to the readers that are free to download. Readers can also access the mangad in multiple languages according to their taste and preferences without any limitations.

In addition, the comics stories listed on the MangeMe app keep updating on a regular basis whenever the latest content is released, and you won’t miss the latest contents you’re trying to find. You won’t find any lags on the MangaMe application while using it on your Android phone.

One notable feature of this app is that you can download the comics by connecting your device with a stable internet connection or read the comics online which is handy to use. But you could find the in-app purchases in the app in order to access the other genres and comics.

5. INKR Comics (Paid)

INKR Comics is the other popular manga aggregator app known as “Manga Rock” which is announced in April 2020. This app allows you to access a variety of comics across various categories such as romance, comedy, action, drama, horror, Isekai, sci-fi, and many more. However, INKR Comics are combined with its personalized recommendations that you can discover what you are looking for in just a second.

Talking about the key titles, there are a number of titles like Attack on Titan, The Reversal, Scarecrow, Generation Wu, Spirit Catcher and more. Well, you can download the IKNR Comics app for free from the Google Play Store on your device without hassle. But there are in-app purchases in the app, and you need to purchase the subscription plan to access the other genres and comics.


  • INKR Comics allows access to over 1,000 manga titles.
  • Easy to organize your favorite comics and genres.
  • Custom Suggestions
  • Up to date library with latest comics.


  • The INKR Comics gets broken sometimes.
  • Doesn’t allow you to access multiple comics at a time without purchasing the premium subscription.

6. Toomics (Paid)

Toomics is known for being the best comics app as the popularity of manga is widespread in Korea, in case you didn’t know. However, the Toomics app is a great application if you want to enjoy reading comic books, manga, online cartoons and manhwa. You may easily be able to download the Toomics app for free from the Google Play Store to check out your favorite manga series.

Additionally, Manga apps include a large number of libraries for both manga and Manhwa. With Toomics, you may also access additional features and various comics by visiting different genres. But, Toomics isn’t a free app on Google Play Store, you will have to pay $8.99 for every month to join its VIP membership and to access various comics.

7. Book Walker (Free & Subscription)

The other most popular and well-known manga reading app is Book Walker. Don’t get confused by the name because it’s not a book reading app, it’s highly dedicated to manga and light novels. Therefore, if you like light novels then you can head over to this application which provides light novels along with manga.

Book Walker provides more than 30,000 English light novels and various comics which are available in their collection from publishers including Kodansha Comics, Yen Press, KADOKAWA, J-Novel Club and more. Book Walker is a free application available on Google Play Store and you need to purchase the subscription plan, if you want to access the other genres and comics.


  • Personalizing the library is easier on Book Walker.
  • Allows access to various genres and comics.


  • Unable to access in offline mode.
  • UI needs more improvement as compared to present.

8. Tachiyomi (Free)

For Android users, Tachiyomi is one of the popular and free applications available on the internet. You are easily able to download and access it on your mobile device as it is an open and legal source Manga reader. Most manga readers are mainly looking for a free application that wouldn’t ask to purchase the subscription plan while accessing other comics and genres, and the Tachiyomi is all we need as a free application that allows access to read comics you would like.

Unfortunately, the program doesn’t provide the list of comics to read, but you may be able to add manga sources to it, and it will automatically arrange them. With this, you are able to read the comic you like at your leisure. Tachiyomi is the most popular FOSS reader as compared to other manga readers, as it contains extensions for all major sources with zero ads. Tachiyomi also supports outside of Japan for the manga readers which could be handy to access for every reader who is looking for a cost-free manga readers application.

Additional Features:

  • Free and open-source software.
  • Allowing access to multiple manga sources that are supported.

9. Manga Zone (Free)

Just like Tachiyomi manga readers application, Manga Zone is one of the other major and open-source applications, allowing readers to access various genres and comics. It has a feature of over 15,000 manga libraries in which you can select a category from this app to access the most epic samurai combat.

They also have been translated into English language and strike the spot on each manga genre, from Shonen fo Shojo. Also, you will be able to access its community page with its free version without hassle. You can also ask other manga fans for any ideas and if you need help. But one drawback feature is that MangaZone sometimes might have glitches.

