Best Sherbet Cookie Toppings build in Cookie Run Kingdom

There are several mechanics that players must master in order to progress efficiently in the Cookie Run Kingdom. There is also a PvP element in the game and a story mode with PvE combat. It is essential to build your Sherbet Cookie properly with Treasures and Toppings in order to excel in any of these game modes. Similarly, Sorbet Shark Cookies are only fully capable after you give them Toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom. Using this guide, you can significantly increase your team’s damage output by choosing the right tops for Sorbet Shark.

Best Sherbet Cookie Toppings build in Cookie Run Kingdom

Who is Sherbet Cookie?

A new update to Stories by the Fireplace (v3.10) brought him into the world on November 30th, 2022. A total of 15 frost shards can be summoned and then divided based on how many targets are present, enabling him to cycle between enemies, attacking each in order of attack power. 

If there are Frost stacks on the ground, the frost shards will deal additional damage. Also, frozen targets have a chance of being hit. Freezing is not a problem for Sherbert Cookie, and healing beyond its maximum HP can be converted into an HP shield. There are little blue sparkles in his hair, which is powder blue with spiky edges.

Best Treasures for Sherbet Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

Considering Sherbet Cookie’s additional damage against cookies, he makes an excellent Arena unit. In addition to killing bosses, he can solo Dark Mode bosses with his jam-packed Skill. It is strongly recommended that you pair him both with DPS-boosting Treasures and with options that are universally good:

  • Squishy Jelly Watch – a great choice for reducing cooldowns.
  • In order to boost his attack power, he used the Old Pilgrim’s Scroll.
  • Sugar Swan’s Shining Feather – a Phoenix Arena option.

Sorbet Shark Cookie Gameplay and Skills

An Epic Rarity Cookie in the Ambush Class, Sorbet Shark Cookies are the most popular cookies. Squid Ink Cookie and the Soda Island Outlaws update released together in the first half.

They belong to the Ambush Class and have the middle position, as mentioned earlier. Every cookie starts with one slot, but after reaching a certain level, you can unlock more. All 5 slots are unlocked once the player reaches level 30. In the current version of the Cookie Guide, toppings are available for only Common, Rare, and Epic cookies. 

Using Swift Chocolate may increase Sorbet Shark Cookie’s attack or decrease its cooldown. Keep in mind that Sorbet Shark Cookie is paired with Swift Chocolate, so beware of using the topping before you start.

With the cookie, you can ambush your enemies when they are in Shark Form. Besides healing you, you can deal more area damage and damage up to two enemies within a limited area with the highest HP. Moreover, the additional attack proves to be a deadly one and does a lot of damage; however, the maximum HP won’t reach 300,000. 

  • This effect has a 17-second cooldown
  • DMG on a single hit: 128.1%
  • Compared to Max HP (Cookies), DMG is 18.0 % (+0.2% per Level).
  • DMG on a single hit (Others): 378.0% (+5.15% Per Level).

Furthermore, Sorbet Shark has the ability to switch between Cookie and Shark forms. Although a cookie is incapable of speaking on the ground, it can damage enemies easily in all modes on the battlefield since it is a sub-DPS. When you battle your opponents in Shark Form, you can cover a lot of ground and damage enemies relatively easily.

Searing Raspberry vs Swift Chocolate Toppings 

It may be helpful to compare these two Sherbet Cookie topping builds so you can make an informed decision about which one to use. Players who are interested in reducing the skill cooldown should go with Swift Chocolate Topping instead of Sorbet Shark Cookie since it causes a high 17-second cooldown. You are allowed to decrease it by 1.1% using upgrades, while it decreases the cooldown by almost 0.4%. 

Meanwhile, players have found Searing Raspberry Effective when it comes to Sorbet Shark Cookie, using them to increase its ATK Damage. With this topping, players can increase cookie attacks by 1% at the base level; when upgrades are used, it can increase to 3%. 

Furthermore, selecting the right topping is completely dependent on which party you are playing with. Our recommendation is Swift Chocolate if you want your cooldown to be shorter. Using Searing Raspberry increases your attack power, so use it to spread chaos on the battlefield by killing your enemies.

So, that’s all we have for you on Sherbet Cookie Toppings build in Cookie Run Kingdom. We hope that this guide has helped you. Meanwhile, in case you need more info, comment below and let us know.

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