Elder Scrolls Online Best Solo Class 2024

Are you looking for the Elder Scrolls Online Best Solo Class in 2024? If so, then you have landed in the right place. Generally, users get confused while choosing a class or building ESO while playing solo. That’s the reason they get easily defeated by the foes. Well, that’s the reason why it is crucial to know about the best solo class that you can use in Elder Scrolls Online. So, let’s get started with the guide.

Elder Scrolls Online Best Solo Class 2023

What’s The Best Solo PvE Build in ESO?

Fo solo PvE, the Stamina Arcanist build is the best because it combines the most damage, survivability, and resource sustain without requiring any mythic items. Due to the nerf for the one-bar build, we’ve moved the Magicka Sorcerer down the list. With the same level of simplicity, the Stamarc does just slightly better than the Arcanist at the moment. It is relatively simple for the Stamina Arcanist to perform damage due to its simple rotation.

With the Pragmatic Fatecarver and Flail, it has built-in survivability. It is possible for you to deal massive amounts of damage passively and heal yourself at the same time. Last but not least, the amount of resources sustained is mind-numbing, especially when using a hybrid Dual Wield and Destruction Staff build.

You can utilize both resource pools at the same time and never run out of resources. Among the Necrom Chapter classes, you can’t go wrong with Strength Arcanist, Magivka Sorcerer, and Magicka Templar.

How Does Solo PvE Build Work in ESO?

Generally, in solo PvE, your main goal is to load up the enemy in a short period. The term cooldown simply refers to reapplying the DoT after its duration has expired. You typically use them more frequently than your main spammable ability. After the beginning of the encounter, you switch to the main spammable and use it as a filler while your damage over time skills are activating. If DoTs and buffs are falling off, switch to a new spell and recast it for optimal effects.

As soon as a boss or enemy reaches a certain class, that can switch to an execute ability as soon as a boss reaches a certain health point threshold.

In order to keep yourself alive, you should use a combination of healing and shields when your health drops below 50%. Additionally, make sure you always use the recommended food and potions since they will significantly allow you to sustain resources, be more survivable, and deal with damage.

If you have excessive stamina and are playing a magicka build, feel free to damage, block, and sprint to avoid damage. Make sure you have at least 6,000 stamina in reserve in case you have to break free or dodge roll.

It can also be difficult for players to sustain their resources, so remember to fully charge heavy attacks if you are running out of them. It is a trick to throw the enemy off balance and then launch a heavy attack during the phase during which the enemy is off balance. In this case, you will get double the resources. instead of a DoT skill, add the consuming trap skill from the world skill line if you’re a beginner or struggling with sustain. You receive a flood of both resources when the consuming trap kills a target.

Is There a Best Solo Class in ESO?

The Elder Scrolls Online has seven classes, four of which are included in the base game and three of which need to be purchased/unlocked. Here are the ESO classes:

S Rank

A Rank

  • Stamina Arcanist
  • Magicka Necromancer
  • Stamina Necromancer
  • Stamina Sorcerer
  • Stamina Warden

B Rank

  • Magicka Dragonknight
  • Stamina Dragonknight
  • Stamina Templar
  • Magicka Warden
  • Magicka Arcanist

C Rank

#1. Arcanist: ESO Best Solo Class

Arcanists have access to a wide range of buffs, debuffs, and defensive abilities, which makes them a great solo class. In terms of damage, Stamina Arcanists are better than the Cephaliarch, who can use flail spam to heal themselves! It is difficult for the Magicka Arcanist to sustain itself, and it lacks a powerful Magicka-based self-healing ability. It is because of these two problems that the Class has harder solo gameplay.

Reconstructive Domain, which functions as both a buff and a heal; Runeguard of Freedom, which provides Minor Protection; and Emergency Healing, which are other Arcanist skills that you can use solo. The Arcanist, despite being a Solo Class, relies heavily on its damage to defeat enemies quickly. With its Morphs, Gibbering Shield can deal damage as well as provide defense.

#2. Sorcerer

Sorcerers are great solo classes that offer several skills that can help you complete harder content. Through the powerful critical surge, the class can heal itself and boost damage, while in addition, Hurricane and Boundless Strom boost defenses actively or passively.

#3. Nightblade

While Nightblade can use buffs, debuffs, and self-heals, it is not the most welcoming class for new players. Since the damage and healing are largely dependent on skill procs and triggers, it doesn’t actually deal any damage.

#4. Dragonknight

Solo gameplay is made easier by the Dragonknight’s access to a number of helpful skills. Protect yourself with shields, and heal yourself passively and actively with buffs, debuffs, and offensive skills. However, the Class is also experiencing sustainability problems! If you want to solo effectively with Dragonknight, you should make use of Battle Roar. With this passive, you can restore resources whenever you use an Ultimate! In Solo gameplay, Dragonknight needs a cheap Ultimate, which can be cast often or generated faster, if you want to be successful.

#5. Templar

ESO’s Templar is another new solo class that has been designed with the player in mind. It is especially beneficial for the Magicka Templar since he has access to several Heals and Utility spells. In solo combat, the Magplar’s most important skill is Puncturing Sweep. You can deal damage and heal at the same time with this skill. In case you are in need of a damage shield, Sun Shield and its morphs can provide it. In addition to damage and healing, Purifying Light can also be used.

Magicka Templar

As someone who enjoys playing as a Magicka Templar, I believe that this class is an excellent choice for solo gameplay in ESO. It offers a great balance of attack, defense, and sustainability. When it comes to offense, the Magicka Templar is exceptional, with some of the best abilities available in the game. The most notable of these is the Puncturing Sweep, which is widely considered to be the top spammable ability due to its dual function of inflicting damage and healing simultaneously. Additionally, the execute skill Radiant Glory further enhances the Templar’s offensive capabilities while also contributing to the player’s survivability.

On the defensive side, the Magicka Templar is well-equipped with Channeled Focus, which provides excellent sustain. When extra healing is necessary, Purifying Light offers passive recovery, ensuring the Templar remains a formidable force on the battlefield. Moreover, the class boasts an impressive defensive ultimate, Solar Disturbance, which significantly reduces enemy damage output. This blend of offensive and defensive capabilities makes the Magicka Templar not just a joy to play but also a powerful solo class in ESO.

#6. Warden

Several skills in the Warden solo class provide buffs, debuffs, damage boosts, and resource recovery. As a result of Magicka Warden’s Ice abilities and its Ultimates, it is also capable of crowd control very effectively. During Deep Fissure, enemies are weakened through Breach while Fetcher Infection Vulnerability is applied. With Blue Betty, your damage will be boosted, and your Magicka will be restored. However, with light and heavy attacks, Lotus Blossom is a powerful passive self-healing ability. In addition to boosting defenses, Winter’s Revenge Crowd Controls enemies.

#7. Necromancer

For most of its offensive skills, you have the option of using either a Stamina Morph or a Magicka Morph. In addition to helping you heal and deal with damage, the minions you summon can also assist you with healing. The Magicka Necromancer is strong for solo gameplay due to its Boneyard and Morphs, which can both debuff and heal the character.

In addition to healing and dealing with damage, Death Scythe & Morphs boost defenses and reduce the cost of summoning minions with Summoner’s Armor. There is a chance that Bitter Harvest and its Morphs will reduce the amount of damage taken. With their Morphs, Bone Totems, Grave Grasps, and their morphs, you can control the crowd. The spells require Magicka to cast, so Necromancers who use Magicka should use them.

So, that’s all we have for you on the best solo class that you can use in Elder Scrolls Online. It’s our hope that this guide has helped you. For more info, comment below and let us know.

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