10. Manga Plus (Free)

Manga Plus is a well-known comics reader because it provides high-quality scans as well as free access to the latest manga and releases that coincide with Japan. The recent manga comics and genres are available for free to read, but to read the past issues, then you will have to purchase the subscription plan according to their monthly service.

However, if you are looking for the best Manga reader app for your Android device, then I will suggest you to go either with Manga Plus or Tachiyomi. They both provide the various comics according to different genres.

11. MangaToon (Free)

Similar to other manga applications, MangaToon is a popular and free manga reader app with multiple manga stories. If we consider the popularity of the MangaToon app, then the content of this app gets updated on a daily basis. Also, their additional features are unique as well and you never get bored of it. In addition, the MangaToon app also includes Japanese comics as well Korean comics, allowing readers to read the comic they want according to their preferences and languages.

Furthermore, readers are able to subscribe to the mangad if they want to access other features and comics they are willing to read. Once they subscribe to the plan, then they will be notified whenever the new comics and genres will be added in the library at the right time.

However, most of the mangad apps are cost-free, while others must be purchased in order to access the view basis. Just like other manga apps, this app also offers their readers the option to either download the comic to access them later or read the comics via online connection.

12. Manga Fox (Free)

Manga Fox is a free manga and Manhwa comic reader that is quite fast and easy to access. As mentioned, that Manga Fox is free to use, this app is available on the Google Play Store which you can easily download on your device in order to read the comics and to access. However, the app is quite egregious. With the Manga Fox app, you can also access the multiple manga websites and read them whenever you are free, and you wish to.

Manga Fox has a variety of comic websites which you can also access if you want. Also, the reading quality is very mesmerizing. Plus, it allows you to read the comics continuously you want without any interruptions. Moreover, you can customize your dashboard and be able to add your favorite comics you most liked as well as genres to access them quickly. Also, you can bookmark your manga, view the most popular manga, and be able to access your reading history which could be handy to use.

13. Shonen Jump Manga & Comics (Free & Subscription)

Shonen Jump Manga and Comics is the perfect manga reader app if you are a fan of the Shonen Jump series. The app is free to download available on the Google Play Store which you can easily access it. This manga app allows the readers to read the comic’s first hundred chapters each day.

Well, if you want to access more of it rather than accessing the comic’s first hundred chapters, then you will have to pay $1.99 per month subscription, so that you can read and be able to access other listed mangas without interruptions. As discussed above, this app is worthwhile for readers who are interested in the Shonen Jump series. So, if you are a fan of that, then you can head over to this app to access the comic you’re trying to find.

14. Manga Dogs (Free)

Manga Dogs is an online manga reading app which is free to access for both Android and iOS users. The app is quite simple to use and access without any interruptions. With the Manga Dogs app, you are easily able to access around six different languages and more than 20 separate sources. However, the app generates the suggestions based on the manga you have read.

Readers are also able to access what other readers are reading from the app’s popular area which is a great feature and handy to use. In addition, by using the bookshelf on your Manga Dogs app, you are able to arrange your favorite comics and the genres. Manga Dogs also offers a variety of sophisticated settings that allows you to adjust the optimized viewer and to enhance the reading experience.

Alternatively, you will instantly get a notification whenever new manga chapters are available on Manga Dogs. Although the software has an advertisement while accessing, you have to purchase it in order to remove the ads and to access other comics as well.

Additional Features:

  • Individual suggestions.
  • Enormous comics collection.
  • Able to access both vertical and horizontal reading modes.

15. Manga Box (Free)

Users of smartphones and tablets may have remarkable reading experience with Manga Box. Just like other Manga apps, the Manga Box is quite simple which allows the readers to enhance their reading experience. Manga Box is a cost-free application available on Google Play Store and the good thing is that you won’t be able to pay any capital to use which is an intriguing feature.

Additional Features:

  • Free access to read every manga.
  • Authors of popular Manga.
  • On a daily basis change to the content.

