Best Sites to Watch Korean Drama in 2023

Korean Drama is the most-watched drama in which almost every year, a Korean drama gets popularized all over Asia. Especially, In Asia Korean dramas are getting popularized daily and increasing demand for it. Following this, the means of watching Korean dramas also increased. But, the issue will arise when you need to find quality means to watch your favourite Korean Drama.

Because Watching a Korean Drama quality matters a lot, for that reason, viewers are looking for the best medium to deliver the best quality Korean Drama. Alongside, there is one more reason that due to various alternatives, viewers are unable to choose the best medium for Korean Drama. So, here we will let you know the best sites to Watch Korean Drama

Best 15 Sites to Watch Korean Drama in 2023

Among the different sites available to watch Korean Dramas. Several websites are popular, but as of now, the quality gets down. Whereas some Korean drama sites offer good quality but are not so popular. On that note, we have studied and evaluated a few sites that surely deliver the best quality to watch Korean dramas. Below is the list of sites that you must try.

  • FastDrama (FDrama)
  • Dramacool
  • Kissasian
  • Dramago
  • Rakuten Viki
  • Netflix
  • Solar Movies
  • YouTube
  • Hulu
  • NewAsian TV
  • Soap2Day
  • Kocowa
  • VIU
  • Yes Movie
  • Amazon Prime Video


Moreover, These are just the names of sites through which you can watch your favourite Korean Drama. But, To make the concept clear below we are explaining each of the sites available to watch Korean Drama. So, without any further delay let’s move on to the below-mentioned sites and get to know more about them.

FastDrama (FDrama)

drama considered one of the dedicated online portal to watch Korean drama and related content. Similar to others, here you can use subtitles for a better experience. Also, you can download the content if you want to do so. And, another thing is that it has an attractive user interface to enjoy. But, there can be an issue with some annoying advertisements.


This website is considered the best site to watch Korean Drama. As it facilitates in searching of any Drama via filters and distribution available on it. The genre system on the website is much disciplinary. However, the only thing disappointing is that the site has basic UI and some advertisements running continuously.


If you are looking for a medium that offers Asian Dramas with English subtitles. Then, Kissasian is the much more suitable thing. As it comes with different Korean Dramas each available with a predefined format. However, It has a drawback that Kissasian does not offer Korean Movies instead you can enjoy only Korean Drama.


It is one of the dedicated website to download Korean Dramas on your phone. As it is free to use website with a simple UI. So, any user can take help it. The best part is that it has around five servers to stream. Meanwhile, there might be a minor lag while playing any content. Even with five servers, it lags, because the website is publicly free.

Rakuten Viki

This website could be a boon for viewers who want to get into Korean shows or other related content. It has vast a range of copyright Korean content in which some are paid and the rest are free. Additionally, It offers a language learning feature so that you get help in learning Korean. But, the only disappointing thing is that you need to pay for watching full content on Rakuten Viki.


The America based company also offer high-quality Korean content to their subscribers. Also, Netflix is known worldwide for its quality content. However, the only down point for Netflix is that it has limited Korean content and varies from country to country. Although, You can use VPN to access those residual contents.

Solar Movies

If you are looking for a website offering Korean content with a feature from where you left off. Then, Solar Movies would be the best choice. As it has a filter option so that you can choose your favourite Korean Drama. Also, the Solar Movie UI is easy to operate even a beginner can navigate it. But, the only dark side of this website is that it has many redirects to other promotional websites.


In the day to day life, YouTube plays a vital role whether you are craving to learn or entertain. Alongside learning, YouTube offers a wide range of Korean content on its platform. In which you can watch Korean Dramas with English subtitles. Here, YouTube has both premium and free copyright Korean content. But, You might be irritating due to annoying ads.


If you are looking for a quality content hub then Hulu would be a better choice. But, here you need to pay the subscription amount. Because the whole website is known for delivering quality content and requires a monthly or yearly subscription. Hulu mainly focused on offering Traditional TV Streaming channels. But, it has a drawback that Hulu does not access their service to a few countries or regions.

NewAsian TV

One of the best medium to watch as well as download Korean drama on your device. Additionally, after watching each drama you can share your experience and connect with new people. It is free to watch Korean content websites. But, It has a down point that it shows only trending Korean drama. So, if you are okay with it then feel free to use this site.


This website is known for several regional contents. Like it does not offer only Korean content. Alongside, you will get more content focused on other regional cultures. We can consider it to be a hub of dramas and shows. But, As a free website, it has a drawback in that it has many redirects and advertisements.


This Korean drama oriented website is mainly dedicated to the south and north American viewers. As it has almost 17000 hours of classic shows. Also, the subtitles on the same are available on multilanguage. So that any viewer can get into this site. Moreover, It is available on both Android and iOS along with high-quality content separately. But, the downside is that it has limited Korean content.


It is the secured website to watch Korean drama as well shopping. In which viewer has the benefit to get updated content with high quality. Subtitles are available and all the content is free to use. However, It is available only in 16 countries exist in middle and east Asia. So, it can be a drawback for you. If you are not a part of these regions.

Yes Movies

This one is also another website to watch Korean dramas. Here you can search for your desired Korean drama using a keyword search on the page. Additionally, You can search based on the country and other filters. Moreover, Yes Movies has a category dedicated to ranked IMDB shows or dramas. However, it has a drawback because the User Interface is similar to other segment websites. Meanwhile, there is no major change to the user interface.

Amazon Prime Video

One of the other American-based companies Amazon has a video subscription service. In which subscribed users get enough quality content to watch. Which subtitles are available along with other details for the episode. Also, you can download the content and watch it later. But, A dark side is that it works on a subscription model and has a basic UI.

Wrapping Up

Conclusively, These are the best 15 sites to watch Korean dramas with high quality and other benefits. Moreover, there can be some more options for the same. But, we have considered only based on convenience, affordability, reachable and quality. So, every Korean drama lover can reach these listed sites.

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