Best Out­door Blue­tooth Speak­ers Under $100

Have you been searching for some great ways to spice up your outdoor endeavours? Well, we have just the right guide for you. Read on to discover some of the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers under $100 that you should consider picking up on your next outing!

While going outdoors has not been on everyone’s minds this season of quarantine, it doesn’t hurt for you to stack up on some goodies for when you can finally take a stroll outside in the fresh air and enjoy your leisure time. One of the most searched for tech accessories when it comes to outings and picnics are Bluetooth speakers. Everybody loves themselves some good music while in their time with friends or family, maybe on a hike or a long car drive. In such a case, choosing a good Bluetooth speaker is quite essential, and one must understand the qualities that make an outdoor Bluetooth speaker different than the traditional ones.

The most obvious trait of an outdoor Bluetooth speaker over a normal one is durability and rigidness. Many of these outdoor Bluetooth speakers are made keeping in mind all sorts of outdoor activities, such as trekking, sprinting, and even family vacations with water all around. It is thus important for these Bluetooth speakers to have features like waterproofness and a thick outer covering that prevents it from being damaged over falls or rough use. Yet another important aspect while choosing a good outdoor Bluetooth speaker is ensuring that it delivers the most battery it can, making long hours of music listening possible.

Best Out­door Blue­tooth Speak­ers Under $100

While there is a market for such high quality and rigid Bluetooth speakers, it is oftentimes difficult to pick one. The problem magnifies even further when your budget starts to trickle down. So, which features should you be paying attention to while sacrificing others? We have taken the liberty to handpick some of the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers that you can find under $100. So if you have been looking for some good recommendations, sit back, relax, and enjoy the list!

Best Out­door Blue­tooth Speak­ers Under $100

#1 -JBL Flip 5

Kicking the list off, we have one of the best all-around outdoor Bluetooth speakers that you can pick for under $100. The JBL Flip 5 is the fifth iteration in its lineup of wireless and rugged series of speakers from the popular audio company. We would highly recommend the JBL Flip 5 to all those who want a good sounding, rugged, waterproof, and wireless speaker mainly oriented for outdoor use. With a price tag of $99 on Amazon, it barely undercuts our price bracket for this list but also happens to be our top recommendation as a viable outdoors Bluetooth speaker. You can buy the JBL Flip 5 for the best price from Amazon by following the link given below:

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#2 – Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

Next up on our list is the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom, which is going to be your best friend if you find yourself spending a lot of time in the pool. The Wonderboom is a tiny, floatable wireless Bluetooth speaker that will surprise you with the rather “booming” sound that it can generate. As stated previously, it is floatable and you can simply leave it in the pool while you enjoy your time listening to music without ever worrying about it sinking in or getting water damaged. While there is already a second version of the Wonderboom 2, we feel at around $40 for this older version, you cannot go wrong with the number of features and conveniences it offers you. You can buy the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom for the best price from Amazon by following the link given below:

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#3 – Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Speaker (XMYX02JY)

Switching things up a bit, we have an excellent outdoors Bluetooth speaker by Xiaomi. It has a fancy cylindrical design, which allows for a full 360-degree surround sound, which is exceptionally good for listening to music in a group of people. The speaker also has a beefy 2600 mAh battery which means it can be used for over 8 hours on a stretch on a single charge, making it quite desirable for long trips and outings. It is also IP55 certified, which means you can get it wet and not have to worry about destroying it. Long-distance connectivity is also great with this speaker, thanks to the support for Bluetooth 5.0. Overall, while we don’t think this is as rugged as the other offerings on this list, the Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Speaker will still satisfy the needs of many people. You can buy the Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Speaker for the best price from Gearbest by following the link given below:

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#4 – IDEAPLAY W204 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Up next is a very interesting offering by IDEAPLAY. The W204 is a highly rugged wireless Bluetooth speaker that we think isn’t meant for all kinds of people. Since this outdoors Bluetooth speaker is so heavy, rugged, and has a sound output of 20W, we think people who want the most powerful sound on their hiking trips or campfire sessions will find the most use with the IDEAPLAY W204. It is essentially a loudspeaker, and hence has separate dual 10W drivers and a subwoofer that delivers bass that is quite commendable for the size of the speaker. If it wasn’t obvious enough, the W204 has full water and dustproof IP64 certification, making it ideal for any kind of outdoor adventures. For an asking price of just $60, we don’t think you’ll be able to find a better offering than this. You can buy the IDEAPLAY W204 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for the best price from Gearbest by following the link given below:

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#5 – Soundcore Flare Mini

Ending our list of some of the best wireless outdoor Bluetooth speakers under $100, we have the Soundcore Flare Mini. Not only does it look exceptionally good as a decor item that you can place in your living room, but it has a great sound output as well. When it comes to outdoor usage, the Soundcore Flare Mini is IPX7 certified, which means light rainfall or water splashes can be excused away by the internals of the speaker. Its design also allows for a 360-degree surround sound output, and the LED ring at the bottom allows for customization to better suit the atmosphere. The speaker has a 2600 mAh battery inside, which can power the speaker for about 12 hours before requiring a charge. There are many other fancy elements built into the speaker, and we recommend you read the entire feature list at the buy page. But for now, all you need to know is that for just shy of $80, this speaker not only has good aesthetics but also is suitable for outdoor use. You can buy the Soundcore Flare Mini for the best price from Gearbest by following the link given below:

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That wraps up our list of the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers that you can buy under $100! Did our list help you, and if yes, which one among the choices did you finally decide to buy? If you have good suggestions for other outdoor Bluetooth speakers that didn’t make our list, definitely let us know in the comments below since we would love to hear your opinions!

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