16. Manga UP (Free)

A spacious collection may be found in the relatively latest manga reading app Manga UP! However, the Manga UP is a free-cost application, allowing you to download and access without paying a bit. As compared to other manga apps, it is one of the most popular Android apps to read manga for free.

Manga UP includes the various features for reading online comics and allows access to the latest releases, restart reading and an Otaku level function that lets you access advanced features and up your level by reading manga. Although the app isn’t among the top and popular ones for manga comics, you should consider and give it a chance. You can also download the latest comic’s and be able to read them later via offline.

Additional Features:

  • Manga and Manhwa .
  • Allow the readers to read offline after downloading.
  • Provides high-quality pictures.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • It has more rapid image loading.

17. Manga Z (Free)

Similar to Manga UP, the Manga Z is the other best Manga readers app, allowing users to access various comics at a time. However, all manga aficionados may be able to read manga at Manga Z with easy access. You can easily be able to download it from the Google Play Store as it is a free-cost application. Apart from that, Windows, MacOS, and iOS devices can also easily access them without any interruptions. It’s noteworthy that it’s also a Windows desktop program.

In addition, you can visit the part of daily suggestions if you are unsure which manga to access. Also, readers can find the latest and brand new manga which makes it simple to look for any certain manga. Moreover, there are a number of manga lists which may be sorted by different criteria, including title, genre, author and popularity. One notable feature is that you can download manga comics to read them offline or stream them online.

In contrast, whenever the latest chapter of one of your favorite manga is published, then Manga Z will let you know at the right time. Manga Z offers various manga titles to the readers. But the entire application may be purchased for a one-time fee if you wish to read more comics.

18. Manga Rock (Free)

For each and every manga reader, Manga Rock is one of the most well-liked and free applications on Android devices. However, the app is both available on Android and iPhone devices, which contains an amazing collection of manga that can be easily downloaded on your device. Manga Rock can also meet your manga needs which is more than 100,000 titles. Make sure to use an VPN before accessing Manga Rock because it is geo-restricted. Plus, you can choose the premium version which asks for a small fee if you wish to.

19. Mangamo (Free & Subscription)

There are multiple illicit manga vendors to be found easily while searching for the popular and best Manga reader application for Android and iPhone devices which is pretty hard to find the perfect one for you. However, Manga is the manga readers app that is legally accessible without any interruptions.

Mangamo has a good selection of titles for the readers to browse it, as it is one of the best Manga readers applications available on the internet. Mangamo includes various manga series which includes Attack on Titan. But to access other manga comic’s which are available more than 300 manga comics, you will have to purchase the subscription which costs $4.99 for each month. Plus, you will always get notified whenever the new chapters are published on the Mangamo app.

Moreover, there are no advertisements while reading the comics, so they won’t interfere with your reading experience. This app also enables the readers to read at least one free chapter for every 24 hours without purchasing the premium subscription. Therefore, you may be able to test it out before paying a bit.

Additional Features:

  1. Allow access to more than 300 books.
  2. No advertisements.
  3. Complete membership, no additional costs.

20. Manga Geek (Free)

So, for the last position, I have considered the Manga Geek, which is the other best Manga readers application, allowing readers to access the comics without any interruptions. The innovative and addictive interface of the Manga Geek is simple to use and fantastic. This is a free-cost application which you may easily download from Google Play Store on your device.

Manga Geek has an amazing offline mode feature which is the greatest companion when you are on the go. This may allow the readers to access 40,000 titles without hassle. Also, you will never miss out any latest updates or series whenever it’s published on the Manga Geek and thanks to the fantastic stream of content providers interacting with this application.

Wrapping it Up

There are plenty of apps available on the internet which provide various manga contents. But above we have mentioned the most legitimate and popular list of best manga reading apps for Android users to read manga they want. The above listed apps contain even free and paid applications, so you can choose accordingly what you need for. If this guide added some value and knowledge to you, don’t forget to share your feedback in the comments section below.

We hope this guide helps you to discover the best manga reading apps that you are looking for. Well, if you need a free app, then it is considered to select either Tachiyomi or Manga Plus for the best reading experience. Follow Getdroidtips for more updates and latest topics. Thanks for reading till the end! Have a good day.

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