Best Grenade Spots in CSGO Dust 2

Your match’s outcome can be significantly impacted if you find the best grenade spots in the Dust 2 map of CS: GO. It typically provides you the upper hand in a confrontation while enabling you to defend yourself and the other team members.

New players have been introduced to the new Dust 2 map thanks to the redesign. But several well-known grenade places have also been moved about. So, players must search again for the finest grenade positions in Dust 2. To assist you in navigating this renowned terrain while still winning a tough battle, we’ve listed some of the best Grenade Spots in Dust 2.

Best Grenade Spots in CSGO Dust 2

Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2

1. T Spawn Spot

The terrorist crew may find it easier to take control of the A site from this location. But you can only do so if you figure out how to use T-Spawn to send a flash over the A Long entrance. The walls of A Long entrance are somewhat taller, which is bothersome since it might be challenging to hurl a flash over them.

Nevertheless, what you may do is fire a running or standing flash through the bottom portion. You may also do a jump throw while standing up on the automobile directly in front of you if it doesn’t work for you.

2. CT Spawn

This is another fantastic location in our list of the best grenade spots in Dust 2, as it may create a disadvantage for the other side. But, remember that you must first take control of B site for this to succeed.

Once you’ve completed it, you may toss a molly in the location to stop the opposing team from moving about CT Spawn at will. Either they must wait for the fire to go out or take a chance of getting wounded by attempting to cross it. Whatever they decide, you can easily push over to where they are.

3. A Site Entry

This one is for the T-side. You must launch a flash grenade directly above the structure.

You’ll be able to deliver your grenade right to the opposing players hiding at the default plant site in this manner. This will force them to either flee the plant location or go into a panic. Whatever happens, you’ll still be able to sprint to where they are without worrying about being killed.

4. Back Platform

The back platform is another place enemy AWPers hang out and target your friends, similar to Goose. You can lob a grenade in the direction of the location. You can fire down the enemy AWPer as they emerge from the area.

Alternatively, they’ll perish from burns if they get trapped in the fire. Nevertheless, remember that when tossing the grenade, others will see you. You’ll probably become the AWPer’s target if you don’t move quickly.

We’ll advise you to throw a smoke as a B main to avoid this from happening since it will allow you to throw the grenade without being concerned about being killed.

5. B Main Flash

Throwing a flash at the B main can also stop B main rushes. To use the flash, you must stand in the location and aim it straight at B main.

By doing this, anyone attempting to rush B main will be instantaneously blinded. As they won’t be able to reach any cover, you may then remove them.

6. A Site

It is the favorite spot to camp for those who use the AWP. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure this area is clear of enemies. You can find goose at the top corner of A site.

Unlike most of the other grenade spots in Dust 2, where you have to throw the grenade from either the top of a building or through some door, this one is pretty simple.

All you need to do is aim toward the goose and throw the molly at it. This way, if any AWPer hides there, they’ll get eliminated. But even if someone isn’t there, it will prevent others from camping since the place will be on fire.

7. B Site

Use a flash and bounce it off the barriers that are present on both sides of the site if you’re trying to enter the B site. Even throwing it over the wall is possible. Right-side standing throws to prevent the flash from striking your teammates.

8. Molly and HE Grenade at B Main

This position is for you if you are a member of the CT side and are sick of the opponent team continuously rushing from B main. You may toss a molly at the location by standing at the door, where you can aim directly at B main.

By doing this, the other team cannot rush via B main. Once the fire goes out, you may hurl a HE grenade at the same location to further disadvantage them. In this way, if an opponent player rushes after seeing that the fire has subsided, thinking all is fine, they will suffer for their error.

9. Lower Tunnels

In the lower tunnels, you can throw a flash over the top wall to blind anyone on the other side. You need to aim the flash grenade at the top of the tower, and it will hit the left side mid.

If any enemy player is hiding or running through the spot, their vision will instantly get ruined, and you’ll get the chance to rush toward them.

10. Rush B

You may stand in the middle of the pillar at the tight chokepoint for rush B and launch a smoke grenade while aiming it upwards.

This will enable you to rush B without being concerned about being shot down by a distant sniper. From the same spot, you may launch a flash grenade immediately to blind everyone outside the checkpoint.

11. Mid to A Short

One of the most important components of Dust 2 is transitioning from Mid to A Short. Here, one false move might result in instant death. The Xbox smoke can be handy in this situation. You must first step back from the wall to point the grenade precisely.

Do a running throw after that to create a smokescreen for A Short. When it happens, you can go closer to the entrance without being concerned about being shot by a sniper.

12. New Car

In Dust 2, holding the new automobile has progressively gained popularity among gamers. They are even giving it more importance than Long A. To reduce the danger, you must clean it out.

You must stand atop the barrel to hurl a Molotov from the position. Any player hiding behind the automobile will be destroyed by the flames spreading around it.

13. The Cross

After you have seized possession of Long A and wish to smoke out the cross, you can use this grenade location. Some gamers make the error of believing that a single smoke grenade will produce the ideal smokescreen. The cross is a tiny bit too wide for this, too.

But you may aim for the grenade by standing close to the barrel. Make a running throw after that, and the grenade will fly beyond the corner house’s roof before bouncing back over to deflect the cross. Your buddy can then make another smoke toss to close the distance.

14. From The Skylight

Dust 2’s grenade location is located as you exit the entrance. Players used to throw skylights during sprints, but now it is impossible. Nevertheless, if you do a running leap throw toward the center one, it will land straight down and strike everyone in the vicinity.

Your teammates may not be able to see you well as you exit the building if you do this.

15. Short Stairs

The short steps in A short are the last location we’d like to highlight. The T-side should use this one to stop the opponent CT players from pressing through this area. You must toss a molly at the precise location.

You should be ready for a fight, but remember that the opposing players can try to push through the flames. Otherwise, everything will go wrong for you.

Types of grenades in Dust 2

Hence, regardless of the location you’re aiming at, be sure to pick the appropriate grenade kind. Do not forget that some of these throws are difficult.

  • Snowball
  • Diversion Device
  • Fire Bomb
  • Tactical Awareness Grenade
  • Molotov
  • Incendiary Grenade
  • Decoy Grenade
  • Smoke Grenade
  • Flash Bang
  • High Explosive Grenade
  • Frag Grenade

To make them land precisely, you will need to practice a lot.

So, that’s all for today. For more gaming tips and tricks, follow GetDroidTips!

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