Best Mods for The Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scroll Online has a community of developers who are very active and always create new add-ons to make the game more customizable and enhance the gameplay for other players. So, in this guide, we have selected the best Elder Scroll Online mods add-ons you can try to better enjoy the gameplay, and give you a whole new experience.

Elder Scroll Online has gained lots of fans instantly after release and is popular among players as well. Most people would like to play their games without addons. They want to advance through the game as the developer intended them to do so. Yes, it is fun playing games and advancing through their levels by the developer’s rules and regulations.

Best Mods for The Elder Scrolls Online

Best Mods for The Elder Scrolls Online

Games actually play better when you advance through them with the addons. Here are the best mods you can try on the Elder Scroll Online gameplay:

Combat Metrics

While in the Elder Scroll Online gameplay, you have to fight your enemies to make way through the game. This add-on will give you the metrics of your character. This gives you the performance indicators of your character. This addon will give you complete data on the weakness and strengths of your enemies.

Combat Metrics map also gives you abilities and what resources you faced from the enemies. This also helps you identify the weapons and armors which can be useful for you in the levels you are playing.

Votan’s Minimap

This add-on will help you find the destinations you want with so much ease. This is such an essential add-on in the Elder Scroll Online game. Votan’s Minimap add-on will help you find your destination without having to pause the game and enter the menu to look for a map. This is always on-screen showing the various point of interest at once. It also indicates your current location in real-time.

Bag Space Indicator

This add-on will give you information about how much space is left in the inventory. This means you don’t have to worry about the space left in your bag. As the name says, it is your bag space indicator.

Bag Space Indicator will let you know about the gold you have without opening the inventory. This indicates all the three main points of the inventory on your screen bank space, storage space, and gold.

Auto Research

Best Mods for The Elder Scrolls Online

Researching to increase the skill of your character takes a lot of time in the Elder Scroll Online game. Just to kill that time this add-on is here for you. There are times when you forget to research to increase the skill of your character, this is the ultimate solution.

This addon can also auto-research trains wherever you are at the crafting station. And also, the piece is chosen based on how fast the research time is.


This is here to save your tie spent in the crafting. This is a very essential add-on in the Elder Scroll Online gameplay. In the game rules developed by the developers, you can craft one item at one time and this leads to the wasting of all the crafting hours of the game. With this add-on, you can craft more than one item at once. You can use CTR, ALT, or SHIFT to increase and decrease the amount you want to craft at once by 10.

Kill Counter

Best Mods for The Elder Scrolls Online

As the name suggests, this add-one will list your kill stats in the Elder Scroll Online game. You can track all of your kills and get the number of enemies you have killed. This add-on will count your kills death and AP gained throughout your gameplay. This add-on will let your brag yourself in front of your friends with your kill stats.

No, Thank You

It is like a do not disturb mode for your Elder Scroll Online game. It is annoying to get tons of notifications and pop-ups when you are on your mission and you need to focus on the gameplay. No, Thank You add-on will clean your game UI from the unwanted messages and notifications. This add-on will also disable your UI popups.


No one likes things unorganized. Yes, this add-on is for you if you don’t like your inventory to be unorganized.  The dustman will organize your inventory. There are loads of features in the dustman add-on. Dustman will organize items in your inventory by their rarity, quality, and traits. It also helps you filter out the items by their price.

Set Collection Master

Best Mods for The Elder Scrolls Online

This also helps you with inventory in the Elder Scroll Online game. The Set collection master add-on will add icons within your inventory besides the items in your book collection. It also lets you see the items you can use or deconstruct for your collection.

The Librarium

Best Mods for The Elder Scrolls Online

There are more than 2600 books that can be discovered in the Elder Scroll Online game. The Librarirum add-on brings customs books into the ESO game. The librarium app does bring a lot of lots of custom stories to the ESO gameplay. These stories are perfectly created by the people of the Elder Scrolls Online game community.


There are many more add-ons in the Elder Scroll Online game. We have listed only the best ones which can really help you excel at your gameplay. The add-ons are just the assist you can use while roaming through the levels in the game. But please note that these add-ons do not boost your character ability or something like that. These add-ons will only assist you better than the developer planned for you to assist your character during the gameplay.

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